When will McGinn be back? and will he make a difference?

It’s just a very quick one, as we don’t have weekend game and I struggle to see that there’s much to write about, apart from it’s blatantly obvious that Jack Grealish is going to Man Utd.
Except it isn’t to me, but that’s a different subject.

So John McGinn is training, but it’s only tactical stuff and he isn’t allowed any contact sessions.
Yet according to Dean Smith, McGinn will be pushing for the Chelsea game on the 14th.

To my mind this is ridiculous.
How do you go from non-contact to being ready for a game in eight days?
The answer is, you don’t, unless you’re absolutely desperate and are willing to risk a breakdown through coming back to early.
We’re talking about a broken ankle here, after all and while I know medical stuff has moved on rapidly over the last twenty to thirty years, I just think expecting McGinn back that soon is just not realistic.
And even if he does come back, surely he’ll only come on as a sub for a few minutes?

I totally understand that we need McGinn back as soon as possible.

But I wonder how much of the desire is about keeping us up, as opposed to proving that he’s ok, so that we can sell him if we get relegated?

I know.
I’m a cynic.

And I hope I’m wrong.


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    BigC March 9, 2020 at 7:44 am .

    We shouldn’t be looking for McGinn to save the season. We’ve already made the mistake of being over reliant on Jack Grealish. If we go down and he’s off, we’ll be down for quite a while. There has to be a half way decent squad not just two great players. Not enough emphasis on developing our youth at VP, that’s where Grealish came from and we need more. Davis is the next in the pipe line.

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    Texas Villan March 9, 2020 at 3:43 pm .

    I feel a little more positive about his involvement than some. I do know for a fact he was carrying a knock before the injury to his ankle. I forget where I read it, but he confirmed it had been affecting his performances for quite some weeks before.

    I understand he’s operating on only a few games in the Prem, but let’s not forget before that knock, he was scoring goals and setting them up – it was also at a time when we were still gelling as a side with so many new faces. Now we have a striker up front who would likely feed off of JCM’s energy. For me we went downhill when he got injured. Our midfield just hasn’t looked the same without him. JG has since stood up and been counted for, but I think JCM’s return would also boost JG mentally and see a resurgence of energy from him.

    I get what you’re saying Badger about the return from injury – but Smith has got to use ALL tools at his disposal and as he says now, his job is also a psychologist as well as a manager and if this is his way of psyching up the troops then I’m all for his public hope.

    Look at the effect JG’s return had on us last season. I’m still feeling very negative about our chances to stay up but I do feel hopeful that JCM will help even if he isn’t back playing part time until the April 4th game vs Wolves, that’s still 7 games we could have him back for.

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