Villa 1- 2 Brighton; Who are you going to blame?

I’ve had to have a bit of a break away from the computer so I could compose my thoughts, as I’m frankly fuming.
We had loads of the play and created lots of chances, but still lost it quite straightforwardly.

I keep seeing it written that our defence is good, but I’m sorry, I just don’t see it in the slightest.
It’s not like they were called into action that much, but when they were, did they ever convince you?
They certainly didn’t me and more than once it was a good thing Martinez was alert and came off his line early.
I can’t pick one defender out in particular, but we just seem majorly lacking as a unit.
Pushing up as high as we did doesn’t help matters, but it’s almost like we totally forget that defending is part of the game.
Brighton hadn’t shown any hint of a threat before they scored and that says everything to me.

There was quite a lot that went on in the game, with Lamptey, who looked quite useful, getting sent off and Maupay, who probably winds players up as well as anyone I’ve seen for years not getting sent off, to Targett petulantly fouling and also lucky to not not go off. It was a bit of a shame really, as I didn’t feel it was a nasty game.

But the big one has to be the Penalty that wasn’t. Or was, depending on how you saw it.
I’ll tell you now, I saw it live and thought it wasn’t a penalty.
In fact, in a game where Trez looked like he couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo, I was going to give him move of the game if we’d have been given it.
I saw it replayed about ten times. And it still isn’t a penalty for me.
That’s going to be contentious to say the least, but it’s how I saw it.

Yes, there was contact. No doubt about it.
But I can’t get away from the fact that I thought Trez set himself up for it.
Watch his foot and he’s planted the front of it, to pull himself forward after he’d already lost control of the ball.
And it’s that last bit that does it for me.

I know. They get given all the time. But I think when they do, they’re 100% wrong.
I don’t see how you can be fouled when you’ve lost control of the ball.
If there’s intent, fair enough, that’s a penalty. But otherwise, if you haven’t deprived the player of a chance, no way.

I know the argument is that there was contact.
But I’d just say look at that as a Brighton fan and how would you have felt?
Again, I can see the argument being “I know what you mean, but there was contact and that’s enough”.
To which I’d say it’s a contact sport, simple.
Or is it?
Regardless, I very much suspect I’ll be in the minority, mostly because that’s just how it’s been for years. It still doesn’t make it right for me, even if we know the usual suspects will always get that type of call.

Anyway, it’s not that big a deal to me really.
Brighton did enough to win and our defence didn’t do enough when required.

I can pick flies with individual performances, but there was no-one particularly bad and many things can maybe be excused by tiredness.

Ultimately though, Brighton took their chances and we didn’t.
And that says it all.
I’m still fuming though.
I know we don’t have a right to beat anyone.
But when you beat Liverpool, Arsenal and Leicester, these results just look so, so stupid.

Oh well.
West Ham away next, where we’ll hopefully do better.


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  1. nath
    nath November 21, 2020 at 6:18 pm .

    we got beaten by a decent side who haven’t been getting their rub of the green. but today i think they did just that. the pen was a stonewall penalty. yes the defend slightly touched the ball before catching trez. but he did follow through and it was a foul outside the box so its a foul inside. also the var can only get involved for a obvious mistake and that was not a obvious mistake as you will see it will split ppl fans up and down the country. so hardly obvious mistake.

    villa had to press high against brighton because if you dont press high, they will just pass the ball around the back. to press successfully you need to all press high or you will get stretched trying to cover all bases.

    i thought they deserved the win cause they took their chances and we didnt simple as that. but the internationals didnt help us one bit. grealish looked like he has played three games in a week hang on he has, he looked leggy second half and he is our most influential player. so second half were he would take it too them more and more he just ran out of steam. but brighton pressed us and stopped us creating and scoring just did enough. except for the referee blunder that is

    i think we would have won this had this game not happened just after the internationals. even if this game happened monday that could have helped us. luis and mcginn both also looked very heavy legged. well its same for all teams innit.

    ban the internationals especially meaningless friendlies ppl cant leave their towns but footy can move around spreading god knows what

    i forgot barkley injury was also a turning point, very unlucky today. good goal from konsa good free kick from traore

  2. Tony Hill
    Tony Hill November 21, 2020 at 6:35 pm .

    I’m sick of Smith going on about decisions going against us, by all accounts it WAS NOT a penalty.The defence is woeful in my opinion and how Mings gets in the England squad is beyond me. Targett should be dropped too!
    This WAS BRIGHTON AT HOME FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!!…We should be beating them hands down. 3 home defeats on the bounce is VERY POOR!!!

