Villa to spend in January? Friday footy coming back, Keane again and match thread

Where to begin?

Well, there’s an interesting article from $ky, who quote Tom Fox in suggesting that Randy Lerner might spend some dough in the winter window.
The headline is great at first glance;

“Aston Villa chairman Randy Lerner gives the go-ahead for January transfers.”

So what does that mean, apart from the opposite that we won’t be bringing anyone in?
I want to have a closer look at this, as to me, the article is really poorly written, because it doesn’t emphasise who we’re talking about.
Have a read for yourself;

Villa’s chairman is understood to have found a new ambition for Paul Lambert’s side, despite putting the club up for sale over the summer.

Paddy Reilly has been drafted in as the club’s director of recruitment with the full backing of Lerner, who is willing to provide cash with long-term goals in mind.

“Randy is very realistic,” said Fox. “If there’s someone in January we think can benefit us in the short term and the long term, then the owner is prepared to fund that.

“If there’s someone in January we think can benefit us in the short term and the long term, then the owner is prepared to fund that.”

Tom Fox

“I think he’s much more confident in the process around identifying who that player would be and how that player would fit into the long term planning of the squad.

“The club had some success early in Randy’s time here but actually it was playing in a bit of a false position because the league was already changing back then.

“Randy was spending money then but what he didn’t have then was a line of sight as to ‘if I spend that money how is it going to pay back in the future?’

“We didn’t really have the set-up to really help us capture our commercial value at the time. That’s different now.”

Now while that briefly mentions Paddy Reilly, I get the impression we’re talking about Lerner.
If that’s the case, I’m wondering who’s actually making the decisions about which players we bring in.
You have to at least wonder, given that somewhat surprisingly, the manager isn’t mentioned at all.

Again, Hmm.
While the article mentions short term and long term benefit, I read it as concentrating on the long term.
IE, cheap and young.

Feel free to discuss that one.
The full article is here

Next up is that I’ve just heard on the Beeb news that Friday night footy is coming back from 2016-17.
Which will only mean less games on a Saturday avvy.

There’s another reference to Roy Keane being toxic

Which suggests there’s no smoke without fire, given some previous articles and regardless of the BS that Lambert came out with.

And then, the important stuff.
The game against the Baggies tomorrow.

I’m struggling to see how I can get to watch the game at the moment.
Work has gone ballistic, so I’d appreciate it if you guys can keep me updated with line-ups etc.

Of course, if I can wangle a way out, I will do.

In the meantime, I fancy a draw.



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  1. Langford15
    Langford15 December 13, 2014 at 5:09 pm . Reply

    Thought we played well considering we played with 10 men for over an hour. Great tactics and very unlucky not to score at least once from our 2 shots on target, one which was a 25 yarder that my pregnant missus could of saved. WE ARE SHIT!!!! FACT. FUCK OFF LAMBERT AND LERNER THE VILLA IS OURS.

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