Boro 0 – 3 Villa; I called this one well wrong!

“Sid Cowans love child” suggested my having very little faith in our defence after the Forest game was a bit premature, given that we hadn’t conceded many previously.
How right he was!
In my defence, it was just that I was thinking that we’d find defending against the “better” teams a bit more of a problem, as much as I think we’re excellent in attack.

I didn’t see the game, but managed to listen to the last 15 minutes or so on WM.
And the consensus was that this game was practically easy.
The brief reading I’ve done on here and elsewhere seems to back this up. Which is crazy in a really good way!

Boro had only conceded 10 goals before this, yet we’ve put 3 past them and the commentary was saying that the home team had given up.
It would seem we’ve battered the opposition, away from home, just as we did at Derby.
My god, this excites me.
If we can beat Boro and Derby so easily on their own turf, as well as put 5 past Forest, I have to wonder who there is in this league that we need to be scared of?

Is it new manager syndrome?
I very much doubt it and every game seems to demonstrate more and more how Steve Bruce had totally misread our squad.
Was it because he’d seen the state we were in when he arrived and didn’t trust the players?
Who knows? But he’s looking more like a total mug as every game passes.

I don’t want to get carried away, but things are looking really good at the moment.
I remember saying a few weeks back that we were facing a very tough period of games against local sides and that I was concerned that we’d get very little out of them.
Well, we’ve played a few of them and done very well.

It’s Albion up next, followed by Stoke I think.
If we can get say, 4 points from those 2 games, well even doubtful me would have to concede that we’d have a very good chance of getting promoted. If we were to get 6, we’d be beginning to look invincible, just as Wolves were last season.

Not that I want to run before I walk.
We’ve been kicked in the teeth too many times, haven’t we?

But it just seems to me that even if we do have major doubts at the back, we have the fire power to see our way out of trouble. So much so, that many teams won’t be able to live with us.
“We’ve blown them away” is a comment I saw for tonight’s game and that takes some doing against a Pulis side.

And even if we end up not getting the points we want in the next month, as long as it doesn’t prove disastrous (and I can’t see it), we’re still well in touch with the top group.

I heard a good comment on WM, where it was pointed out that if you need 2 points a game to get promoted, there’s only Norwich that have (just) managed it, up till now.
Our recent history says we’re well on course.

Add a couple of replacements in January, that we all know we need, plus look at the depth of our squad, especially attack-wise and we’re sitting very pretty indeed.

The question that was asked on WM was “Have Villa got a manager who can take them to the Prem?”

I suspect we might well have.


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    Sidforever December 7, 2018 at 10:11 pm .

    Great comments by Lee Hendrie in Sky regarding their cheating goal.

    Nyland not brave and should have gone for the ball.

    Kodjia meant to have an effect on the game- he did – he contributed to their equaliser by not tracking back.

    Here’s hoping to Heaton joining in January and Kodjia getting a bollocking.

  2. Avatar
    Big Fat Ron December 7, 2018 at 10:19 pm .

    Broken record re’ Nyland. Sick of seeing him lose us points. He should voluntarily relinquish the shirt. That said, absolute robbery and desperately poor officiating.

  3. Avatar
    Steve December 7, 2018 at 10:21 pm .

    We’ve come a very long way in only a couple of months. What a fantastic difference to the dross we had before.
    All being said that was a good point.
    Roll on the rest of the season and with a couple of additions we’ll be ok.

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    Holte66 December 7, 2018 at 10:25 pm .

    Really annoyed because that game was ours to win. Can’t criticise Abraham for missing his chances too much after his previous performances. If Adomah is available then Kodja should be moved on in January. We might get a few quid for him. Bring in Heaton or Steer and terminate Hylands contract. I have seen enough to realise he isn’t good enough. Surely Bunn can do better till then? As for Rodriguez I don’t blame him even if it was deliberate. Unfortunately the officials are a waste of space in the Championship.

    1. Avatar
      Big Fat Ron December 7, 2018 at 10:28 pm .

      Agree with all of the above!

      1. Avatar
        Big Fat Ron December 7, 2018 at 10:29 pm .

        Apart from Abraham, If he’s going to be a top striker, he needs to be the difference maker. No good scoring 4 one game the firing blanks the next.

  5. Avatar
    DSVilla December 7, 2018 at 10:31 pm .

    This is all about players sacrificing themselves for the team. Kodjia seems to be interested in Kodjia. He will not survive in a Dean Smith team. Al Ghazi will not either (but better going forward). Bolasie is a bit of a disappointment. He doesn’t seem to know what he wants to do when he has the ball. We actually look better with Hutton at LB and El Mohamady at right.

    we should have won tonight. On their patch. we are better than them. I

    1. Avatar
      DSVilla December 7, 2018 at 10:36 pm .

      finished early Shoaled have been I am confident that we will be top 2 come the ned of the season. A LB, a strong CB, and a mobile CB (GK?) and we will be there!

    2. Avatar
      Guest December 7, 2018 at 10:41 pm .

      El Ghazi was outstanding tonight.

      1. Avatar
        DSVilla December 8, 2018 at 9:30 am .

        El Ghazi is a talent, but the number of times he left his full back exposed was unacceptable. All the threat from the baggies was from the flanks and he did little to help stop that. He was excellent attacking though.

  6. Avatar
    Originallondonlion December 7, 2018 at 10:32 pm .

    I am a stern critic of keepers, but I have tried to see Nyland as an improving sort until the Forest game. Now I have given up on him, there are too many errors in his game. Also he does not do his homework on the players he will face, which the top keepers all do. Had he done so he would have known Grabban would shoot inside the near post not across goal.

    But Heaton? OMG no! His kicking disintegrates and he is the biggest joke ever to wear the 3 lions green jersey. He is 3rd choice at Burnley, and look how many their #1 is letting in.

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