Leicester – Villa: Can we get something here?

So it’s late Saturday night and it seems results went our way today.
All the opposition that counts, lost except for Brighton who drew.
It’s interesting to note there, that they’ve drawn 4 and lost 1 in their last five games.
Is that form good enough to keep you up?
I doubt it, given that all the teams at the bottom have won 1, drawn 1 and lost three.

Basically there’s nothing in it and wins are vital, as Newcastle have shown. A win at Southampton has helped them massively in the short term.
Indeed, a win at Leicester would propel us to 16th I think and we’d still have a game in hand albeit against Sheffield Utd at home.

To be honest, I doubt we’ll get a win at the King Power.
But we’ve proven that we can get a draw, as in the league cup.

I’d like to think we can get a draw again, as a best bet.
Nick a win and that would be a massive bonus.
I think it boils down to which team turns up.

We were abysmal against Southampton, but showed great effort in the cup final, where we’d have seriously threatened a lot of teams for a win if it was a normal Prem game.

The weather seems to be warming up a touch and that might suit some of our players better, which is a point that has been made in some of the replies.
I personally think that if you can’t play in the cold, you ain’t running fast and hard enough.
But then I’d also accept that the cold just doesn’t suit some players.

I’ll take any positive I can.

I’m not bothering with squad news, because nothing has changed and I frankly don’t care about Leicester.

Cut to the prediction then and that’s easy.

If we get really lucky, we win by a sneaky goal, say 2-1
If we get a bit less lucky, we snatch a draw, 1-1, which I’d happily take.
Go with the form and I’d expect us to lose.

And that’s what I’m going with.
A 1-2 loss.

Which will not be the end of the world, as we should expect to lose this one.

It’s more the manner of the defeat that I’m interested in.

If we’ve worked our guts out and really tried, I’ll live with it.
But if it’s another capitulation, I’ll be seriously worried.

I now think it’s beyond Dean Smith’s tactics and more about how much bottle the players have.



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    Holte66 March 9, 2020 at 10:24 pm .

    The thing that annoys me most is that none of them seemed to care. No hunger and no fight. If you’re not up for the battle then you’ve lost before a ball is kicked. This has to come from the management but Smith is too nice himself. I look at Brentford this season and wonder what input Smith had there before he joined us. Maybe he got lucky getting us promoted. We lost players like Hutton, Whelan and Jedinak who lead by example and replaced them with who?
    We are going down with or without Smith. Even Sir Ron in his heyday couldn’t keep the bunch of losers we have inherited up.

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    Roy Bracy March 9, 2020 at 10:50 pm .

    We are as good as down the way their playing at the moment and don’t look like improving. So let’s roll the dice get a new management in they then have 10games to save us but if not they have those games to get us ready for the championship next season.
    I know everyone on here say he won’t come but why not ask if you don’t ask you won’t know.and that’s pochentino.or the former Huddersfield manager who was with klopp.pulis anyone at least he would sort defence out.
    I can see attendance will suffer next season after this.looked like grealish has already left very poor last few games.

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    Hitchens60 March 9, 2020 at 10:50 pm .

    How many words can you think of to describe Villa’s performance without adding abusive adjectives!

    Inept, woeful, disgraceful, useless, pathetic, disrespectful (to fans paying hard earned cash), fraudulent (pretending to be EPL footballers), lazy, indolent, hopeless, outrageous (ly poor), spineless, gutless, weak, cowardly – all resulting in abject surrender.

    Add to the list at your will.

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    Mark March 9, 2020 at 10:55 pm .

    We are,without any doubt, the worst team in this league. At least the likes of Norwich, Bournemouth and Watford show some fight and desire.Defensively we are a shambles.The biggest culprit in showing no fight is Grealish. I wish he would either come out and say he is staying or just sod off to Manure Utd.
    We are Championship bound I’m afraid. Smith needs to go.Terry is another one wh has always been drawn to elsewhere so he can get lost too and join Lampard zt Chelsea

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    Benno March 9, 2020 at 11:07 pm .

    Well, that was absolutely abysmal.

    I enjoyed the first 10 mins, and then it went downhill…and fast. Here are my ratings!

    Reina- what was he thinking?

    Guilbert- easily his worst game in a Villa shirt
    Engels- too slow
    Mings- too casual
    Targett- seemed to think we were playing in blue

    Nakamba- lost most of the battles
    Luiz-game totally bypassed him
    Hourihane- shame we didnt bring him on

    Grealish- I’m worried he’s not 100% fit
    Samatta- the only player who played okay
    Elmo- not a premier league player on any level

    All in all, a terrible night. Not sure where we go from here. Only positives are Mcginn coming back, and the fact we are somewhat better at home. At least Chelsea are a little off form….oh wait.

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