Let’s Make Villa Park Bounce

With Villa season ticket prices being amongst the lowest in the Premier League, what should the club do to increase attendance next season. It’s not only in the clubs interest to sell more tickets, a bigger crowd generally means a better atmosphere and that was definitely the case in March, April and May. Get the crowd going and the players definitely respond.
Average attendance in 2012/13 was 34,662 and we had our lowest gate against Reading (28,692) with matches against Newcastle, West Ham and Stoke only just breaking the 30k mark. I bet there were no more than 22,000 season ticket holders last season.
The fact that so many deals were offered, especially from March onwards will probably see fans tempted to go on a month-by-month basis for next season. Should they be offering deals now to tempt more fans to take up ST’s now? I’ve already got mine for me and my grandson, so it might not benefit me, but I want to see 38k + next season and a bouncing atmosphere at every home match.
So get more families in by offering 2nd child at half price. Get more teenagers in, by letting them pay weekly for a Season Ticket. Teenagers will crank up the volume. And offer the 9 payment plan (which they stopped in May) until September, it makes it so much easier for fans when money is tight. Then and only then, offer deals on matches throughout the season, but when they do, give something to the Season Ticket holders each time, so they don’t feel hard done by. Last year I got £10 on my season ticket which I used when purchasing next seasons. It’s a good idea, but Villa should make more use of it, we are loyal fans every month of the year, not just at Christmas. Let’s Make Villa Park Bounce Next Season.


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