Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 0 – Review UPDATED**27.09.14**

We’ve seen this score line a little too frequently lately haven’t we, and lets be honest, we deserved nothing from this game. Our defence was relentless, but so was the Chelsea attacking and when the game is all going in one direction, something has to give and it just so happened to be at our expense.

The majority of the Chelsea team put in a man of the match performance, and did what they do best. Aston Villa sat back waiting for the counter attack and to be fair, lets give credit where it is due because we came out looking like a stronger side compared to the Arsenal performance and that is where most of our praise ends because it wasn’t a stronger performance, just the illusion of one.

Counter Attacking Team.
I hate the fact that we are a counter attacking team, I despise this kind of football. We sit back, absorb the bombardment and then spring our own when they are off guard but we can’t pull it off with the players we have and it is looking like Aston Villa is a one trick pony, that can’t even do it’s one trick. Let’s break it down.


Counter attacking relies heavily upon Gabby getting the ball and holding it up, but he is a very weak player in the air and this is where the majority of the balls are coming from. He won 20% of all ariels, yet the team continued to lob the ball towards him. I also touched upon this last week, but I would never put all my eggs into just Gabby alone as I don’t think he is a consistent goal scorer. He works better on the wing, putting players under pressure and delivering the ball into the box, but when the boots are switched and the team is relying on Gabby to score, we won’t get many. Sorry if people disagree. He didn’t have a single shot all game.

Baker struggled in the air today which lead to us conceding. He wasn’t abysmal, and I still think he played a decent game but this needs to be touched upon. I still have to wonder what the deal is with Okore at this stage of his recovery?

Set Pieces
This is a massive issue because all our set pieces were dreadful. Corners, free kicks and general crosses have to be completely spot on with the style of play we use but instead, everything was either over hit, or never made it past the first man. These are good opportunities that are being wasted by a team that isn’t having many chances as it is (7 shots, 1 on target). I can’t even begin to make an excuse, because there is no excuse, nor do we deserve one.

We need improvement going forward, and we need to see more confidence from players in the oppositions half because it isn’t good enough. Our strikers are not striking. There has been too much pressure put on the defence  in the past two games with the idea that by keeping a clean sheet and stopping these big teams, we can get a single point. NO. Pressure needs to be applied onto our forwards to encourage more of what they are being paid to do.


  • The midfield looked good on the ball, and played well amongst each other. Sadly this was let down by the lack of movement going forward, and the lack of creativity to make things happen.
  • There could have been more goals, plenty more goals but our defence was mostly composed and as a unit, we stopped a blood bath from occurring. The cracks appeared, but we did not shatter and we should all bear this in mind.
  • BENTEKE should be back next week, and never have we needed a striker so desperately (Bent saving us from relegation may be the argument).


We have no attack and are currently failing on the counter because of this. We can’t rely on an individual to nick a goal and then defend the rest of the game. Chelsea was always going to be hard and today it was evident that it’s even harder because our system is failed. Defend, Defend, defend, try and counter. It was also a shame to not see Grealish this week, although I actually felt Richardson played a lot better, chasing the ball down and being better with his passing. Wiemann on the other hand, I actually felt like I barely seen him in the game which is evident by his 23 touches in 69 minutes. NOT GOOD ENOUGH FROM ANYBODY UP FRONT.

We lost but we wasn’t destroyed and nor are we defeated. We sit 5th in the league with Man City next on the schedule; this should be the return for Benteke. Our defeats have been against the top tier sides and we still have one more to play. I believe the true test in our ability is how we play against Everton and the matches there after.


Just read this article on Skysports. Here is a quote from Jose and it sums our past few performances completely.

The team was keeping the ball and because they were so passive they never tried to press the ball. Our victory was never in doubt. They didn’t have a reaction.


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  1. Benno
    Benno September 29, 2014 at 4:00 am . Reply

    Agreed about Hutton and Delph, they were the stand out players. Although I thought Cleverley put in a good shift too.

    It doesnt bother me that we didnt really go for it at Stamford Bridge, even when were 2-0 down. What worries me though is our total lack of ideas in and around their box. Even when we did get the ball into the box, there was noboy anywhere near it. I think at one point Hutton had made a great run and headed across the box…but nobody had gambled and made the run to get there!

    I really think we should give Benteke and Weimann a chance to play up top together with Grealish playing in behind them. When those two have played together as a front pairing, we always caused problems and with a bit of creativity in behind them, chances should come.

    1. Bill Pearson
      Bill Pearson September 29, 2014 at 7:03 am . Reply

      That is what I’ve been trying to get across ,Grealish should be on that’s pitch, full stop.

    2. Hitchens 60
      Hitchens 60 September 29, 2014 at 8:03 am . Reply

      Spot on Benno; we need someone to lead the line; Weimann plays his best football when partnered with Benteke.

  2. Deferenz
    Deferenz September 29, 2014 at 1:11 pm . Reply

    Mr Cheese – I just took the one photo. It was just for a keepsake for my visit to Stamford Bridge. I took it during the warm up before the game.

  3. Deferenz
    Deferenz September 29, 2014 at 11:13 pm . Reply

    I can certainly send it to you if you want it. It’s a long shot of Stamford Bridge taken from the highest row in the away end.

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