Aston Villa VS QPR Preview

This honestly feels like the most important preview i’ve written to date. The magnitude of this game can not be played down as it certainly will define our relegation status, i’m just grateful it’s on our turf under our terms.

Going into this game I feel like we are about to play a local derby at a Wembley final, thats how much is riding on this. We are coming into this game off the back of a 3:1 defeat to Man U, which if truth be told, we looked like we had no attack what so ever and at the polar opposite end, QPR who dominated the Albion with a display that could easily have gotten them more goals. Are we prepared for this?

We need to come into this game with a high tempo and finish on a high tempo because if we don’t do it, you can bet QPR will. My biggest concern is not our defence, it is our attacking force. I may get slated for this but I don’t think we should start with Benteke. I feel like he has been sussed out by everyone and because his confidence is that low, he hasn’t got it in himself to push that extra mile. The bad news about this is that we don’t really have anybody else to replace him and with this being such a big game, he will get the start but he really isn’t even half the player before the injury; I hope he can change this with a sublime performance and make me eat my hat.

With N’zogbia having a woeful game against United, who will replace him, Gil? Sherwood has opened up about Gil stating that he may be great individually but he chooses the team that will win the game on the day. I think we will see Gil make a show in this game. There is a lot to prove, places to be won and opinions to be changed. I was a massive fan of Gil before Sherwood and my opinion hasn’t changed. He was a breath of fresh air with good movement, passing, awareness and he could score. He has all the attributes to be a Holte end hero, he just needs the play time.

It really will be a tough game with goals from both sides, but who has got what it takes for all 3 points? If we lose this game, I honestly believe we can say goodbye to the premier league. A draw would not be the end of the world and a win is exactly what we all need. If the past is an indicator, we will survive the drop but Aston Villa are a strange team as they seem to only show up when they want to.


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  1. Bum Bum
    Bum Bum April 7, 2015 at 1:14 pm . Reply

    I think I’ll comment on this thread as it’s a bit more pragmatic than OhAhh’s…We are very Jeckle and Hyde since TS arrived. He’s working with the tools he’s been given achieving differing results and performances. Benteke is definitely carrying some sort of injury and it’s a shame Sinclair is out as well. It looks like he’s trying to recreate the tension we faced against West Brom with his comments challenging the players, let’s hope it works. We have a sellotaped together defence that can be solid but is prone to the odd but lethal mistakes. I think/hope we’ll win tonight but it really could go either way…

  2. Dave.C
    Dave.C April 7, 2015 at 2:21 pm . Reply

    I don’t believe in ‘must win’ games, unless it is mathematically impossible to stay up if you don’t. I remember back in the 2010-11 season, Ian, who I think used to run this site, stated that the home game v Wolves was a ‘must win’. We lost 0-1 and got booed off, I trudged from the ground with the sound of Wolves fans chanting ‘your going down with the baggies’.
    Come the end of the season we finished 9th, the baggies 11th and Wolves stayed up by the skin of their teeth in 17th. So what I’m saying is, even if we lose tonight, don’t panic. I’m not sold on Sherwood, but we could lose v Q.P.R and Burnley and beat Spurs and Man City! As Greavsie once said, ‘footballs a funny old game’.

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