  3. Bill
    Bill November 21, 2020 at 6:42 pm .

    It’s odd, but as soon as I turned the game on and saw the faces of our players in the tunnel today, I thought we’re gonna lose this. They all looked gloomy and not really up for it, almost as if they’d all come out of an argument.

    I sense that Mings, especially, is a big influence on the team and when his head isn’t in it, the whole team suffers. He was far too casual on the ball at times. Grealish too – backheeling in your own penalty area, wtf!

  4. Holte66
    Holte66 November 21, 2020 at 7:03 pm .

    Pointless internationals are costing us big time. We have a team that is picking itself partly because the rest of the squad weakens is. Grealish, McGinn and Luiz are probably our best players and their form has rightly earned them plenty of international game time at our expense. All three were below par and this influenced our overall performance.

    1. Roy Bracy
      Roy Bracy November 21, 2020 at 8:48 pm .

      When seen live I thought it was a pen but like Badger when see it in slow motion it wasn’t a pen and I think trees made to much of it.
      But he did get kicked on the leg so it’s 50×50 I think,
      These international breaks are definitely spoiling the game they should have been cancelled with the covid19 about anyway.
      That’s why I hate any villa player getting called up.
      I’m also fuming about the result but it was an entertaining game end to end maybe villa got carried away.
      Plus need better practice on corners especially with Terry.

  5. Holte66
    Holte66 November 21, 2020 at 7:25 pm .

    Weakens us!

  6. Holte66
    Holte66 November 21, 2020 at 7:38 pm .

    Opinion seems divided on penalty decision. Their defenders boot ‘brushed’ the ball without really changing its direction with a follow through where he ‘toed’ Trezeguet’s shin. Yes he made a meal of it but there was contact. If Trezeguet stays on his feet he should still be in possession. Anywhere outside the box and it’s a free kick. The other query is clear and obvious. Referee gives a penalty, then between VAR and touch line screen an absolute age before being overruled. Maybe there should be a poll on whether it was or wasn’t!

  7. Hitchens60
    Hitchens60 November 21, 2020 at 8:39 pm .

    Why argue about the penalty?

    We lost this game because of a poor first half display in terms of naive defending and useless finishing – not being able to hit a barn door from five paces is just not good enough with our strike force. Getting a draw through a dubious penalty would only ‘paper over the cracks’.

    Anything like reasonable finishing in the first half would have seen us home and dry.

    I do agree though that the International breaks do us no favours and Grealish, McGinn and Mings all looked lack lustre. Losing Barkley after two minutes didn’t help although I thought Traore played pretty well in a central role and would have probably scored if Trez hadn’t nicked it off his boot (glaring first half miss)

    Can we get something at West Spam?

  8. Tom
    Tom November 21, 2020 at 8:52 pm .

    Well that was a very fast paced game.
    Grealish looked tired and lethargic in the last 10 maybe 15 mins. I don’t think anyone blames him as Southgate has played him for near 3 rounds of 90 mins in what, 10 days? The international break has quite honestly pissed everyone off!
    Barkley was a sucker punch within the opening minutes and we totally missed him As he offers a threat but as we know allows McGinn and of course Grealish the chance to attack with more freedom.
    Lamptey was allowed space to run and he obviously showed a lot of pace when allowed to do so. We failed to rectify that until the minute he was sent off. That for me is a mixture of failures from Targett not reading the game and marking were needed, second at fault would be Mings (total shocker today btw) who didn’t offer cover for Targett and recognise the pace of Lamptey. Also feel Grealish when on the left could have tracked back at times.
    Trez really showed flair and great ability getting forward but just doesn’t compose him self quite enough when it comes to shooting. From that I also thought He links up well with Cash who (apart from the handball!) had a great game getting forward. If I’m being honest, the penalty was a good call in the end and as already mentioned if on the other foot,we would be furious if that went against us. I have to be honest if I was Smith, I wouldn’t have started Grealish today and given the arm band to Luis for the day.
    Next week, after some rest for Grealish and hopefully return of Barkley we will do better.simply put, konsa but more so Mings have to 100% drop back a little and then a little again if players like Lamptey find space and create options for attackers.
    Very frustrating! But we showed dominance overall.

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