Villa 1 – 0 Wigan; A late winner via a Grealish early xmas cracker VIDEO

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I only heard the second half on BBC WM while I was on my way back from work.
And jeez, the game sounded desperate with the first half apparently being equally bad.

Wigan had come with a gameplan that was to basically sit back and try to frustrate us; something it sounded like they did to very good effect.
Fortunately we managed to get the winner in the 88th minute, with what sounded like an absolute cracking 25 yard right foot curler by Jack Grealish.

If we hadn’t of won this today, I’ve no doubt I’d have been moaning like crazy about how it was another two points lost, which could possibly prove very costly and how we can’t afford to keep losing games we really ought to be winning.
But the reality is we actually got a late winning goal as opposed to conceding one and that has to be good news. Hopefully that’s a sign of better resilience in the side.

It was somewhat worrying that Wigan were the better side at times, but I’m not overly concerned. It’s all about getting points regardless of how it happens and Tony Morley said he wouldn’t mind a boring game as long as we won it.
And that seems pretty much what we got.
Morley talked about Grealish and how he did nothing all through the game, except for getting the goal and it’s something I’ve hinted at before, in that Grealish can be a luxury I’m not sure we can afford at times.
Yes, he’s undoubted class, but Morley talked about how he doesn’t play a ninety minute game.
That said, he got the winner and I can live with that.

So it’s happy days again and even more so given that we’re now only three points off the play-off positions and our not so noisy neighbours got battered by the barcodes.

But I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s concerned that with all our striking talent, we don’t seem to score many goals.
And I’m not sure if I heard Tony Morley correctly, but I’m sure he said McCormack was carrying some severe lard around his middle.
If so, what’s that about?
He’ll be gone, as I’ve hinted previously with the press saying similar, if that’s true.


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  1. pat57
    pat57 December 13, 2016 at 12:54 pm . Reply

    Yet a win would put us over Norwich and (if the tractor boys get their finger out tonight) we might even go over the noses on GD!

    Here’s hoping

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