Moraes signed: Shows the press are just guessing

Cutting a bit of a story short, I’m currently sunning my bony butt in Crete for three nights (the equivalent of a booze cruise, only it’s for cigarettes. The money you can save is mad).
Well, I will be tomorrow, as I’ve only just arrived, hence me being a bit late in knowing that Wesley Moraes has actually signed for us

£22 million apparently and that’s a massive sign of intent.
I can’t say I know anything about him, but he sounds decent, having scored 17 goals with numerous assists last season in the Belgian league.
Which is just about what the press know too, as he wasn’t anywhere near on the radar.
It all backs up my previous point about them not having a clue and just guessing, in the hope that if they aim enough darts, one will hit the target.

Anyway, the point is that it proves we are going to spend serious money on certain positions.
And it seems to me that if you take the attempt to sign Butland, coupled with a decent defensive midfielder speculation to be true, we’re looking to add to the backbone of a side.
Which makes extremely good sense.

I think signing Wesley means Tammy Abraham will not be coming back.
Dean Smith prefers one up front and there’s no way I can see Abraham playing second fiddle to another striker.
Much more likely that we’ll sign an older, proven Prem striker as backup, in my opinion; the likes of Gayle.
With Kodjia and Davies in reserve, I’d suggest that’s about as good as it could get, given that we aren’t going to be spending supid amounts of money.

Something else that crosses my mind is that we haven’t spent this money on a gamble and someone has been watching Moraes very, very, closely
You can bet your boots that we have at least another two unknown signings of a similar standard in the spotlight and again, the press won’t have a clue.

This signing has massively encouraged me, as, as I’ve hinted, I think we’d do well to survive with the current squad.
Add some more quality and we’ll have a very good chance of survival.

A final thought is that surely Hogan will be sold, seeing as he has no chance of getting the 40 games he wants?
That one just didn’t work out did it?

Here’s looking forward to the new season.


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    Bill Pearson June 24, 2019 at 6:10 pm .

    Axel Tuanzebe is set for decisive talks on his Manchester United future, amid interest from Aston Villa.

    The centre back has impressed greatly during his 18-month spell with Villa and Dean Smith is keen to bring him back to the club.

    The Sun have now reported that the 21-year-old will sit down with United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer before they fly out for pre-season on July 8.

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    Hitchens60 June 24, 2019 at 8:21 pm .

    Good debate guys. I think we’re all keen to get some positives – for me first would be getting Mings.

    Media speculation doesn’t help but I believe Smith, Pitarch and Purslow know what they’re doing and they will be supported by our owners.

    Desperately trying to chill ……… must stop searching the web every ten seconds for news 🙂 !

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