Was Barry the judas we all thought he was?

There’s an interesting article over at the Telegraph, where Gareth Barry discusses his possible move to Liverpool and his ultimate decision to go to Citeh, while he was a Villa player;


Bear in mind, my memory of what went on factually, is quite sketchy looking back.
But he left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, as I think he went purely for the money, regardless of what he said.

First off, let’s look at his initial comment;

“I was very, very close to joining Liverpool,” Barry said. “I made it clear to Martin O’Neill (the Villa manager) I wanted to leave but ultimately they did not stump up the transfer fee Aston Villa wanted.”

So Barry wanted away.
I can’t remember where Pool were in the league then and can’t even be bothered to look, but I do know we finished 6th.
So no massive jump up in league position then.

It then transpires that Benitez tells Barry he probably won’t be playing centre mid and might have to go to the left or even Left back.

Barry didn’t quite fancy that, which makes him sound somewhat principled.
But the fact is Pool couldn’t raise the £18 mill we wanted.

I very much suspect he would have gone anyway, if they had paid the fee.

The article goes on to talk about how he knocked back Pool when Man City came in for him, the next season.
He rightly cites the fact that Citeh weren’t in the Champions league and turning Pool down was a gamble.

But does anyone else think Barry went for the money alone?
Yes, he’s been justified in winning a Premier League and FA cup medal as it happens and fair play, he is/was a decent player. Indeed, some were calling for us to go and get him recently.

Given that the difference between staying at the Villa and becoming a legend and moving to Citeh probably means around 10 million in the bank, as opposed to £20 million, you have to ask was it worth it for him?

Well, as it turned out, his decision was perfect.
He won medals and massively increased his wages; a win-win situation.

Unless you’re a Villa fan, where he will always go down as a Judas, to me.

He should have stayed and gone down in the annals of history along the likes of Charlie Aitken in my opinion.

He certainly won’t be remembered much at Citeh, that’s a certainty.


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  1. markdrapernumber8
    markdrapernumber8 November 24, 2013 at 8:34 pm . Reply

    Barry’s alrght by me, gave it his all for Villa and is a very very god footballer who deserves/deserrved a PL title winning medal at the very least, he never would have got that with us, unfortunately. Talk of him being a Judas is a little harsh imo. Money will always play a factor as it does with any of us who are doing a good job on mediocre wages, we look for a new job with better pay and hopefully we enjoy the new company. UTV

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