Loads of good speculation but who’s running the show?

Further to my previous article, where I asked how things could happen with the club in a state of limbo because of the impending sale, it seems the papers don’t care and are ploughing on regardless with the speculation.

I have to admit to being confused about who is actually calling the shots at the club.
I mean, if we are genuinely in the middle of a sale, with non disclosure agreements and exclusivity in place, what exactly is Randy Lerner selling and what is the prospective new owner buying?

Perhaps I’m being a bit obtuse, but while selling a football club is no doubt a highly complex thing, the same basics still apply as if you were selling a car, for example, don’t they?
Put simply, you see exactly what you are buying and put a value on it.
How does that work when we might have players coming in and going out? Surely Benteke being sold would likely make the club a poorer investment, for example?

Perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Regardless, as I said, there’s speculation galore and much of it is quite good, in my opinion.

Micah Richards seems to be a done deal, we’re supposedly in with a decent chance for Trippier, we’re after James Vardie at serious money (around £15 million!) and are also chasing other players.

The latest rumour I’ve seen is that Spurs are going to offer us Andros Townsend, as part exchange for Benteke.
I really see that one as a total load of rubbish, but the point is we’re at least being linked to players who I think are a much better standard than have been aquired over the last few years.

If we go back to the assumption that Micah Richards is a nailed on cert, after a personal intervention from Tim Sherwood which made the player sign at £25k a week less than Sunderland offered, you have to wonder what it is that the manager and the club are selling.

Whatever it is, it’s looking pretty good, but I still find myself wondering who’s funding things.

Either the sale of the club is far more advanced than we think, where the new owner has set a budget.
Or it’s not happening at all and Lerner has set the budget.

I struggle to see how it can be a combination of the two.


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    GIDDYVILLAN June 15, 2015 at 7:25 pm . Reply

    The club will more likely question him on his choice of holiday destination,FUCKING Tenerife?? on his salary he should get a bollocking for that.

    1. Hitchens 60
      Hitchens 60 June 15, 2015 at 9:33 pm . Reply

      Can’t resist commenting on the Grealish non event. Load of b***ocks – sactimonious press. Footballers are not role models and never have been thank heavens.

  2. Fastjet81
    Fastjet81 June 15, 2015 at 7:54 pm . Reply

    Think Huddlestone would be a good buy. Sherwood is definitely looking to bulk up the team with the likes of him and Richards. We have looked far too lightweight in recent years so a few big men will make the difference. I also like his creativity, good eye for a pass and could put it on a plate for willing runners like Agbonlahor and Sinclair.

  3. billys boots
    billys boots June 15, 2015 at 9:10 pm . Reply

    i hate starting with apparently but he is with his brother on holiday and the person who put it on twitter was in the hotel opposite and staged the photo by putting a packet of fags next to his head but then at midnight there is a photo of grealish with his brother in his room stating on twitter “apparently im passed out in the road”

  4. Andrew
    Andrew June 15, 2015 at 9:18 pm . Reply

    So Kinsella is just a number of our “awful” academy players that has or will extend their contracts at Villa Park. Niall Mason is set to join Villa have a successful trial and he leaves Southampton. Charlie Bannister, Rory Hale, Harry McKirdy Anes Omerovic, Joonas Sundman and Moustafa Zeidan are all set to sign their first professional contracts as well as Riccardo Calder, Henry Cowans, Lewis Kinsella, Tom Leggett, Jerrell Sellars, Benjamin Siegrist, Ben Swift, Brad Watkins and Josh Webb are all penning contract extensions, while Liam Bateman is set to sign a month-to-month deal.

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