Boro 0 – 3 Villa; I called this one well wrong!

“Sid Cowans love child” suggested my having very little faith in our defence after the Forest game was a bit premature, given that we hadn’t conceded many previously.
How right he was!
In my defence, it was just that I was thinking that we’d find defending against the “better” teams a bit more of a problem, as much as I think we’re excellent in attack.

I didn’t see the game, but managed to listen to the last 15 minutes or so on WM.
And the consensus was that this game was practically easy.
The brief reading I’ve done on here and elsewhere seems to back this up. Which is crazy in a really good way!

Boro had only conceded 10 goals before this, yet we’ve put 3 past them and the commentary was saying that the home team had given up.
It would seem we’ve battered the opposition, away from home, just as we did at Derby.
My god, this excites me.
If we can beat Boro and Derby so easily on their own turf, as well as put 5 past Forest, I have to wonder who there is in this league that we need to be scared of?

Is it new manager syndrome?
I very much doubt it and every game seems to demonstrate more and more how Steve Bruce had totally misread our squad.
Was it because he’d seen the state we were in when he arrived and didn’t trust the players?
Who knows? But he’s looking more like a total mug as every game passes.

I don’t want to get carried away, but things are looking really good at the moment.
I remember saying a few weeks back that we were facing a very tough period of games against local sides and that I was concerned that we’d get very little out of them.
Well, we’ve played a few of them and done very well.

It’s Albion up next, followed by Stoke I think.
If we can get say, 4 points from those 2 games, well even doubtful me would have to concede that we’d have a very good chance of getting promoted. If we were to get 6, we’d be beginning to look invincible, just as Wolves were last season.

Not that I want to run before I walk.
We’ve been kicked in the teeth too many times, haven’t we?

But it just seems to me that even if we do have major doubts at the back, we have the fire power to see our way out of trouble. So much so, that many teams won’t be able to live with us.
“We’ve blown them away” is a comment I saw for tonight’s game and that takes some doing against a Pulis side.

And even if we end up not getting the points we want in the next month, as long as it doesn’t prove disastrous (and I can’t see it), we’re still well in touch with the top group.

I heard a good comment on WM, where it was pointed out that if you need 2 points a game to get promoted, there’s only Norwich that have (just) managed it, up till now.
Our recent history says we’re well on course.

Add a couple of replacements in January, that we all know we need, plus look at the depth of our squad, especially attack-wise and we’re sitting very pretty indeed.

The question that was asked on WM was “Have Villa got a manager who can take them to the Prem?”

I suspect we might well have.


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    bill evans December 1, 2018 at 10:29 pm .

    It’s looking darned good. You have to feel that Dean Smith is polishing the team like it was a piece of old silver. It’s a wonder to see. I wouldn’t be surprised if JT isn’t having a positive influence too.

    Finally again, we can shout “Come on you lions!!!” with reason!

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    DSVilla December 2, 2018 at 12:49 am .

    5 players in the box for our second goal That’s probably 4 more than would have been there under Bruce. Just sayin”

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    Hitchens60 December 2, 2018 at 2:15 am .

    We’ve just done a ‘Bruce’ to Pulis if you get my drift – exciting isn’t it?

    Like Badger, I’m reluctant to get too carried away – hence my ‘Dare to Dream’ post.

    Smith may be the catalyst we’ve been searching for – I bl***y well hope so but I would like to give credit to SB for signing players like Adomah, McGiven, Hourihane, El Ghazi, Tuanzebe and even Bolassie / Abraham (albeit on loan) so credit where credit is due. But he couldn’t throw off the defensive shackles and get the best out of the squad – Pulis anyone?

    Like Badger, I’m missing all these games but I suppose sitting on a Caribbean beach with a rum in hand has its compensations!

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    nath December 2, 2018 at 7:46 am .

    great game yesterday and exciting boxing 🙂

    middlesbrough to be fair were poor, they played as i expected and other than set pieces they had nothing to hurt villa also they were too deep most the time. no movement it was a walk in the park for us. their are teams around to worry us forest being one, leeds norwich wba in fact most of the league will all be a tough game if they have a good day. the derby county game was not as one sided as the scoreline suggested.

    the boxing fury was robbed he won most of the rounds, but how he survived the last round is a mystery a draw he will accept cause it will give him another pay day, but really should have won on points having survived the last round somehow

    great save from nyland from point blank, touched the ball onto the bar. clean sheet what are we going to moan about today

  5. Avatar
    Bill Pearson December 2, 2018 at 9:00 am .

    Only you Nath ,telling me who won the boxing match before I watch it.😂

    1. Avatar
      nath December 2, 2018 at 9:16 am .

      whoops i just received a angry txt of my mate who also watching ltrs and i posted on my page. mybad

      anybody see the goalie blunder in the scum game. lol thats a error. i am off to get a few hours, i am all over the place

  6. Avatar
    Bill Pearson December 2, 2018 at 9:33 am .

    Yep I did Nath , what a Plonker. From a throw in goalkeeper didn’t cut it off tried to kick it away onto the defender who pass it to an open goal.

  7. Avatar
    DSVilla December 2, 2018 at 11:29 am .

    Just been reading some speculation that Chelsea might recall Abraham in January. I think they have that option but I’m not sure. Morata and Giroud aren’t that prolific, so I could understand they might want him back. That would be a bit of a disaster. Anyone on here know whether the loan has a recall option?

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