Is Gerrard our future?

I often struggle to write articles apart from giving my opinion about our games, but there just seems so many thoughts going through my head when it comes to Steven Gerrard.
I can’t say those thoughts are very consistent, because I’m trying to keep an open mind, but I’ll just say things as I see them and you can tell me what you think.

First off, I think we have to be very careful about what we read as conjecture and rumour in the media. Let’s not forget that John McGinn was Gerrard’s enemy no 1 just before he was made team captain!

So we have to take what we read with a very large pinch of salt then.

Having said that, when you consider that Stevie G seemed to be football’s golden boy last year, it does seem odd that there are so many stories of discontent and the manager having lost the dressing room coming through all of a sudden.
We all know that if it gets to that stage, any manager is finished and it’s only a matter of time before he’s gone.

If the rumours are based on some truth, you have to wonder what’s led to those ruptures and my guess is a lot of it revolves around Phillipe Coutinho.
Noone likes a massive favourite and I think it’s fair to say that it’s obvious that this is the case here.
And it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to think that Mings (backed up by Watkins?) has asked the question of why PC keeps getting games, when he’s out of form or at least ineffective in games?

It’s also not much of a stretch to see that Gerrard isn’t the sort who takes his authority being questioned well.
It’s total conjecture on my part and based on nothing other than my instinct, so please don’t take it as gospel.

As much as I’ve never been a fan of Mings, I think his treatment is not far short of scandalous. Drop him from the Captaincy, by all means, but then drop him from the team and come out with some rubbish comments too? Talk about belittling a player and it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s gone in this window.
This is one of the very senior players at the club too, which is the part I find even more concerning.

And then we have the latest story that Gerrard would be willing to sell Watkins because the two don’t see eye to eye.
Just as I said I couldn’t see McGinn being a trouble maker, so I think the same applies to Watkins. I just don’t believe this story.
But if it is true, I’m just incredulous.
Yes, we possibly do need another, better striker. But would be Ings, who has done next to nothing for us, who goes, in my opinion.
But that’s by the by.

What is needed far more is the midfield getting the ball to the stikers we’ve got.
And that is down to the manager who has done nothing at all to improve us in this area.
It’s not the Bournemouth game that shapes my opinion either, as I hardly got to see any of it. But it’s what went on last season, where we looked, well, hardly a good, effective, side.

Gerrard asked for a pre season and more players and he has got them, so he has to start performing. The Bournemouth game may have been a total one-off performance and indeed, I’ve seen plenty of them before in first games.

Given the doom and gloom that’s running through the fanbase then, where some fans want him gone already, you have to wonder how long things could continue before somebody, because I don’t think it will be Purslow, takes a very close look at things and says he has to go?

To answer my own question, I don’t believe Gerrard is the future, but then I never thought he was the present either.
I’ll keep emphasising that things might turn round and I hope that’s the case.
But what concerns me is that Purslow will be very reluctant to get rid of someone he’s in awe of and will be blinded to Gerrard’s failings.
Hence I don’t see Gerrard going anywhere before christmas.
Which might just be too late.


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  1. William Pearson
    William Pearson August 11, 2022 at 8:32 am . Reply

    Beyond all that Badger was the club ran as a business first by getting Gerrard in and getting bums on seats, Gerrard never proved to me he was managerial and qualified to take a team like Villa, look at the ex players that’s tried and fallen in their jobs, it was a business move Villa did and now paying the price of Purslow thinking, Bad move dropping Mings and humiliating him like that ,John Mcginn was struggling but to give him the captaincy wasn’t the answer ,he needed help in supportinghis roll by giving him a free roll on the pitch, bringing in Coutinho was to shut the fans up by saying Villa means to move forwards, I’m not convinced we are anywhere near being a team good enough for top spot, it’s going to take a top manager and the money we are prepared to pay Gerrards not the Answer for our club.

  2. Badger123
    Badger123 August 11, 2022 at 10:04 am . Reply

    Well, that’s not a bad shout, Bill.
    I suspect getting Gerrard in was more a business thing too.
    But what’s worse is getting him in purely because he likes him so much, which is how it seems to me.

    I don’t have a problem with McGinn being captain and even said that I thought he was our best shout.
    I just thought he was the best bet in a squad of none leaders.
    Hitch said he thought Mings was a great ambassador for the club, but I always felt he was more of an ambassodor for himself.

    McGinn is being ruined in playing a more anchoring type role and we all know that’s not his strength. I’d normally ask why Gerrard is playing him like that, but Smith did the same too, didn’t he?
    Is it just a case where if he doesn’t play that more defensive role, there’s just no place in the team for him? I suspect so, which is where I agree with OLL.
    My problem comes in that there are a few players I’d be willing to drop before McGinn, as he’s one of our only physical, grafting types.

    The answer to me is obvious, as it is to everyone else too.
    Get him further forward and stop playing your mate. At least we might see at least some dynamism then!
    I think back to the fast paced, attacking football of a couple of seasons back and compare us to now and I nearly weep, as we’re frankly terrible to watch.

    1. Hitchens60
      Hitchens60 August 11, 2022 at 11:55 am . Reply

      Just a minor point Badger – may be a little pedantic so apologies if so.

      My point about Mings was – in terms of management – why also take the club captaincy from him? That’s like kicking a guy when he’s already on the canvas. So – Mings wasn’t a bad ambassador for the club in that he has an articulate voice and has strong views in areas of current social concern. In that respect I see no reason for Gerrard taking away the club captaincy and then giving it to Young who is on a one year contract.

      It’s just more evidence of muddled thinking and poor decision making by Gerrard no doubt supported by Purslow.

