Villa – Leicester; Another easy prediction

I’m laughing to myself.
Why? Because whatever I think now is invariably wrong.
Last time out, I predicted we’d beat Brighton quite straightfowardly as we were away and our guests were poor.
I did have the sense to moderate things though and said that anything could happen.
Except nothing happened really, did it? as we didn’t really show up at all.

So looking at things logically, we face Leicester at home. That’s the first reason we’ll lose.
And then there’s the fact that Leicester are one of the most incisive sides in the league. If they get chances, they’ll score. And they’ll probably get plenty of chances.
So it will be a stern test for our defence, which I’ll find particularly interesting.
I’ve consistently stated my dislike for Mings, but I keep coming back to our defensive record which is actually very good. Those two things are not compatible and either the defence gets severely caught out or I have to accept that Mings must be better than I think he is. We’ll no doubt see.

Squad news and the big one for us is that Cash will probably be out for “3 to 4 weeks” after being injured.
Given the club’s previous predictions regarding injuries, I’ll take that to be six or seven weeks then.
Which brings us nicely on to Wesley, who’s close to fitness, but not close enough for the squad.
Nothing else has changed.

As for Leicester, they’re in pretty good shape too, with Ricardo Pereira and Timothy Castagne both being available, although it’s doubtful they’ll start.

It’s guessing game time then and I’m still laughing.

Cash being out is a big blow. Guilbert going out on loan doesn’t look so clever now, but it’s obvious Smith dislikes or just doesn’t rate him, so Elmo will come in. That’s not a problem in the slightest for me, as he does have a very decent cross in his toolkit and I know many of us would like more of our play to come down the right, to balance our game up.
Unfortunately, Elmo doesn’t offer the same energy, which for me means he’ll need more help, which in turn means Traore is less likely to play. I think I’d prefer to see Trezeguet come in for his workrate. The trouble is there, as much as I rate him and thought he’s one of our best goalscorers, he’s gone on to also prove me totally wrong and be totally useless in front of goal.
And then there’s Barkley. Will Smith drop him for Sanson? It’s easy to call for it, but the manager will surely be aware that this will be a tough game for a newcomer to come into?
I personally would tell Barkley I’m giving him the first half and if he doesn’t perform, he’ll be taken off.
I’ll bet many don’t agree with that, but it’s obvious there’s a “must play” clause or Smith just doesn’t want to drop him. Hence I’m just being realistic as to how Smith might be thinking.

It’s all pretty academic though, isn’t it?
If we play as poorly as we have done in the last few games, I think we’re onto a hiding.
Something like 4-1, as we play a team that shows up our performances for what they have really been.

But as we’ve seen over many a game this season, things won’t pan out as I think they will.
I expect us to improve. It’s difficult to see how we couldn’t, in my opinion.
But I still expect us to lose even so.

I’m going for a 2-1 defeat.
Hopefully my generally horrendous prediction run continues and I’m wrong again.



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  1. Avatar
    Sidforever February 21, 2021 at 4:36 pm .

    As predicted a Leicester victory although not as bad as it looked it could be.

    Smith should now make some changes. Barkley need putting on the bench. Ramsey to take his place. I like his composure on the ball.

    Nakamba to come in for McGinn, who is still not at the races. His passing and decision making are below par.

    Just to break it up in the short term whilst Grealish is out Sanson with a free role in place or El Ghazi. This could would be a surprise for the opposition, as well as us Villa fans.

  2. Avatar
    Roy Bracy February 21, 2021 at 5:25 pm .

    Good comments Barkley should definitely be on the bench his attitude is just not right he looks as if not part of the squad.
    I also think elghazi not at the races seems not right after being dropped when playing well.
    Ramsey looks very much at ease in the premiership for a young man.
    Definitely think Barkley has something in his contract about playing when fit he is useless the amount of time he lost the ball.
    Why didn’t they keep hourihan
    Scoring for fun with Swansea look at the free kicks we had today begging for someone like him.also annoyed with letting Gilbert go on loan stupid people.

  3. Avatar
    Holte66 February 21, 2021 at 6:11 pm .

    Why all the secrecy about Grealish being injured and being vague as to how long he will be out for? I don’t think it does us any favours letting the opposition guess whether or not he is fit to play. If anything it’s a boost to them when they know he is out. Reports are he is out for a month yet Smith says he could be back next week. Why not say he is out and if he does come back sooner….SURPRISE!
    Barkley and Smith getting the brunt of the blame over our poor recent form on Twitter. I do think Barkley needs to be dropped for the reason that we need competition for places. Not a blame game because that benefits no one. We have made great strides this season and definitely raised our expectation levels too high. We were always going to have a bad run at some point.
    We aren’t going to qualify for Europe or get relegated so why not blood as many kids as possible. Surely the rest of the season offers perfect opportunity to do so.

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