Villa 2 – 1 Sunderland; A dour game and is that good enough? AVTV is shocking.

Well, we got the result I predicted, but first I want to mention AVTV.
Just do not buy this rubbish, as although I subscribed for the video in Turkey, so it doesn’t work in the UK.
Ok, I knew that, but it now seems I’m subscribed and they’ve hit me for another £13 just today.
I searched the site and there’s nowhere that tells me I’m subscribed, so I can unsubscribe.
I now have to send them an email to explain that I’m back at home and while I was content to reduce to the audio option, after tonight’s experience, there’s no chance.
Even the audio stream went down more often than my ideal woman.

It’s almost unbelievable that an entity the size of Aston Villa can’t stream a decent audio feed and my strong advice is don’t touch this rubbish with a bargepole until they get it sorted. It’s a waste of money, where I didn’t even get to hear a description of Sunderland’s goal.

2 out of 10, purely because it works at times.

With that rant over, it sounded like the game wasn’t much better.
Sunderland bossed the first half, possession-wise and you have to wonder why?
They were poor and the commentator said they never threatened us at all. Note here, that there wasn’t even a second commentator, to bounce opinions off.

So all in all, a rubbish experience that I’ve no doubt was matched if you actually attended.
I did a Sunderland home game a couple of seasons back. That was rubbish too, with the highlight being me watching the grandkid’s first experience of the Holte end.
You can’t blame the Sunderland fans, they brought 500 and very few can/want to make that sort of trip on a Tuesday night.
But it leads to a poor atmosphere, that just isn’t conducive to a good football game.

Notice I’ve hardly mentioned the footy?
That’s because there’s extremely little to say.
We won; in a game that will not live in the memory.
And that’s all.

3 points, which was the minimum expectation/requirement and we move on.

Ipswich next; hardly the most inspiring game either. But at least it’s on a saturday afternoon.

I just feel like I’ve totally wasted two and a half hours.


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  1. owen November 23, 2017 at 9:41 am .

    Adomah a good shout up front.

  2. Bill November 23, 2017 at 3:56 pm .

    The game was indeed dour. The players looked tired and disinterested and it made for some painful watching.

    I don’t agree entirely with you about AVTV though. I subscribed because I live in California and being able to see the game live is a big treat. The service was a bit dodgy at first and Villa are hopeless at communicating when matches will be shown and when not. Also, I’ll agree that the account pages on the website are atrocious and controlling your subscription is difficult.

    However once you get it going the live stream is pretty good quality. I wish they’d put Jack Woodward back with Tony Morley though: The current commentating is very average. Today I actually received a QPR fixture refund from them – quite unexpected so I guess they do eventually react to complaints.


  3. nath November 23, 2017 at 6:29 pm .

    no matter win or lose we are never happy. its a long hard season. its unrealistic to suggest wolves will continue to play attractive winning football. let alone villa who have been dealt injury after injury, that’s football. shit happens had wolves lost their better players, they too would be struggling to keep winning and producing the style which has everybody excited

    i thought it was a good victory against sunderland, agree it was not the most entertaining. but it was no less enjoyable having won. lots of fans under estimate teams. oh they are bottom so they are shit. not so sunderland have some decent players, and are in a false position. i think they are struggling like we did last year. recovering from relegation isnt as simple as most think. clubs like villa and sunderland both struggled for years before they fell to relegation. over that time bad habits bad attitudes were plenty in the squads. hard to change this just over one summer, with contracts lasting much longer. wages much higher

    i would like to see a target man being brought in january. i had wanted one during the summer,like the guy who went to scum was a good shout. i think it would be guaranteeing us promotion if you get a austin or ulloa. like i said back in summer. davis is good enough but can not be made to carry the team all season. he is the only one of our strikers that can play the role of target man.

    finally mckirdy isnt a lone striker type. he is a forward thinking player that attacks spaces by coming late into box. a bit like platty totally. i think he should be getting in like ohare but they are not lone strikers.

    1. Owen November 23, 2017 at 9:27 pm .

      Agreed! We are doing well! We’ve lost our best defender and captain, until recently our best midfielder has been out since April, out 19 goal striker is out, our great young hopes Grealish, green and RHM all injured, Lansbury injured and Taylor suspended. We are doing very well considering. Wolves will falter at some point but still go up. When Sheff U and Cardiff get injuries they will fall and we will sneak into the automatics. Mark my words we are going up!

  4. Andrew November 24, 2017 at 6:13 am .

    Is anyone actually upset Onomah wants to return to Tottenham instead of permanently signing for us over next summer? I’m certainly not.

    West Bromich are largely being linked to Johnstone right now, but without a manager (I don’t think they’ve replaced Pulis yet), don’t think anyone should be too worried about that happening. He is replaceable if we have to find someone though.

    We’re being linked heavily to Musa. He’s a much, much better version of Gabby. He’s smaller, quick as hell with great foot skills. Leicester are hugely wasting him, Ulloa and Slimani, three very good strikers. Though Musa at CSKA was more of a winger, he’s the kind of player you play off of Davis. I do think we’ll look for a striker but I can’t see it being someone that good. Musa did turn Hull down over the summer, but he does need to play for the world cup so maybe. Austin would be a great signing himself as well. Get him some confidence and he’d score a lot for us.

