Fag packet sums and where will we finish POLL

I’m off on my holiday tomorrow, so I thought I should perhaps add something, just in case the internet is totally abysmal where I’m going (Turkey, fwiw.)

So where are we at?

The good doctor has been doing his usual thing, in tweeting cryptic stuff, with an earlier one saying “follow your Heart”.
I can only see that as a reference that means we’re after Joe Hart, which would be a mega-signing, perhaps even better than John Terry.
I’ve previously said I don’t believe he’s a fantastic goalie, but he’s pretty good and would be more than good enough in the championship, in my opinion.
But it’s more about the intent and if we were to get him, it would be massive.
Consider he’s supposed to be on about £125k a week. However you rate him personally, this is a serious top class rated player.

And then Xia tweeted another emoji job that suggests to me that we’ve done the sums and the deal is a goer.

So much for the supposed £1 million spend we’re allowed.
Although, in fairness, it would seem we definitely have to sell to buy, because of FFP.
That shouldn’t be a problem though, as Amavi is almost certainly a goner, as it stands.
Veretout is touted to maybe remain, but I’d say he’s a cert to leave too, especially if you see things the way I have, in that he refused to play for us.

Let’s do a few very rough sums.
Terry, at let’s say £80k a week = £4 mill
Hart, at let’s say half his wage for one year, £62.5k a week = £3.125 mill

Which should still leave a few million to spend.

Whelan, £750k and £35k a week(?) on a two year contract = £4 millish(!)

Still leaves room for manoeuvre, I’d suggest.
So at least one or two more coming in.

But I don’t see any more attackers coming in.
And sadly, I don’t see any top rated Mids coming in either.

I’d expect some middling type players, who we won’t be massively impressed with, but maybe just more backup, that improves us overall.
As is the Bruce way.
Solid, but quite boring.
But probably quite sensible.

Then again Xia seems to like springing surprises, so you never know.

Just for a laugh and I know we haven’t really done any business yet, but I’m interested in how we see our chances, given that we’re near favourites to get promoted. Hence the poll.


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    GIDDYVILLAN July 10, 2017 at 2:24 pm .

    Just say there’s a genuine problem with amavi, that means we’re stuck with a knacker. Nothings ever straightforward at the villa

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