The race to the bottom; the score re Villa

We’ve had plenty to talk about over the last couple of weeks, what with the possible takeover and hopefully Lambert getting his marching orders, but the most important thing now is surely our survival in the Premier league.

Just for now, nothing else matters as we all know that if we go down, it’s very doubtful that we would come straight back up.
We just aren’t tough enough and when we do try to be, we’re reckless in the tackle, something proven by the number of cards we receive week in, week out.
A bunch of kids is the last thing you want in the championship and well…. you get the picture.

So let’s concentrate on what needs to happen for us to go down then.

I’ve read lots of the maths on loads of sites, but some of them don’t seem to actually believe that we might not get a single point out of our last three games.
And indeed, they even seem to think that because we have a game in hand, we’re less likely to go down.
Never mind the fact that that game is Man City away.

Me, I go along with what seems the majority view amongst Villa fans, that it seems unlikely to me that we will get another point.
Yeah, it’s only Hull at home next and surely we’ll beat them???
Even that’s doubtful in my eyes. We look bereft of any creativety, Albrighton apart and even more bereft of goals.

All that said, Lambert does seem to have a knack of pulling off a result when it’s desperately needed.
Witness the back end of last season, where although my opinion was that we only beat a load of rubbish, it’s undeniable that we got the results needed to survive.

But on the assumption that we don’t take another point, I found Matt Kendrick’s explanation the simplest to understand.
While I’m mentioning Mr Kendrick, I’d like to say that I have noticed how he’s finally had the balls to come out and say that things need to change, after him seemingly supporting what’s gone on for nearly the whole season.
It’s not before time.

Anyway, here’s what it boils down to;

No points

If Villa get no points, leaving their tally at 35, then two of the following scenarios must happen for them to be relegated.

1 Cardiff beat Newcastle (a) and Chelsea (h).

2 Fulham beat Stoke (a) and Crystal Palace (h) or get four points with a win and a draw, with a 25-goal swing.

3 Norwich beat Chelsea (a) or Arsenal (h) with a 15-goal swing, or win both, or win one and draw one.

4 Sunderland win one game with a three-goal swing, or win one and get a least a draw in the other two games.

Can any of us really see two of those happening?

I can’t and for me 35 points, combined with our goal difference will be enough.


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  1. Adam
    Adam May 1, 2014 at 9:50 am . Reply

    Wouldn’t it be delightful if we were 2-0 up in the first 15 minutes! – Guarantee we will start slow and be 0-0 with 10 minutes to go and then we concede by some calamitous defending!

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