Merv the swerve comes on board; Why?

So why do I call him Merv the swerve?
Well, my opinion says he did a very decent job of getting around any serious questions when defending bankers in the crisis, whilst actually achieving very little in the scheme of things, the obvious QE stuff which any mug could have overseen, apart.

And that’s enough of that, because I don’t want things to become political. Hopefully it’s a neutral view.

Whatever, for him to have come out of all that, still fairly well respected, must involve some skill.
Which is basically my problem with this appointment.

While it’s great to have such a high ranking person on board and even better, a lifelong Villa fan to boot, I find myself wondering why he’s been appointed.

It’s great PR for the club and a very decent coup (who else has a former Governor of the BoE involved?), but assuming he’s come in as a None Executive Director, he won’t actually have any shout.

Which means it’s just about tokenism and it’s basically designed as appeasement for those of us who were calling for someone with some football knowledge to come on board.

I’m probably already boring most of you, but let’s get to the point;

I’ve got a mate who was working in London.
He happened to pull up outside the Bank of England and asked a copper for directions.
The copper said “The governor is due here any minute. If you don’t piss off now, I’ll have you arrested”.

I doubt Merv knew anything about it.

Which would indicate he doesn’t have a clue about average people, let alone Villa fans, because he’s so insulated from us.
And as much as I like Merv for being a Villa fan, I’m perplexed about his appointment.

Forget AVFC.

We’ve now become a fully fledged company in everything but name.

I’m seriously wondering if Lerner is about to float us on the market.
Think about it.
We have everything in place now and it’s about the only way we could get investment without Lerner opening his wallet.

Or maybe it’s just another misguided appointment.

It wouldn’t be the first, after all, would it?


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  1. Bum Bum
    Bum Bum February 6, 2016 at 8:39 am . Reply
    1. Bill Pearson
      Bill Pearson February 6, 2016 at 10:04 am . Reply

      Bum bum, dare I say it? The name alone should say how simple minded he is.

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