Villa 3 – 2 Everton; Emphatic win and poor refereeing

It’s only a brief one, as I’ll be on my way to the airport soon for the trip home, but I couldn’t resist spending a few minutes to post about the game.

In my opinion, we’d have easily lost this today if it were played just a couple of months back, but the fight in this side is now blatantly obvious to anyone.

I watched the game in a pub that also had the Liverpool game on, along with the commentary, so didn’t really get to appreciate the atmosphere or even any discussion.
But for me, the midfield were outstanding, with Delph, who was given a tough time by McCarthy, taking command of most that went on.

The first Villa goal was a header from Benteke  after a nice ball in from Delph and when I saw it, I immediately assumed there was a foul or an offside, as it appeared the Everton defenders didn’t even challenge. It looked incredibly easy for Benteke, but that’s the sign of a top striker in form, I suppose.

We were beating Everton all over the park and it was no surprise really when Benteke stuck again.
Grealish put a lovely ball in from the corner and I think it was knocked on by Vlaar, which saw the ball land towards the back post where Benteke was unmarked to smack it home.

2-0 then at half time and I don’t think Everton had a shot on goal.

Everton upped their game somewhat after the restart, but we were still looking the better team until Everton got into the box and applied a little pressure.
Vlaar caught Naismith, but it was as soft a penalty as you’ll see, in my opinion. Certainly soft enough for a neutral in the pub to say it wasn’t a penalty.
Lukaku stopped his run-up midway (which I didn’t think was allowed anymore?) and hit a poor one that just evaded Shay Given.

2-1 and the usual worries about us being to hold out crept in, but the fears were temporarily groundless.
After a cracking (purposeful, I should add, it wasn’t a punt) long ball from Bacuna, Tom Cleverley took the ball first time and finished with a nice shot.
3-1 and surely now it was all over?
No, as the trusty Villa never fail to scare us do they?

I’m still not convinced about what happened for Everton’s second goal, but with no sound, it looked like another one where the ref had blown for something, as the away team’s attackers had already turned away from the goal. But Given inexplicably scrambled to get a ball that was heading just under the bar away and jagielka nodded in.
Someone in the pub said Given was fouled, but I don’t know. I’d have to see it again, but whatever, it just looked like a comedy of errors.

And then the final whistle went, which left me feeling mightily relieved and of course elated.
All in all, a thoroughly deserved win against a good side, that was tempered slightly by Leicester and Sunderland winning.
Still, we’re looking fairly secure now and as I suggested a while back, Newcastle are looking very dodgy.
Not that I care about them.


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  1. bencey83
    bencey83 May 4, 2015 at 11:26 am . Reply

    I think the main difference is that Sherwood is a good coach and is therefore starting to get the best out of his squad. In fairness to Lambert, I like a lot of his signings – Benteke, Bacuna, Sanchez, Gil, Westwood, Cleverly, Cissokho, Kozak, Sinclair, Vlaar. And he managed to retain players too. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to know what to do with them once he had them!

  2. badger123
    badger123 May 4, 2015 at 4:06 pm . Reply

    Trust you to always look on the negative side and be so predictable, Ooah.
    We’ve beat Spurs, Pool and Everton, who were on a great run and we should have got something at Citeh.
    That makes us at least mid-table at the minute, even though the table doesn’t show it.
    No doubt they’re all crap teams though, in your book.

    Of course, we may not be able to keep it up, but that’s a different issue and there’s nothing yet to suggest that we won’t anyway.
    You’re just guessing in a negative way again.

    Anyway, I didn’t even mean that part.
    I was talking about the fact that he can buy anyone if he can justify it.
    And no, I’m not taking that literally but it certainly doesn’t suggest to me he has nothing to spend.
    Indeed, it tells me he knows what money is available in the event Lerner stays.
    Contrary to your suggestion that he didn’t even discuss it.

    1. OohAhPaulMcGrath
      OohAhPaulMcGrath May 5, 2015 at 2:55 am . Reply

      A lot of teams have beaten Spurs pool and Everton and city have lost 7 games this season means nothing. WBA arnt midtable they beat Utd away. It’s what you do over 38 games that matters. If we go down its because we weren’t good enough over 38 games. As for spending with Lerner and FFP we will never amount to much more than a mid table team with a good run every now and then even teams like pool have missed the gravy boat so what chance have we got. Totally pointkess now hate the prem it’s one big fix IMO

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