QPR 1 – 0 Villa; Ok, a loss, but I’m encouraged

It’s a funny old game isn’t it?
But that’s exactly what makes it so good, in that the stats don’t suit what actually happened.

This was nothing like the defeat against Norwich and frankly, I thought we battered QPR tonight.

Ok, we didn’t get the win, but I was highly encouraged by what I saw.
We played with massive intent and even if it looked like we were occasionally looking to play sideways or backwards, you knew there was only one way we wanted the ball to go.

We had 70% possession of the game for a long period of the match and while I’ve always said that doesn’t mean anything in itself, I’m seeing it as a seriously big change in the way we’re playing.

Of course, we didn’t get the goal and that’s still a bit of a worry.

But I’m convinced after seeing what I did tonight, that it will come.

We still have major liabilities and certain players just do not suit the system, in my opinion.
But this will change.

I believe we have enough skillful players who can play Dean Smith’s high tempo game.

McGinn is one. He’s a bit reckless at times, but can handle it. My MOTM again, for what it’s worth.
So much energy in one player.

Others include Kodjia, who I know some might disagree with.
Surprisingly, Bjarnason, who was great until contact lens-gate?
Bolasie, Abraham, Grealish and erm, Hutton.

And then we have others, who just can’t.

I see quite a few changes come the winter window.

But in the meantime, while the result was disappointing, I don’t think you can say the players didn’t try and that’s important to me, at least.
There’s been some serious arse kicking after the Norwich game and it showed.

In short, I was pleased with the performance, if not the result.
We’re not going to win them all, but if we take it to lesser sides than QPR, who are on a roll, we’ll win more than we lose.

And jeez, wasn’t it better to watch?


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    Holte66 October 30, 2018 at 6:27 pm .

    I agree that Bruce did manage to turn us round and play some very good football in some of the games last season. Particularly that period when we stuffed Wolves and a Blues. I felt he deserved to start the season based on the club having a turbulent summer and at the time we needed some stability, at least in the managerial role. However when the new owners came in and we were able to hang onto our better players, I felt that we would comfortably be within top six. This season we only had 2 good 45 minutes of football against Brentford and ironically his last game Preston. Smith won’t implement his style in just a few weeks. We need to be patient and give him a transfer window to address the defence and possibly other positions he can improve us. I don’t think he will tolerate anyone not giving their all and with a bit of luck being a Villa fan, will adopt the Sir Ron 110% approach.

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