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“#Helenius” gives his opinion on what we need;

It’s obvious to each and every Villa fan that filling a squad with ‘Young and hungry’ kids does not, has not and never will completely work.
It’s also obvious to us all that we desperately need to buy and buy well in the coming transfer window….
So, assuming (massive assumption) and hoping Lerner tends to all our needs, removing Lambert (and staff) & Faulkner and replaces with whoever – Then invests again in whatever the new manager needs…..
Here is my select few loans/buys, a mix of experience and flair. I believe the right selection of this bunch could well see us out of trouble and help rebuild this team, and I also think they are realistic candidates too……Please comment and also add your own views on who, realistically could we get at The Villa.

Lescott – Experience & leadership
Rodwell – Experience & talented, young, hardworking, creative
Zaha – Plenty of talent, skillful, keen to impress
Defoe – Proven experienced goalscorer
Shawcross – Leader, experienced
Cattermole – Leader, experienced
Parker – Leader, experienced, would die for his teamates
Ince – Unproven a Prem level but incredibly talented
Cresswell – Good young full back who can actually defend, though unproven at PL level
Get back Darren Bent too!!


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    #HELENIUS December 27, 2013 at 6:47 pm .

    You would say no to Roswell and Zaha? Why? they would be our 2 best players by a country mile and could do us wonders. I for one would do anything to keep us up, unless we get these types in, we are doomed! Are you also saying we shouldn’t get experience players in? Defoe scores goals….do you not want goals? The only two are the unproven ones……Are you a relation to Lambert?

    1. Kerryvillan
      Kerryvillan December 27, 2013 at 10:45 pm .

      I wouldn’t say no to any player of that quality but i would much prefer to buy those players instead of paying for another that is only a quick fix, i just want us to spend proper money on proper players! 2-3 decent players would make a massive difference instead of 6 might be good in a few years players and Defoe is a player already over the hill and would want massive wages and at least a 3 year deal, like said we have been down that road and it only leads to the road we are on at the moment! Again i would like experienced players but at the 26 to 29 age not 30-33 but i would still not mind a 20 to 24 year old bought as long as they are already proven players like ince, huges, draxler, praet, salah, all young proven players that yes would cost money but none would be much more than 10 mill and are on pretty low wages

  2. Bencey83
    Bencey83 December 28, 2013 at 11:24 am .

    Would take them all, but Lerner not going to pay their wages, so we’re wasting out time talking about it!

  3. Gg jhang fight
    Gg jhang fight December 31, 2013 at 3:31 pm .

    My dog is better than Bowery

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