Open training day feedback from my grandkids

We haven’t had any feedback about this event from any of our readers on here, but I convinced my daughter to take her two six year old twin lads to go and have a look.

For background info, my kids have had the Villa pumped into them from birth and this particular daughter was fortunate enough to hook up with a Villa fan who has maintained the tradition, in that he’s mad Villa and is a genuine overall footy fan to boot.
He has coached in Australia and now coaches kids in a certain league in the Midlands.

Of course, he pumps the Villa mantra into his lads too.

Anyway, I’m digressing.

The point is, the kids went to the training day and absolutely loved it.
They watched the players training and the big highlight was of course, the autograph signing session.
What tickled me was the fact that the one player they couldn’t quite understand was Nathan Baker.
When they asked what his name was, he replied “Nathan”.
They had to ask him three times though, as they didn’t quite understand the name; it was obviously new on them.

The fact that they had no problem with all the foreign players’ names (Kozac, Luna, Vlaar, Tonev etc) tickled me too.
One of the grandsons had the nous to ask all the players they met, what number shirt they wore and added it to his (written, not a computer) notebook.
Pretty canny, for a six year old, I thought.
The players were all very friendly and made the kids feel welcome, by all accounts 🙂

I can happily say that the Villa do this sort of stuff very well.
The family fun days are highly recommended too.
I took one of the other grandsons to one and he loved it.

I know this isn’t particularly relevant to the mainstream fans that frequent the site, but I feel it’s important in that the Villa need to do stuff to stop kids moving to the usual suspect successful clubs.

And it’s not as though there’s much else happening, after all.

Zaha to Villa on loan, for example?
Do me a favour.

He’d be far too expensive.


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