Villa 1 -2 Man City; Our pride is totally intact

So at the end of the day, we lost.

But it wasn’t the 6-0 or whatever the majority of us thought was it?

If you factor out their second goal, which came from a corner decision that was 100% wrong or add in the goal that we nearly scored, this had a draw written all over it on balance.

Was it really like that on balance though?
Probably not, as City looked a gulf better than us in general play.
But I seriously don’t remember Nyland being troubled too many times.

We started off very brightly, but I felt the first goal totally killed our confidence.
The willingness and effort just wasn’t the same, as much as the lads tried.

And that second goal, that really shouldn’t have stood, looked a total killer.
Yet we still managed to come back after a great ball by El Ghazi to feed Somatta for a lovely flying bullet header.
Two thoughts crossed my mind there.
Do we have anyone else at the club who can head a ball like that, defenders apart?

And would Wesley have been within ten yards of that ball in the first place?

I think the answer is no on both counts and that’s a liability, I think.
Ok, El Ghazi had an effort, but he just backed up my point.

Whatever, it’s all academic and we lost.

But my point here is that we put up a very good show and didn’t embarrass ourselves.
I could criticise certain things, but sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and say we were unlucky in losing to a better side.
It’s the way it goes.

More importantly, Dean Smith needs to impart this message to the players and I’m sure he is.

If we play to the best of our ability, we’ll be able to survive this league. We just need to keep the same application as we showed today, up.

And us fans need to try and remain upbeat too, as the players surely feed off our opinions.

6-0 or whatever, my arse.
Some of us just need to at least try and believe.

I know it’s hard.
It’s hard for me too, but if us fans 100% concede relegation before we kick a ball, we’re finished before we start.
And it’s genuinely not a dig at anyone in particular.
Just look at it as a rallying call.
Because as bleak as it looks now, I believe we CAN stay up.



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    Holte66 March 2, 2020 at 6:15 pm .

    When you take into account our form against the top teams, can we really expect anything from Leicester away, Chelsea Home, Liverpool away, Arsenal home, Man Utd home and even Wolves and Sheffield United at home! Our previous history indicates we might get a few points at best in these games. Realistically we haven’t got enough quality, let alone physicality and tenacity to battle for the wins we must get to have any hope of survival. I will always hope to be proven wrong but I already have an acceptance of Championship football next season.

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      Hitchens60 March 2, 2020 at 6:39 pm .

      It’s difficult to argue with your assessment Holte – but where’s there’s life there’s hope.

      We might be 19th but we’re not out of touch and some of those around us (believe or not) have worse form than us in 2020.

      I honestly believe that we can win some of these games – with McGinn back and if Smith can get the team playing together and believing in themselves then we can survive.

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    nath March 2, 2020 at 7:36 pm .

    i have also looked through and find it hard to rack up enough points. firstly home games will need to home wins if we stand any chance because our away form has been dire all season.

    home games / chelsea wolves man utd palace arsenal
    chelsea, arsenal and man utd are all in transitions, they are all the worst they been in years, if we belong in this league we must take them on with the belief we can win them all, palace are also three point MUST. they are very organised and will come with agenda of settling for a point but try to steal the win on the counter. wolves is the hardest game here. they are countering team and a local affair will spice it up more. they will try to finish us off for sure and if we attack them they will pick us off easier. point is better than a defeat in this one.

    away games /leicester we have played there in the cup and managed a draw so that must be the minimum we should leave with. newcastle is a game we have to set our sights on three points. they are in trouble and we need to stop them collecting three in what they will regard as three points must game themselves.pool and everton two tough games point per game must be target. likely to leave with two defeats. hammers i expect to be safe by last game but must consider this a duel winner stays up. i seen their last two and they are a good side so this will be a very tough away day.

    i reckon 11points we could muster, but they are not easy points and it all depends on villa attitude in the remaining games. we fans can only go off past form and our past form is not great. if we continue on past form then points haul will be 4 or 5 points from the remaining games. looking at the other teams around us we have to be looking for 6 wins from 11 games to be sure of survival.

    i always said we would survive and finish 17th. i do believe we missed our chance with somewhat and other teams like watford and hammer who were both struggling for most of the season have both sorted out their problems and they will rack up the points now to end.

    p/s i will not stop supporting us and praying for us. i will continue to wear my lucky pants on match days, i always worn them and iam sticking to um lmao but optimistic iam not and i really doubt any of us are. that said we are all rolling our sleeves up will not give in

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    Holte66 March 2, 2020 at 8:04 pm .

    One thing is certain and that is we must end our hoodoo against the top six especially as Nath said, our home games need to produce wins instead of draws.
    Hitch, whilst we are all looking forward to McGinn coming back, I hope we don’t put too much pressure on him to be our saviour. It could take a while for him to get back to anything close to his best. Hopefully he won’t have any psychological issues from his injury.

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      Hitchens60 March 2, 2020 at 8:23 pm .

      Agreed Holte but I believe it will be a big psychological lift and will take some of the burden off JG’s shoulders.

      We have to believe and it’s vital that the fans do believe otherwise all is lost before we start.

      We’re not relegated until it’s mathematically confirmed.

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    nath March 2, 2020 at 8:40 pm .

    i think the key to surviving will be samatta, we need goals and he will score the goals if we can we provide him with the chances.

    we are much better with the ball than without it. reverting back to four at the back will add more steal down the spine of the team. that should provide more ball retention and we should be able to get into better crossing positions higher up the field. where grealish and co can supply better ammunition for samatta

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    Bill Pearson March 2, 2020 at 9:25 pm .

    I only see that happening if we have McGinn closing down in the middle, up till now it’s been all Grealish , he’s worked his socks off this season with players that havent his brain in the game. Mcginn wI’ll make the difference only if he’s fit enough like he was.Giulbert, Taggartt, are below par, I’ve no liking of either of them.

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    Benno March 2, 2020 at 10:55 pm .

    Yes, hopefully we can take that kind of battling performance into the run-in, and not the spineless performances we saw at Bournemouth and Southampton.

    I think we have to go with the formation we played yesterday over the next few weeks. Once McGinn is back, he needs to be down the middle, El Ghazi right and Grealish left. In the meantime, I would Hourihane centrally. I dont think Elmo offers enough out wide, and having Grealish on the left means he plays a little higher up the field.

    We have hope that is the main thing.

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