Villa 1 – 2 Bournemouth; good and bad

Well, that’s just typical of football, isn’t it?
We all praise Heaton as possibly the bargain signing of the season and then he gives away a penalty in the first minute.
That’s just typical Villa and I certainly won’t hold it against him, as he also made a couple of very decent saves, which I’m sure he’ll continue to do this season.

Things were then compounded by Luiz leaving a ball to run, that just gave it to them, to cost us another goal.
I won’t hold that against him either, as he attoned with a lovely strike later on to pull one back for us.

So what happened?
Well, I thought we looked nervy from the start and appeared to be a side very much getting to know each other.
The good here is that I think we got better as the game went on, even though I couldn’t see us getting anything out of the game after going two goals down so early.

What was bad?
We gave the ball away, far too often and far too cheaply, is the simple answer.
We really need to sort this once and for all, as it’s been an ongoing problem for a long time.
You can argue that that’s what you get if you try and play a fast paced game, but the fact is the better sides manage to pass more accurately.
Apart from that, I can’t think of a player who I would particularly want to moan at.
Even Taylor, who I often picked out as a liability a good while back did a reasonable job.

More importantly, what was good?
Well, we improved as the game went on, I thought, but to be honest, Bournemouth didn’t need to work so hard, so perhaps they just made us look better? Discuss.

McGinn did his usual stuff and even though he was on the losing side, continues to look like a £50 mill player. There was one particularly nice strike from long range that their keeper did well to tip over.

Trezeguet impressed me and I think he definitely has the makings. He works well and cuts inside, offering us various options.

Despite his early clanger, Luiz also looks decent to me. He seems to read the game well and has an eye for a pass. I could easily see him bossing games at Championship level as it is and think he has the abilty to step up in the Premier league.

And Wesley looks to have the makings of a decent attacker.
He demonstrated the required physicality today and set up Trezuguet for a chance.
Note I said attacker as opposed to striker though.
My feeling is that he holds the ball up well and will contribute, but will not prove prolific.
I think he needs a poacher to play off him, which is where I’ll bet Smith is kicking himself for not getting one in, for whatever reason.

So there are things to be encouraged about, but the fact is it’s all about results and we didn’t get one against a team that we think will be in a similar place in the league, at home.

I’ve already said that I don’t have massive expectations this season and I’ll be looking more at the lower end of the league.
Where it’s interesting to note that Norwich beat Newcastle 3-1.


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  1. Bill Pearson
    Bill Pearson August 20, 2019 at 8:31 pm . Reply

    So it seems he was a bully after all, his two under studies wasn’t the only one at the time they got sacked. I can see court case coming up.

  2. Holte66
    Holte66 August 21, 2019 at 9:04 pm . Reply

    I think that now we are a lot more aware of mental health issues and to encourage and motivate by praise is much more beneficial than the ‘old days’ when a bollocking and name calling were considered the way you sort the men from the boys.
    With regards to McDonald, I’m sure that it must be serious if after such long service he has been dismissed.
    I don’t like bullying and belittling of any sort. Those who cause upset, do so to make themselves feel superior and to try to appeal to their own insecurities.

    1. Hitchens60
      Hitchens60 August 21, 2019 at 10:08 pm . Reply

      But that’s exactly the point Holte. Today’s society is much more ‘touchy feely’.

      As a lad I was told – ‘man up and stop being a girl’. Nowadays that’s criticised for all the reasons you give but it was the norm. As was attitudes towards sexual behaviour (I’m not including clear criminal activities such as rape etc. which don’t change with time), racism and the like.

      By modern standards of behaviour they are indefensible but that’s the way it was – we’ve changed as a society – but imho that doesn’t make it right to retrospectively judge people’s behaviour by modern standards.

      We risk opening an uncontrollable Pandora’s Box here.

      1. Pat 57
        Pat 57 August 21, 2019 at 10:17 pm . Reply

        Hitch “as a lad I was told – ‘man up and stop being a girl’. Nowadays that’s criticised for all the reasons you give but it was the norm.”

        The norm was wrong then and it’s wrong now.

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