  3. Evan Jones
    Evan Jones August 11, 2022 at 10:14 am . Reply

    I totally agree and believe Gerrard is ruining our club and urge the owners to do the right thing
    GET RID!!!

  4. Sidforever
    Sidforever August 11, 2022 at 10:15 am . Reply

    It is very rare for a big named British player to become a top manager. Normally top managers were often non descriptive players eg Ferguson or Wenger. But as managers they have the skill set. It has become very apparent that SG does not have the skill set. I think Purslow really does need to act quickly and dismiss SG others wise NSWE will be handing out 2 P60s.

    I totally agree with BFR that Pochettino should be installed as our new manager. Ironically he was an excellent player who is an excellent manager.

  5. Roy Bracy
    Roy Bracy August 11, 2022 at 1:24 pm . Reply

    Agree with most on here,and Gerard was a business opportunity to get villa more into the outside world and increase overseas sales etc.
    I short make villa more like Man utd with large fan base after all Gerard was a very high profile player known all over.
    I still think Smith should have been given more time it was more of a team that played more attractive game than this mishmash we play now no identity to the team
    What is the way we play?does anyone here know because I don’t?
    I think Terry and co knew what was coming and left they knew grealish was to be sold and has anyone noticed that since then the owners are not spending money on transfers only money brought in!!!!
    Things not as rosey as it seems.
    Gerard definitely has favourites look at Phil.
    Can’t see us getting anywhere near top six but bottom six yes
    Mancini or poch for me or Smith with Frank as left field

  6. Holte
    Holte August 11, 2022 at 9:40 pm . Reply

    I get the feeling that there are many disgruntled Villa fans out there. Gerrard impressed when he first arrived with his solid interviews and decent results to start his premier league debut as manager. Now though it looks like the wheels have fallen off and the atmosphere is turning toxic again.
    Everton up next are a team in disarray despite a good finish to last season. They have injury problems to key players and lost Richarlison who was their best player. They might have added a few signings including Coady who will undoubtedly have a clean sheet debut plus probably the winning goal from a set piece. (Might be worth a bet)
    If we lose on Saturday we can seriously start the debate on getting Gerrard out, particularly if we get the same performance we saw against Bournemouth.
    Pochettino’s name is being forward as a replacement and I wouldn’t argue with that. His teams play entertaining football and what we would give to see us play decent football again. Potter at Brighton too for me is another name I would be happy with. By the time Purslow admits he has f****d up, it will be too late and we will end up with Allardyce to try and save us from relegation. 🙄

  7. Badger123
    Badger123 August 12, 2022 at 11:45 am . Reply

    Keinan Davis is off to Watford on a season’s loan. Much better than playing second fiddle to Cameron Archer, I’d suggest.
    I wish him luck.

  8. Holte
    Holte August 12, 2022 at 3:20 pm . Reply

    Surprised that Villa have let KKH go out on loan to Huddersfield for the rest of the season. Hopefully there is an option to call him back. I genuinely think he can compete with Cash for that position.

    1. Hitchens60
      Hitchens60 August 12, 2022 at 3:46 pm . Reply

      On balance, probably the right decision.

      The only real chance of playing would be if Cash gets injured and Villa do have senior experienced players as back up.

      He’s only 18 so a year in senior football will do him no harm but he’s a prospect for the future for sure – reminds me of John Gidman.

      1. Badger123
        Badger123 August 12, 2022 at 8:09 pm . Reply

        Absolutely. I know everybody says he’s a blinding prospect, but he’s never going to get a game for us, is he?
        Much better to get these kids out and at least get a decent sniff of the man’s game.
        What better than the Championship too? Ouch

        If we’ve held Archer in the first team squad and he doesn’t get minutes, I swear I’ll flip.
        Well okay then, I won’t be very happy 🙂

  9. Adam
    Adam August 12, 2022 at 6:21 pm . Reply skip to 8:38 to see Wesley get hid first goal for Levante in a friendly. They play tonight in la liga 2 so will see if he gets any minutes. Still a glimmer of hope for him maybe? Or probably not in all honesty!!

  10. Badger123
    Badger123 August 12, 2022 at 8:03 pm . Reply

    I’m saying nothing Adam, as I’m sure you know what I think 🙂
    I do of course wish him well.

  11. jbeorma
    jbeorma August 12, 2022 at 8:18 pm . Reply

    Villa should hijack Roma’s deal to buy the Italian international Bellotti on a free bosman transfer from Gerry Hitchen’s old club Torino to improve the Villa forward line.

  12. Sidforever
    Sidforever August 12, 2022 at 9:42 pm . Reply

    Alex Crook – football report for TalkSPORT has identified that there are problems behind the scenes at Villa. The long and the short of it is Gerrard is a combustible character and he is combusting. The fire works are about to go off.

    However, rumour has it that Eatkjns will be sold to Leeds. I really hope not. Our owners should tell him to work with what he’s got.

    1. Hitchens60
      Hitchens60 August 13, 2022 at 6:54 am . Reply

      But then it’s TalkSport Sid!

      And, as I previously posted – it only takes rumours and rumours of rumours to destabilise a side.

      It’s madness to say it – second game in – but today’s game is critical for both sides and their managers.

      I can’t see us winning so I’m going for a draw – a lifeline for both which solves nothing. Maybe it’s more about the performance than the result?

  13. Holte
    Holte August 12, 2022 at 10:08 pm . Reply

    No trains tomorrow for fans to get to VP so it’s probably going to be a nightmare with extra cars on the road and trying to park. Add in the weather too and a defeat will leave our fans feeling hot and bothered!
    I don’t think it will be a good game with temperatures soaring by kick off time. Having said that we play at snail’s pace anyway so it won’t affect our playing style.

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