Kinmartin: Corner’s Edge Jabs Anyone

Patrick Kinmartin
Matchweek 7 facts and figures, for Abigail Friday’s and beyond….
In case anyone had forgotten, both those ghosts who revisited last weekend sure were putrid company to be in.
The two goals conceded to City off corner kicks held all the disdain of the drench that overpowered the squad so often in recent seasons before starting finally to dissipate in spring. And the security acquired since is starting to seem a little suspicious. There have been 20 corner kicks granted in the past two matches…..the goals by Toure and Dzeko were the 15th and 16th to go into the barrel, indicating possible wear and tear from full exposure to football’s most vaunted set piece.
Below is some perspective about how corners have been handled this season — what players have cleared them and with what effect, plus locations for each name while leaks have come through. No one star or sore seems to emerge in these measurements, instead merely a reminder that so many members go onto the line of fire during such a dangerous game.
Corner Clearances 
Okore 2
Benteke 1
Clark 1
Delph 1
El Ahmadi 1
Guzan 1
Kozak 1
Luna 1
Vlaar 1
Average Clearance Distance (in yards)
Clark 25.0
El Ahmadi 22.0
Okore 21.5
Benteke 16.0
Guzan 17.0
Luna 17.0
Delph 16.0
Vlaar 11.0
Kozak 9.0
Average Space Near Shots Conceded (in yards)
Agbonlahor 7.0
Kozak 7.4
Vlaar 7.5
Baker 9.0
Luna 9.0
Sylla 9.2
Delph 10.1
Guzan 12.3
El Ahmadi 12.4
Clark 13.3
Lowton 14.0
Bacuna 15.6
Westwood 22.0
Guzan 4 catches
El Ahmadi 1 block
Kozak 1 block
*Note: Not present on any list is Weimann, who is regularly dispatched as safety outside the penalty area.
The style with which Leandro Bacuna established himself as a featured Villan for the first time won’t soon be forgotten. The mere 22 minutes that separated his goal assist and goal are notable.
Twenty-nine PL players have secured both a goal and an assist (some multiple in both categories) this season, but only two recorded their first nicks quicker than Bacuna. Below are the 12 quickest spans (in minutes) between a player’s first goal and first assist of the campaign.
4  Coleman, Everton
20  Whittaker, Norwich
22  Bacuna, Aston Villa
28  Bony, Swansea
30  Lukaku, Everton
50  Aluko, Hull City
56  Amalfitano, West Brom
62  Shelvey, Swansea
71  Terry, Chelsea
71  Perez, Swansea
72  Lampard, Chelsea
84  Rooney, Manchester United
Vogue coming out of Fabian Delph this season flows and flows.
More of it came in the Manchester City takedown, consistent with a rather bold and unlikely stature for a 23-year-old among the front seven starters. None had been in uniform for more matches at Europe’s “Big Five” level than Delph, who has now suited up 92 times in the PL (43 as a starter, 13 as a substitute, 35 as an unused substitute) at Villa. Below is the full comparison.
Big Five* Team Sheet Appearances
AV front seven v Manchester City
Delph 92 (43 starts, 13 substitutions, 35 benched)
Kozak 84 (15 starts, 29 substitutions, 40 benched)
Luna 72 (38 starts, 6 substitutions, 28 benched)
Weimann 70 (37 starts, 14 substitutions, 19 benched)
El Ahmadi 33 (17 starts, 9 substitutions, 7 benched)
Sylla 19 (8 starts, 5 substitutions, 6 benched)
Bacuna 6 (3 starts, 1 substitution, 1 benched)
*Top divisions in England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
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