Rotherham – Villa: Another 3 points?

I was going to write a post asking whether we should re-sign Alan Hutton, as I thought it would be an interesting question.
Things have overtaken me though and it’s now a done deal, as he’s taken the one year extension that was written into his contract.
Quelle surprise!
Where else is he going to get around £50k a week?
It’s yet another poor deal on the club’s part, even though I’d have kept him at lesser money.
I suspect we’ll still be seeing this sort of stuff in 3-5 years time, but I guess that’s what it takes to sign the players we want.

Anyway, I wanted to make the headline “a guaranteed 3 points”, but a) I don’t want to be seen as taking the proverbial out of a struggling side and b) we can’t guarantee anything.

But seriously, if there’s a team out there to be beaten, it surely has to be Rotherham.
Every way you look at it they’re poor I’m afraid and they’re quite simply going down.
I don’t like to say that, but that’s how it is.

So I’m quite confidently predicting 3 points then.
Oooh! That’s dangerous.

Squad wise, young Green’s hammy has put him out for around a month. I’m gutted about that, as my opinion says he’s a much better bet than Grealish.
Gardner’s out for a while too, which is another shame, as I reckon this is a game where he’d have been able to gain some confidence.
And Bacuna’s ban has been extended to six matches. Really?
Blimey, can someone tell me what Cantona got for actually assaulting a fan?
While I totally agree that you can’t touch the officials…. yada yada.

So the team will be pretty much what we all expect and Bruce isn’t going to change it up from the obvious eleven, is he?
Same back four, Hourihane in for Gardner and the only question is probably who goes on the left as the Green option. Which will probably be Bjarnason.
Same up top etc.

Hence I fully expect 3 points.
I was going to say that’ll see us on a nice roll.
But I’ve just had a glance at the fixtures and it’s Huddersfield away next, followed by what I suspect will be a very tasty game in Sheff Weds at home.

If we’re going to be showing any progress, these are the real testers, as our record against the better sides is rubbish.
Still, let’s stick to this game.

I’m going to stick my neck out and go for us getting 3 goals.
I believe we’re good enough and if we can turn it on, it’s not a daft prediction.

3-1 to the Lions!


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  1. Adam
    Adam March 6, 2017 at 10:48 pm .

    I just hope we actually have a go at these next two games. By that i mean commiting men forward throughout the 90 mins, like we have been doing recently, i want to see 3 or 4 busting a gut to get in the box when we have a chance to attack. If Bruce reverts to 1 upfront and sit back bullshit then he hasnt learnt anything. Next two games deffo tell us quite a bit i feel! UTV

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