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  1. Dave.C
    Dave.C September 28, 2015 at 3:21 pm .

    At the risk of upsetting everyone on here, I’d play Senderos over Lescott, I know we can’t now as he’s not in the 25 man squad, but he certainly looked more reliable than Lescott in the few games he did play for us, and that was under Lambert when we were constantly under pressure! Plus he’s 2 years younger!!

  2. Andrew
    Andrew September 28, 2015 at 7:48 pm .

    Lescott was brought in to partner Richards as they “know each other” and Sherwood wrongly thought they’d pick up and play well together, needless to say Lescott’s awful and well past his Everton days. Has to be dropped, gotta bring Clark back in, who may make a mistake or two but doesn’t make half the mistakes people claim (kinda like the over exaggeration of Sanchez and his passing).

    4-2-3-1 is probably our best bet, no 3 at the back, let Grealish and Gil run the wings with Amavi and Bacuna, Veretout behind Ayew and Gana and Sanchez together. Of course Ayew won’t start up front so that doesn’t matter anywho.

    1. DSVilla
      DSVilla September 28, 2015 at 11:11 pm .

      Are you on crack? I don’t care what centre half you play with that formation but it would concede goals for fun. Oh, and the goals come from? Lots of good footballers there but tactically you make Sherwood look like a genius. What have we learnt so far? We can score goals, particularly if Gestede is in the team (so let’s leave him out). We can’t defend because we have had too many players unable/unwilling to defend from the front backwards (so let’s pick them all together). You often make some very good points but tell me why your formation addresses our problems?

      And BTW, unless I have missed something (quite possible), who said Lescott was brought in because he knows Richards? Richards probably knows a fair few CB’s. Why didn’t we go for another?

      I think Lescott was probably first choice partner for Kompany (another CB who makes mistakes) when Man City won the Prem a few years ago (2012?). Considering the cash they have spent in that area that’s probably a sign that he isn’t too shabby.

      I think your line up has two goals between them this season. OK a few haven’t had much game time but does that really look like a team that is going to turn our season around?

      1. Andrew
        Andrew September 29, 2015 at 1:38 am .

        Fine, I’ll be happy to address your points.

        We learned Gestede can score, but we’ve also learned he’s a huge liability, unlike Benteke he sucks with the ball at his feet, he has a worse first touch than Gabby and can’t hold the ball up at all. He always looks for the header instead of ever chesting it down and such loses it. He’s a liability and having watched Ayew, he can hold the ball far better, technically better and could score the goals up front if he had the chance.

        Defensively that team is more solid. You’re right, Gil and Grealish won’t back-track. But no matter what, we won’t have any creativity without them. Veretout doesn’t have a problem dropping back, and Gana and Sanchez are our current best midfield duo to protect the back line. Of course if it didn’t work, then it’d need tweeking but it’s far from making Sherwood look a genius.

        No one did, it was a guess. We could’ve gone for a host of CB’s, why Lescott? Lescott’s proven to be well past it. Hell I’d rather have taken Chester off WBA. You’re right, he knows a few, but he’s played at City when Lescott was there, so my guess is Lescott was brought in as a known partner to Richards and they’d know how each other played.

        Yeah, but they spend a lot of money on every position, Rodwell, Sinclair, etc didn’t work out. Lescott was partnering Kompany but then Kompany had his best season by far, and has only gone downhill since then. That was also 3 years ago. Player’s change, look at Gabby.

        Not really 2 goals, Ayew scored 13 last season, we have a better side and if set up right, technically he’s very good played up front. No reason he can’t outscore Gestede this season as a striker. Plus you realize we do have 3 subs a game, game changers. Allows us to bring on Gestede, Kozak, Traore, etc. That team would be technically very good and would set the team up not to constantly long ball it, but allow them to play real football, kind of like Lambert did his 1st season when we scored a lot, and didn’t only long ball it. Ayew’s very good if given the chance.

        I would suspect that line-up till January would get us more points than the current 11.

        1. OohAhPaulMcGrath
          OohAhPaulMcGrath September 29, 2015 at 1:57 am .

          Agree with everything u say Andrew except Benteke bit. He had a rubbish first touch too imo but agree Benteke is better with ball at his feet though Gestede not offside every 2 mins and hopefully not as injury prone. Also he’s scored 4 goals to Bentekes 2 in a poor team.

        2. DSVilla
          DSVilla September 29, 2015 at 8:58 am .

          OK. So our most potent attacking threat is a liability. Interesting choice of words but I know where you are coming from. I think Ayew could be brilliant for us, and 100% agree he needs more game time. His 13 goals last season are no more relevant than Gestedes for his previous team.

