Chelsea 2-0 Villa; Stupid mistakes and unlucky

Oh Guzan, yet again.
You’d have thought he’d have learned his lesson, but no, he passes it out again to a defender who’s not in a safe position.
I do have some sympathy with those who thought that Lescott should have controlled it better, but there’s no denying it was basically Guzan’s fault.
It was a setback, but I felt we were still well in the game.
We hadn’t been troubled much at the back, the midfield were holding their own and we were basically doing ok.
Indeed, we probably looked the better side, although we never really threatened.

The second goal though was just downright unlucky.
Costa put the ball across the goal and it hit Hutton’s rear ankle and ballooned in, leaving Guzan no chance of saving it.
Costa didn’t even celebrate, which says a lot.
Them’s the breaks though and we just aren’t getting any, it seems.

Once it was 2-0, it was game over, although I totally expected Mourhino to park the bus.
He didn’t, which only backs up my thoughts that we carry no threat whatsoever.

The main point about today is that we set up reasonably well, which is where Tim Sherwood has been criticized most lately.
I could question why Gestede started, as I don’t think it was his sort of game today, a point that you could say was proved. Yes, he had a chance in the first half, where a better striker would have scored, but that apart, I felt he was mostly ineffective.

Richardson for Amavi was one that surprised me though, but fair’s fair he didn’t do much wrong. Just the same as he didn’t do much at all.

The problem about today is that we created no serious threat.
We never seriously looked like scoring, but neither did Chelsea, their gifts apart.

Grealish played well, but ultimately achieved little and that probably sums the game up.

But I really can’t criticize Sherwood today at all.
It’ll be interesting to see how the press see things, as in my opinion Chelsea were as average as us and a fair result would have been 0-0.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t the whupping many of us thought it might be.


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  1. originallondonlion
    originallondonlion October 18, 2015 at 12:20 am .

    Badger, the 7500 to Holte site that pairs with this had Klinsmann (USA manager) saying following his spell as #1 Guzan would now take turns with Howard. And not having seen that game I don’t know, but someone on it blamed Guzan for Mexico’s last goal. As for today, I was there, and Iooked specifically at the Villa players as Chelsea scored the first and nobody made a move towards Guzan to cheer him up. Richards as captain should at least do that – but he, Lescott and Westwood all exchanged glances and looked at the dugout.

  2. DSVilla
    DSVilla October 18, 2015 at 12:46 am .

    Funny how the master tactician and spotter of players/managers Andrew isn’t on here defending Guzan’s latest cock up. he seems to be his No 1 fan.

  3. jvillan
    jvillan October 18, 2015 at 12:52 am .

    excellant comments spot on about andrew

  4. Holtender
    Holtender October 18, 2015 at 1:03 am .

    I thought we looked decent, until Guzan Guzaned (again)!

    If Gana keeps up his first half performance for 90 minutes he’ll win matches by himself, looked very good. Westwood takes a lot of, mainly undeserved, stick but I thought he was poor today and could do with a couple of games on the bench. Gestede looked far more committed and lively, got very little service, but at least we stopped hoofing it to him all the time. Ayew looked more comfortable and Richards was very good.

    In the main as Badger says we were unlucky but again created our own problems, if we had more incisive possession around the box we might benefit from some luck of our own. How many deflected goals have we conceded this season, four?!

    At least we looked a bit more settled tactically and for once Sherwood didn’t negatively affect the game with ill judged substitutions. Progress?

  5. Adam
    Adam October 18, 2015 at 8:52 am .

    Do Leicester have better players than us? Maybe, maybe not. All I I can say is their tactics, confidence are better and I honestly believe that’s the only differnece between us and them. Apart from 13 points!!.. I really pray Swansea is a turning point for us it has to be.

  6. Im Ronny Pickering
    Im Ronny Pickering October 18, 2015 at 9:27 am .

    I have sat a looked at MOTD 3 times, Westwood first long pass intercepted and nearly caused a goal, Lescott is unsafe to say the least, Cuzan words fail me on him please replace as soon as possible, as for our performance there’s something there in time, Hutton, bad luck on him wondering if he’s better in a forward position? Don’t think Gestede is working not doing enough, other than that what can we do to get out of the shit, Sherwood’s worried you can see that, only the big boys know what’s going to happen at Villa for us fans terrible Christmas coming.

  7. Im Ronny Pickering
    Im Ronny Pickering October 18, 2015 at 11:04 am .

    Badger , don’t get me wrong I fully understand where your coming from on Cuzan, i think Sherwood holding back on players far to long, you’ve said that it maybe he knows and we don’t, but let’s face it up till now he’s been suspect on decision’s for a long time, Gil, Cozak, Grealish, and a few more, now to me its showing a weakness in knowing what to do, he hasn’t the know how in my book, and sorry if it something some fans don’t agree, I spend money at Villa and like a prat did it again this year.

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