FA cup: Wycombe vs Villa….Surely we can win this one?


I have absolutely no faith in the Villa getting a win when we’re facing Premier league opposition lately, but surely we can beat a League two team, can’t we?
I wouldn’t be so sure.

Wycombe aren’t doing too badly this season and they currently lie in 6th position, but this is a side that lost 2-0 at home to Morecambe last week, so with all due respect, this is a game we ought to be winning at a canter.
But it’s the FA cup, which we all know isn’t called the great leveler for nothing.
I won’t even mention our recent cup history against lesser clubs.

So given that I won’t be surprised at whatever happens when it comes to the result today, the more important thing for me, is how Remi Garde is going to approach this.

Normally, I’d be expecting a few players to be rested so we can give a few of the second string a run out, but I think this is something we definitely shouldn’t do.
Why? Because a win would do the first eleven a world of good and can only boost confidence, which has been shot to pieces.
I suppose there is an argument in saying that if we were to lose, confidence will take an even bigger dent, but I still think we should go all out to win.

With Alan Hutton being injured, the other interesting point is who is going to play at right back?
The Evening Mail ran an article where Garde was asked about Micah Richards playing there and the response was that the manager had been thinking about it for a few weeks.
Seeing as many fans have been calling for exactly that to happen for months, I’m really beginning to wonder about our manager and what his thinking is.
It’s simply something that should have at least been tried a long time ago.

I’m not going to go into Wycombe’s squad as I doubt any of us know much about them, but it’s noted that their goalkeeper is out because of a suspension and this means their 46 year old coach is on the bench.

As for us, Hutton and Sanchez are both out, but the good news is Jordan Ayew is back and I’d expect him to start, along with Gestede. If the latter can’t batter a second division defence we might as well just give up totally.

Prediction time then and I’ve said nothing would surprise me.
Can anyone see us keeping a clean sheet, even against such lowly opposition, for instance?
I can’t, so expect Wycombe to get one.

I’ll go for a 2-1 win.


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  1. Tekkers48
    Tekkers48 January 9, 2016 at 2:34 pm . Reply

    You just know they are gonna get a winner here !

  2. Dave67
    Dave67 January 9, 2016 at 2:35 pm . Reply

    I don’t know why I watch this shit it always puts me in bad form

  3. jvillan
    jvillan January 9, 2016 at 2:44 pm . Reply

    same thoughts here
    please god we can see a villa side without richards richardson westwood gana rudi plus other that didn tplay today i ll take relegation if they all go along with cronies up top

    1. Dave67
      Dave67 January 9, 2016 at 3:04 pm . Reply

      Jvillan I agree with you there needs to be a clear out from top to bottom. This team has no motivation. No point kidding ourselves we are down and this is down to bad leadership and penny pinching.

    GIDDYVILLAN January 9, 2016 at 2:47 pm . Reply

    I’m possibly getting serious doubts about GARDE now the team we put out wasn’t a second string job like Liverpool did so really no excuses in my book & yes he definitely don’t know what he’s doing.

  5. Bill Pearson
    Bill Pearson January 9, 2016 at 2:48 pm . Reply

    Cannot beat a team two leagues down, Gestede is the worst forward ever to play for Villa, what do our coaching staff do at Villa? sit and drink tea because the whole team are lost in not knowing what to do, Wycombe players got into the players either by physical play and footballing brains.we are going down not by one but two leagues with that load of shit.

  6. Tekkers48
    Tekkers48 January 9, 2016 at 2:50 pm . Reply

    Villa need to buy a complete new team. Of all players on show today only Okore and Veratout are worthy of playing for villa.

    Gill – Lightweight
    Bacuna – Crap
    Richards – Arrogant
    Gana – Invisible
    Gestede – Statue
    Westwood – Imposter
    Sinclair – Waste of a shirt (Stephen Ireland mark 2)
    Ayew – Another Milan Baros

    Bunn looks like an improvement on Guzan though but didn’t get tested too much.

    That’s EIGHT new first team Premier league quality players needed in January for us to compete in second half of the season.

    Won’t happen so best we can hope for is a rebuilding of the club from the top down. This will take us to the lower leagues and might never see top flight football again for a long long time due to the gulf in leagues.

    Rant over till next time !

  7. Karl
    Karl January 9, 2016 at 2:56 pm . Reply

    What a load of rubbish!!. Can’t beat a second division side. Basics like passing awful, no passion. How many clear cut chances did we have ? Should of played the reserves, can’t be no worse than what was on the pitch today.

  8. bencey83
    bencey83 January 9, 2016 at 2:56 pm . Reply

    That was practically our first team, which shows you our current level – League 2.

    GIDDYVILLAN January 9, 2016 at 3:06 pm . Reply

    Bencey I posted a similar thing you can obviously gauge our present teams quality,can’t see us hacking it in the championship,shame we didn’t play a conference side even that would be questionable.

  10. Guest
    Guest January 9, 2016 at 3:22 pm . Reply

    What on earth has happened to our club.

    Randy Lerner you absolute c**t.

    Bad decision after bad decision, and still the rot continues.

    Oh how i wish we had appointed Mark Hughes when O’Neil left, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

    To think we have hired yet another clueless manager, if anybody is wondering if Remi Garde has what it takes, then i’d say your questions have been answered, he is utterly clueless.

    Still playing Gestede up front without any natural wingers able to put a cross in, is in my mind, absolutely fruitless and futile, we may as well be playing with 10 men.

    The fact that today, where we need a win just to claw some kind of confidence back, and he plays a slightly weaker side than usual, if there is such a thing at the moment.

    Garde you are absolutely clueless.

    The one thing we have needed for over 5 seasons now is a strong defence, and year after year this has gone totally unaddressed, when i look back at some of the fantastic defenders we have had at this club, it makes me weep that we are still playing square pegs in round holes, Richards in the center, Bacuna in either full back position, Hutton, Clark and Richardson, even West Broms cast off in Lescott, how has this been allowed to happen?

    Why, when we spent 50 million on new players, could we firstly not address the defence, which should be the first thing on any to do list when trying to keep the club in the premier league?

    Any fool sat in their arm chair can see the problems and what needs addressing and yet, here we are, in the worst possible decline imaginable, an absolute joke of a club, about to follow the route of Leeds and Forrest into the abyss.

    I am absolutely ashamed to be a supporter of our once great club, because we are a complete laughing stock, and every opportunity to stop the rot has been missed over the last 5 years by absolutely shocking decision making from the top.

    Randy you total fucking c**t.

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