24 points from the first 12 matches

Looking ahead to the new season, I think we agree that we have a tough 3 opening games, but I think we should divide the season into 3. This will better determine what we might achieve. The first of the three is a block of 12 matches that will see new players bedding into the squad and at the same time the team picking up from where they left off in May, with some great play and plenty of goals and an improving defence.
I fancy we will have 12 points by the time we play Everton (for comparison from thos matches last season we would have got 3 points) and that the Everton match will see us start a winning run of 4 games against teams who are bottom half of the table. As for the openers, Villa players need to take confidence that whilst we lost to Liverpool in the equivalent fixture last season, we beat them at Anfield 3:1, so they are there to be beaten. Newcastle are in turmoil and Everton will struggle early on (typical of Martinez teams) especially if they lose Baines and Fellaini. We may of lost at home last season but we matched them blow for blow at Goodison and I fancy us to beat them at home this time around. That would give us 24 points from 12 matches and you never know we might turn a top of the table match into a draw! Just imagine if we repeated this aggregate for the next blocks of 12 and 14 games.
Here is my analysis of how matches might play out compared to last season. When you consider the equivalent match last season, the state of play with those teams in the transfer window so far and Villa continuing and hopefully building on the performances from March to May last season, these are not unreasonable forecasts. What do you think?

Date H/A Team 12/13 Result Prediction 13/14
17th Aug A Arsenal Lost 2:1 Lose
21st Aug A Chelsea Lost 8:0 Lose
24th Aug H Liverpool Lost 2:1 Win
14th Sept H Newcastle Lost 2:1 Win
21st Sept A Norwich Won 2:1 Win
28th Sept H Man City Lost 1:0 Lose
5th Oct A Hull Promoted Win
19th Oct H Spurs Lost 4:0 Lose
26th Oct H Everton Lost 3:1 Win
2nd Nov A West Ham Lost 1:0 Win
9th Nov H Cardiff Promoted Win
23rd Nov A WBA Draw 2:2 Win

Can’t wait for the season to get started. UTV


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  1. joty
    joty August 10, 2013 at 1:45 pm . Reply

    Hi guys,
    nice to read your posts and there´s a lot of optimism around. Hopefully, we can get something from the first 3 games but there is possibility to loose all three. If that would happen we would have a break for 3 weeks without a game and sitting on a relegation place. All our hopes and optimism would be blown away.
    So, its vital for us, our team, PL and RL to get some points from our first three game.
    2 draws would do it for me, 3 points would be great, every thing more would be exciting.
    But we have to be at our best from day one, otherwise we will have a lot of pessimistic discussions here.

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