A glimmer of hope as the U-21s win their playoff and did I get it wrong about Okore?

First off I’d like to say “well done” to the young guns after they won their U-21 Premier league division 2 playoff against Swansea, by 2 goals to 1.

The official site report suggests the lads played well, with Hepburn-Murphy looking sharp after his lengthy lay-off.
The team now go on to face Arsenal or Blackburn in the final.

As for Okore, it seems I might have got this wrong, as apparently the player isn’t going to face any sanction after his Twitter comments the other night.
That can only suggest that Black has been at least economical with the truth or at worst straight out lied. Which is something I didn’t expect at all.

There’s obviously something gone on and Okore’s “leaked” comments about him wanting out haven’t helped matters.
No doubt the manager has just seen the comments as coming from someone who’s totally uncommitted to the cause, in which case I’d have expected that the manager calls the player in to clarify things.
It isn’t ideal, but if the player then states that he wants out, but will do his best in the meantime, that would have to be deemed as acceptable. I wouldn’t want to play the bloke, but at least you’d know he was available and hopefully trying.

At least that’s how I’d go about things if I were in Black’s position.
And in fairness, I suspect it’s probably not far from what happened.
Except that maybe during the meeting, Okore told Black a few home truths and probably asked a very logical question, which is one that us fans are constantly asking;
“Why do you keep playing the same players when they’ve persistently played so poorly and failed to win in ages?”

I think regardless of any player’s attitude, this is a legitimate question and you can see why any player not getting a start would be frustrated to say the least.

I’ve been consistent in saying that I don’t rate Black at all, but I’m wondering why even a poor manager has taken this particular stance.
The only two reasons that I can see are that either he’s a total idiot (something I lean to but have to doubt when I consider it seriously) or;
If we think the regulars aren’t trying/have bad attitudes, we don’t know the half of what’s really going on.
And a fair proportion of the squad are actually worse!
That couldn’t possibly be true.
Could it?

No, it can’t be that.
I obviously have to be missing something else.
Which is hopefully where you come in to put me straight.


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  1. Tekkers48
    Tekkers48 April 26, 2016 at 11:41 pm . Reply

    I recon a takeover will be announced before the Newcastle game. I’m now starting to come around to the idea that relegation may be a blessing in disguise. we have been going nowhere under Lerner and every year come end of season we get the takeover rumours surfacing. Relegation this year might be the hidden hand we have needed to force Lerner to sell . Also any invester in a club the size of ours surely would be doing so with the ambition to get back up at the first attempt. Easier said than done but maybe just maybe our bright future will start the day Lerner hands over the keys.

  2. originallondonlion
    originallondonlion April 27, 2016 at 12:16 am . Reply

    The alleged Chinese consortium want a director of recruitment with a Liverpool background? It is groundhog day, Riley has a similar CV. Villa’s abysmal recruitment is – partly buy relatively cheap and untried Ligue 1 youngsters and hope to get lucky and partly – buy cheap misfits from other premership strugglers or free gifts form better sides.

    Liverpool’s record under Riley and Co is arguably worse. They spent bigger money on players who just do not fit in with their style. Downing, Carroll and Benteke, Lallana until Klopp came. Mignolet, weak by comparison with his predecessors.

    Dammit, get an old fashioned Manager who is in sole charge of recruitment.

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