          Gil and Grealish are our most creative players, but how many other teams play two such players at the same time? What about Traore? He can go past players and is way stronger than those two. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see us play our most talented line up. It just wouldn’t work against most teams (in my opinion).

          As for 3 subs. Yes of course I realise that. Don’t you realise that Gil or Grealish could be subs as well? I would prefer to see one of them on the field plus Ayew.

          Back on Lescott. He isn’t that old for a CB. It’s one of those positions where experience wins out over youth all day long. His positional sense makes up for his age. Yes we could do better, but I suspect Richards and Lescott will remain first choice, and I would go along with that. I just don’t think Clark is a better option. I remember seeing his home debut in a win against Fulham and he looked calm and assured. I’ve seen him loads of times since against much better opposition and been far less impressed.

          I want Veretout in the side as well. Westwood isn’t creative enough, and as our specialist dead ball expert is woeful. I just look at the side you suggest and see weakness defending our flanks. Leaving our full backs exposed is a big part of our current fragility, and pulls our CB’s out of position.

          We do need to change our line up, and Sherwood needs to work out our best team/system. If he goes with your suggestion and it works I will be first to hold my hand up and say you were right.

          1. Andrew
            Andrew September 29, 2015 at 2:49 pm .

            How do we manage fixing the flanks though? A 3-5-2 won’t work for us, having a midfield of a DM and 2 box to box midfielders lacks any creativity at all. Grealish can’t do it himself in getting Gestede goals and if we have to rely on our wing backs for crosses, than we’re not going to get goals either as having Amavi and Bacuna/Hutton doing that every game will have them knackered by November. My way obviously isn’t defensive, and would only work against teams outside of City, Chelsea and Arsenal, maybe Spurs and United too.

            I know Lescott’s not old, but he’s been awful since he’s come in. Richards had an awful first game which Clark picked up the slack, but Richards then put in some amazing performances, Lescott’s yet to do that, and has actually had real playing time over the last few years, at CB at that, not RB like Richards. Clark’s a much better option.

            I think Traore would out of the 3 work best as an impact sub, solely because I don’t think Grealish or Gil would have that same impact he does. They need to start and control the game, Traore’s got the ability to come on and turn it around easily, but then drop Gil and put Traore on.

            Unfortunately none of this matters as Sinclair will still suck it up on the pitch, Gabby will play and Gestede will continue starting, Ayew will never be played as a CF and Lescott will continue to start too.

  3. sasa c
    sasa c September 28, 2015 at 9:56 pm .

    I think DS Villa nailed it earlier, we haven’t defended well enough in front of the back four – all too often, and Sunderland a real case in point, the midfield didn’t “anchor” when the runners bombed on.
    I’m sure Lescott has been purchased for experience, nothing more, and on the right back side of things, let’s not forget that Llori has come in to fill that position, I would imagine that by the time we play Swansea he will be in – the right hand side is brittle and imo Hutton can only play if Traore is ahead of him.
    Going into the Stoke game I think that chopping and changing the CH partnership is a huge risk, but maybe time to start Clark with Richards with the potential to try Okore after 70 mins if we are ok.
    Additionally, play Sanchez in front of defence and make sure he stays in position with Westwood rested for Veretout to start with Gana, and please Tim, no Gabby this week, time to be brave with your own signings.

    1. DSVilla
      DSVilla September 28, 2015 at 11:23 pm .

      Is Okore fit? I like him but he always seems to be playing at full tilt. He seems to be stretching to reach the ball pretty much all the time. Maybe that’s why he seems a bit injury prone. Lescott looks a little calmer to me. We do need to try to get a settled pairing, or even better a settled back four. I think we can (and should) live with Amavis occasional lapses in defence.

      I suppose a settled formation in front of that would help too. I just worry that Gil and Grealish are luxury players (much as I like what they bring to the team). I would probably add Sinclair to that group. We need to really dominate a game for those players to come into their own. We seemed able to do that against Leicester for an hour before collapsing. At the moment they are too big a risk to play together from the start.

      I feel we have a pretty good team amongst the players we have, but picking the best team/formation is pretty tough.

    2. badger123
      badger123 September 29, 2015 at 7:47 am .

      Ah, Llori.
      I’d totally forgotten about him.
      Good point Sasa C

  4. little8
    little8 September 28, 2015 at 11:50 pm .

    Think were fucked this season .Just got such a bad feeling .Was so upbeat with all our new players but it just aint working.Still have a losing mentality.

  5. Andylockhead
    Andylockhead September 29, 2015 at 4:44 am .

    I agree. Clarke is future. Lescott is cover.

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