Ipswich-Villa; Match preview and good news on the AVTV front.

The games are coming thick and fast already, aren’t they?
Good, I say.

While it’s easy to think this should be a fairly easy game, I’m not so confident, as our performances haven’t impressed me in the slightest up to now.
I’m not knocking them though, as you can’t do better than pick up maximum points, as we have so far.
And yes, in fairness, it’s early days with some players still to gel properly.

I’d expect Bruce won’t change much from the Wigan game and those rested for the Yeovil game will come back in.
The big thing for me will be how McGinn plays and how he interacts with Grealish.
I must say the pairing seem an exciting prospect after my initial doubts about them being too similar.
I’m hoping the Scot really is the player we think he might be and if he proves to be, what a steal of a buy he is.
Which makes a very pleasant change after all the duffers we’ve bought in the last few years.

As for AVTV, there’s some really good news in that things have changed.
The important part is that some midweek games will be available to watch, even if you’re in the UK, as long as they’re not being shown by any other broadcaster in the world. The bad news is it’s a tenner a game, on a match by match basis.

The most important part is that if you live in certain countries, you can get EVERY SINGLE Villa game for £180.
It’s a hefty price, but that’s 46 games, remember.
Otherwise, it’s £6 a game or £20 a month.
The countries that qualify for this are mostly quite obscure, but for some strange reason the list includes Spain, which funnily enough, is exactly where I’ll be every matchday.
Happy days!

Here’s the actual wording, if anyone’s interested;


Anyway, back to the game and I’m going for a cagey 2-1 win.


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  1. Pat 57
    Pat 57 August 18, 2018 at 5:23 pm .

    How near are Hogan and Davis to being match fit?

    Any chance of getting Tammy Abraham on loan? We really need some strikers.

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