    Agreed Badger, Sunderland are crap. Their defense and goal keepers are pretty much all horrible. Grabban is getting them goals and McGeady and Ndong are good players, they’re just fortunate with how crap City, Burton and Bolton are, that they could possibly get a win or two and City could easily drop back down in to the bottom 3.

  5. nath November 25, 2017 at 7:32 am .

    so its ipswich today. going off last years game. they should beat villa again. classic mccarthy gameplan, they will soak up villa pressure, villa lack any cutting edge compared to last year, so its nil nil or last minute goal for the tractor girls and win.

    mccarthy is a good manager before last season game villa fans slagged him off. but he has a bad habit of pulling off shock wins, not a bad habit. when you look at his record just at ipswich. you will see him having to selling his best players each year and each year they improve as a club. this year right in the mix for a playoff spot,

    to also recap on sunderland, they compare to villa last year, except villa had some money to reshuffle. maybe too much too soon. but sunderland have lost their better players and not replaced them with not much money been made available to grayson. but they were premiership club last year. they still have quality at the club plus new manager. i would put money on them turning around a poor start.

    they should been a warning to those that think this leagues a walk in the park. villa last season before bruce arrived. were close to sunderland this season. we lacked organisation couldn’t see out matches. gave away poor goals. look in the mirror that was were rdm team were heading. ste bruce has changed things for the better. we have a fighters chance to get out of the league this season. we have a decent squad and thats a bloody good job or we would have struggle to cope with all the bad injuries we have had this season.

    in january i expect bruce to do some wheeling and dealing. we need a player that can hold the ball up and allow midfield to move up and support. just like davis has done in a terrific debut season sofar. but as i said preseason he can not do this role all season every game. its a very demanding role. but without this type of player. villa will struggle

  6. Bill Pearson November 25, 2017 at 8:45 am .

    Have to say Nath its going to be tough today, your not far out in your assessment on our progress, we have to get players that can control the game and score goals, this now and again football will end for us if we don’t get it into our heads every game counts now.

    1. nath November 25, 2017 at 9:13 am .

      i understand ppl who think bruce is wrong for us. i think all villa fans want decent football like wolves seem to be playing. but promotion is key to our future. their is no room for failure. after promotion i think bruce will not be at villa long. its a cruel game and life. i think bruce knows this. also players which are needed this season are not gonna be needed next.

      we all need to understand the importance of taking the league seriously. because the fans are so important to how the players play. wolves i have seen a few times and they are patient team. working the opposition, probing them, countering them with speed. the fans at wolves are very patient this allows the players to express themselves stress free. at villa against sunderland its the total opposite, fans impatience works against villa players and plays into the opposition.

      teams like ipswich will come with a game plan. that will mean less space to attack. by sitting deep. or pressing villa high like wednesday did and surrounding davis. each game is different and fans have to be patient and realistic. we are not leagues better than the rest of the league. each game needs to be won

  7. Andrew November 25, 2017 at 10:19 am .

    Basically given up on expecting performances out of the team. While I completely dislike the every other game being a good performance, we seem to be getting results despite it. Right now that seems to be enough.As long as that gets us up, we can continue scoring once a game and keeping a clean sheet.

    I don’t think anyone would disagree we were complete garbage last season. Even under Bruce unless Kodjia was scoring (or the rare time Grealish scored and Kodjia didn’t), we were awful and fortunate to get a run of wins. Grabban is doing what Kodjia did last season, however Sunderland’s defense and goal keepers are so bad. Coleman’s best bet is getting better defenders to keep them up.

    Apparently we had scouts at Rosenborg v Sociedad’s Europa League game. Only player I remotely believe they were watching sadly is Bendtner. Although he’s been in incredible goal scoring form. But the Norwegian papers don’t claim who it was. Fulham and Arsenal had scouts there as well.

    Ipswich will definitely be difficult. They have a few decent goal scorers but they also concede regularly so we will have our chances,

    1. Andrew November 25, 2017 at 10:23 am .

      According to the Birmingham mail, Bruce has told his scouts to target a foreign striker who could join on the cheap as he’s yet to find a suitable loan possibility, and typically a striker from say, Norway, would come incredibly cheap compared to another Championship striker.

  8. Bill Pearson November 25, 2017 at 11:45 am .

    As much as I’m against foreign imports on players, i have to say that makes seance, We seem to get old player’s at the end of their days or someone looking to make money out of the Villa. Players from abroad have the attitude on either wanting to be in our country and making a go of it. 2-1 today.

  9. nath November 25, 2017 at 11:59 am .

    continuing with sunderland and us similarities they signed a player called rodwell for X amounts on 60k he has a 5 year contract. there was no clauses inserted into his contract. this cripples clubs like us and them. they have more like this still in there squad, as do we.
    to sign good players we enter a russian roulette in offering a better contract than our competitors. we got lucky with that traore lucky we offloaded him and got a decent player in return. on more manageable wages and reduced our wages

    both sunderland and villa have had far too many managers in recent years. both had poor squads of miss matched players. we got bruce and he has stabilised us reducing wages and made us more competitive. sunderland are 12 months away from us. coleman will sort them out, but they will need sorting their squad in this windows and summer. they will be still good enough to survive this season. but its hard work for them at present. they beat burton and then things could all turn for them. as i expect it will.

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