Aston Villa; We’re still a big club really

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Brand finance have released their latest top 50 football club brand list and it makes for interesting reading;

We come out at 23rd in the table, an improvement from last year’s 31st position.
At first glance I noticed that all the English clubs had moved higher and immediately put it down to the increased Sky income we’re due, so maybe that explains it.

You can debate the figures, but the methodology can be seen here;

Things are calculated on a level playing field comparing like for like in my opinion.

And while it might not currently seem like it, even though we’ve struggled massively over the last four years, we’re actually still regarded as the eighth biggest club in the Premier League.
I think that’s pretty impressive, all things considered.

I know we could talk about our recent financial problems, but we’ve gone over them again and again.
I don’t think it’ll get us far if I bring it up again now, so I’m not going to bother.

All I will say is that I think many of us have forgotten just how big a club we really are.
Including the people who really matter.


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