Lambert limited to £10 mill spend, including wages!

So, it would appear that what many of us thought is indeed true.
We haven’t got a pot to do the proverbial in and Randy Lerner has well and truly pulled the plug, according to the Sunday People/Mirror.

The article shows a shocking state of affairs, where Lerner has stripped his house near Bodymoor Heath and has apparently cut Paul Lambert’s request for £20 million in half and only given him £10 million including wages.
The article puts paid to a couple of points for me.
The first being that it pretty much proves Lerner’s wanting out of Aston Villa isn’t a pretend thing. Not that I ever thought it was.

And secondly, the article goes on to mention that the average wage in the Premier league is £64,000 a week or £3.2 million a year. So much for the massively over-paid players we had on the books that many kept complaining about (yes, ok some weren’t being used enough, but this is an average figure. Are all other club’s players fully utilised?).
Anyway, even if you want to debate that, against this average £64k a week, we have to be content in offering £20k.
Good grief, there are championship players getting a fair bit more than that!
And that for me, sums everything up.

My god Randy, I hope you know what you’re doing, as if you don’t make a sale and soon, we’re going to be in very serious trouble, with every likelyhood that we’re going down this time.
Even the Albion are totally embarassing us, in that they offered more money to Joleon Lescott.

You have to wonder why Lambert is swallowing this, as he’d have been very reasonable in walking away with at least some of his reputation intact, but my guess would be that he’s been offered a nice little bonus to stick with it.

What a shame it’s come to this. Randy Lerner was a man I quite admired when he first came, with all his talk about wanting to do the best for the club etc.
If this story is true, it seems to me he practically views us with contempt.

And that view is now reciprocal. The sooner he’s gone, the better, is how I now feel.
And that makes me feel sorry.


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  1. sasa c
    sasa c June 30, 2014 at 8:10 pm . Reply

    It is an absolute disgrace, what is Lerner thinking? If you want tp sell your house it’s best to present it in good nick, not smash the windows and throw a burnt mattress on the front garden. Lerner you have let us all down more than you know. Lamberk, do the right thing and quit, how can those senior players that you isolated for so long now come back and back you, the dressing room, like the finances is fucked.

  2. jvillan
    jvillan June 30, 2014 at 10:56 pm . Reply

    aston villa you great club what has randy lerner done,in just 8 years he has run the club into the ground,8 years ago we had mellburg larsen bouma delaney barry berger jpangel baros bar benteke what have we got now,it was lerner telling mon to sell off players then give houillier 30 million then sack him,appoint mcleish give him 20 million and approve contracts given a 35 year old injury prone keeper a 5 year contract jenas 1 year loan deal in which he made 2 appearances,hutton he also sacked him after 1 year. so after losing court case with mon he signed ireland bent makoun given zog hutton for big money and bigger wages decides enough is enough appoints lambert with seemingly buy young cheap players and hope it works lambert has spent between 30/40 million with really benteke only success now no money signing cole and sendros april fool was months ago how much of villa can he sell definitely lerner worst chairman in world

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