So we’re down, but Villa – Palace anyway.

I’m despondent, to be honest.

I’ve done my best to stay positive and hopeful, but having seen today’s results, we’re now seven points behind our nearest competititors.
With four games left, there’s no way I can see us catching them.
While my heart tells me we’re capable of getting points against Palace, Everton and West Ham, the reality and my head tells me we’re utter rubbish and just don’t look like scoring.

But then, as much as I’m upset, so I also find myself not too bothered about being relegated.
It’s a contradiction in terms, I know, but the Man U game has just capped it off for me.
I can live with a poor refereeing decision.
But when you have some mug watching the slo-mo’s repeatedly and still coming up with the 100% wrong decision, well frankly, I’ve just about had enough of the Prem for one season.

The trouble is, as much as the Championship is by far the better league, the Premier league is the only place to be. There’s simply no glory to be had in the Championship, even if you win it, promotion aside, which as we’ve seen is usually short-lived.

So onto the game then and as I said, I think we can get something here even though Palace are a better side.
I think we have some decent players. Not many, but some, who will go on to be better, whether at the Villa or not.
But we have some total rubbish too; too many lightweights who can’t handle the Prem and certainly won’t handle the rigours of the Championship either.
But that’s for later.

I’m going for a 1-0.
More in hope than anything, but it really doesn’t matter either way, does it?

“Nath” seems to be saying that we need a poll.
I’m not exactly sure what for, but believe it’s about who should be sacked.
I’m happy to roll with that and I’ve added one below.


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    Tony Hill July 11, 2020 at 10:04 pm .

    I agree, the championship is a better league than the prem, but as you so rightly say you can’t win top honours in it. Villa were so un’prepared’ for the prem.
    How could they possibly think that buying all those players with no prem experience and of sub-standard quality, could compete with the big boys and establish this once great club in the ‘promised land’!
    A league which is all set up for the so-called big six, and where VAR favours or is indeed frightened of the big clubs!
    I too am very despondent, and also have had more than enough of the prem, which is just a money spinning monster!!!!

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    Villain57 July 11, 2020 at 11:13 pm .

    I should imagine our owners are utterly disgusted. As well as the second rate hoofers who have been brought in this season I sincerely hope they get rid of anyone remotely responsible for this travesty. I think a better set of players could have been found in any park in the country and hopefully next season the whole club will have been revamped from top to bottom. If not, we will probably be in Div 1 in twelve months. Travesty

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      Tony Hill July 12, 2020 at 12:17 am .

      Totally in agreement, total travesty!… A lot of backsides need a good hard kicking!

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      Tony Hill July 12, 2020 at 12:19 am .

      Very well said!

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    Holte66 July 11, 2020 at 11:49 pm .

    Quite frankly, for £140m spent we should expect more than the shower of shite served up this season. We bought young and hungry to replace old and experienced. Fact is that every club needs a mixture of both. Our recruitment plan has failed miserably and we got what we deserved for incompetence. Heads should have rolled before lockdown but the dimwits are still hanging around throwing excuse after excuse for defeat after defeat. Just when you think things couldn’t be any worse being a Villa fan, they go and prove It actually can. All we need now is for the owners to decide that the club is a money pit and bail.

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    Roy Bracy July 12, 2020 at 12:51 am .

    What if villa kept Smith on and promote Delaney to the first team and get Petrov in as well. And have a transfer committee of perslow Smith and Harrison and get all the teams playing the same system of high press attacking football.
    I think maybe we should stick with Smith because change all the time is not working.

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    beamo July 12, 2020 at 7:00 am .

    Sticking with what you have just for continuity sake is a weak argument. Nevertheless Wes Edens in particular has been pretty ruthless with the Bucks and its the ruthless edge that we need. We are just too nice a club on and off the pitch.
    A top class manager makes a difference – we’ve seen the likes of Benitez, Nuno and Bielsa manage at championship level. We now need to show the same ambition. I’d also like to see significant investment in scouting – the amount of value for money signings we’ve made over the years is shockingly poor.

    Going back to the poll question – Smith, Terry and Suso to go for me. Smith is a broken man now, Terry will want a no 1 role and Suso I think all can agree has been a disaster. Purslow will stay as long as the owners want him to and tbf he will be judged equally on commercial matters rather than just what happens on the pitch.

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    Hitchens60 July 12, 2020 at 7:09 am .

    The debate will rumble on. The fingers will continue to point.

    Except for the list of so called ‘top’ managers that are going to be queuing up to join us next season it’s all been said.

    Thanks for the poll Badger.

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    nath July 12, 2020 at 8:03 am .

    great to have a poll again 🙂

    i pinched this from badgers post as it is totally 100% spot on and exactly how i feel and felt straight away it happened.

    “I can live with a poor refereeing decision.
    But when you have some mug watching the slo-mo’s repeatedly and still coming up with the 100% wrong decision”

    i believe these so called top clubs are given more favourable decisions, cause the premiership bigwigs want the cream representing their league in European competitions, not the likes of sheff utd. so helping the likes utd when they can and others against the lesser important clubs is their main agenda.

    when / should we go down, i do hope the club think long and hard before making their decisions. we need to look at what went wrong. who is to blame. then remove them and continue with the plan. we have improved as a club. youth set up has been updated / improved. some of the youth players will surely now get into the squad / team next season. we have a really young side and with premiership season in their bag. some players need to be moved on and some we need to recruit. but we have the foundation of a good young squad. a bit of fresh paint here and there. build on to this and i guarantee we will be back stronger than this season in premiership.

    so its only bye for one season. we last entered to championship in disarray. we were all over the place. i recall one game under RDM we simply had no structure, we were on the attack and lost the ball and we had no defenders in our own half and no defenders trying to get back. we were all over the place. we definitely do not want to see that happening again. manager and players are good enough they are 12 month wiser iam confident we will win the league. we will then have a good 3 transfer windows to prepare for premiership

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    Derek Simms July 12, 2020 at 10:32 am .

    I think the comments regarding a kind of tacit agreement to keep certain clubs around the top is accurate; I have been thinking this for some time now. Officials, accompanied by the mass media, seem biased in favour of so-called elite clubs. I have watched various games this season between ‘elite’ clubs and ‘less important’ clubs, and there is definitely a bias towards, say, Liverpool, even Spurs etc, and a kind of concern when they’re not winning which is missing for the club’s that make up the rest of the division. I wouldn’t say corrupt just yet – but I’m afraid it’s getting there.

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