Villa – Brighton; Massive game, looking forward to it.

The final day then and hopefully, it’ll be a great one.
The ideal scenario is that we win and Leeds and Everton go down. Leeds because of my dislike of them and the Toffees, just because they haven’t before and have struggled for so long.
I suspect it’s more likely to be Leicester to take the plunge and if that means Everton survive, so be it; I’ll live with that.
The contradiction in that though, is that I want Spurs to lose, so they can’t overtake us. Which means Leeds winning. That’s what we love about the last day, isn’t it?
Of course, if we beat Brighton it’s academic.
And for me, it has to be a win. Will we get it?

Squad news and the big story is that Alex Moreno will be out for around three months after surgery on his hamstring. I didn’t think it looked that bad at the time, but obviously I was wrong. I suppose if you’re going to do a hammy, now is probably the best time. He’ll be a big miss today, I think.
In better news, Diego Carlos and Calum Chambers are both fit and apart from Coutinho, the rest of the squad is good.

As for Brighton, Lewis Dunk could return after being rested on Wednesday. They’re still without Adam Lallana, Jakub Moder, Jeremy Sarmiento, Solly March and Tariq Lamptey and it just goes to show how well Brighton have done, with such important players missing.

Will we win then?
There’s nothing between the clubs form-wise, with the Seagulls being just one point better off in the last six games and we’re actually equal over the last five.
But of course, we have home advantage. Does it count for anything?
We’re seventh overall in the home league table, while somewhat worryingly, Brighton are fourth in the away league table.
Consider how poor we were under Gerrard and it’s easy to see that our overall season’s form figures are massively skewed though and I’m sure we’d look a lot better off if we just counted our time under Emery. Not that I’m going to analyse those figures, but considering we had the third best results after Man City and Arse under the Spaniard’s tenure, I don’t think form tables are going to count for much.

Quite simply, Brighton are safe and can’t be caught, which means they’ll either have their flipflops on or they’ll want to prove some sort of point.
We pretty much know that our lads will work their guts out and rightly so, because along with The Conference, there’s also the small matter of £2.2 million for each position. Small beans really, but I’m sure our owners would like it. And as they say, every penny counts.

I’m biting my nails already and I think today will be an even better day than usual for the neutrals watching what’s going on at the bottom. We’re on telly, on Sky Football, which is good, because it’s another full house at Villa park, where a cracking atmosphere is guaranteed with the fans cheering the lads on for one last push.

Whatever happens, after what looked like relegation being a certainty, this season has been fantastic.
I’ll bet I’m not alone in wishing we’d got Emery much earlier.

Oh, the prediction.
I don’t want to jinx anything, but I’m going for an extremely nervy 2-1 to us.



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  1. Holte
    Holte May 28, 2023 at 6:35 pm . Reply

    Phew! Looking forward to what happens this summer. We need more players now for sure.

  2. RSS
    RSS May 28, 2023 at 6:45 pm . Reply

    Jesus that was nervy but massive well done to Saint Unai and the lads 👏

  3. Bum Bum
    Bum Bum May 28, 2023 at 7:03 pm . Reply

    Just watching Jeff Stelling and co struggling to hold it together with Jeff saying farewell. Lineker could learn a thing or 3 from Jeff…

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