History Repeating itself

IanRobo has submitted the following and I have to say I’m sympathetic to what he’s saying;

Well I could speak about today’s game but what is the point ?

When an owner restricts a manager to such low wage levels what do you expect ?

I guess for some it is easy to scream and shout Lambert out, that’s the cop out for any fan including those who supported Lambert’s appointment. Nah the difficult one is to ask for Lerner to go isn’t it ?

The owner always has the cop out for them and that is the mug who is the manager. Under Ellis we had many of them and now we see the same. We hear Lambert has spent £40M but what is the point if you are restricted to championship level of wages ?

So lets sack Lambert and you really trust Lerner to pick a decent manager given his track record ?

– A sick man

– A hated man

– An overrated man and so-called fans favourite

Go on who do you want then ?

Or is it history repeating itself ?


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  1. Colonius81
    Colonius81 December 28, 2013 at 6:43 am . Reply

    lol wow its getting desperate in here!
    I echo the authors thoughts almost exactly. .. i have for some time now as Badger/oohahh and Maybe Bws will testify!

    All understandable reaction of course to some shit football and dire results.
    its the football fans way. i am not immune to it either.
    But still very short term or situational.

    Same old argument from me. fire lambert .. who do you get in? who would want to come in?
    what chance would they have once they are here? they would face the same fan revolt in less than season and a half even if the vast majority of the fans were to realise who they wanted to be appoint tomorrow and sing his name for an entire game while he was still managing some other club

    It would not matter.

    What matters now is results .. by hook or by crook .. Lambert needs a result or two.
    I am behind him as unfathomable as that seems simply because i don’t want to see Villa hit the reset button again for the 4th time since O Neill.
    its bad lads, i am not saying this is where we should be or where i want us to be .. but if Lambert can get a few results over the next few games then i beleive Aston villa will be in a stronger position than if Lambert was replaced tomorrow and the latest next new manager were to get the very same results …

    continuity for me .. you might say Lambert is failing .. and you are right .. its going backwards. but what is a manager supposed to do ? never make mistakes .. never change philosphies .. give up after a bad run of 10 games?

    We don’t have the money to hire and fire managers after one season and still be successful
    that is reserved for the Milans, the madrids the chelseas and the man city’s of this world.
    they can afford to sell 3 or 4 100k wage players at 10 -15m pound losses after 2 seasons
    We .. cannot ..

    So its endure some shit for now .. every other johnny midtable club as well as all the yo yo clubs have gone the hire and fire route.. We have gone the hire and fire route for 20 years or beyond now.
    I say with out the oil money .. lets take a different route and hope just like ferguson in the late 80’s, moyes in the late 90’s, and lol Wenger after game one of this season .. endure the bad results for now .. all is not lost yet. 20 games to go

    C’mon the Villa!!!!!!!
    for the love of f$%^ lets get a result tomorrow!!!

  2. Morgan Villa
    Morgan Villa December 28, 2013 at 7:09 am . Reply

    Lerner is backing Lambert, so I feel its time we turned on the owner and the CEO. Time to force them out simply because they just don’t know what they are doing. The whole club is a shambles and Lambert is a symptom of poor management

Right or Wrong? What do YOU think?

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