Would you take £120 million for Grealish?

Now don’t get worried, I haven’t heard anything.
But there are the usual rumours beginning to circulate when any player does well and they did make me wonder.
Apparently from what I’ve seen, Arsenal and Real Madrid are practically nailed on certainties to sign Jack in the January window.
I say “from what I’ve seen”, but I haven’t even read the stories because they’re nothing more than clickbait and I refuse to give them any credence whatsoever.
Of course, if Real were to come knocking, the player and the club would have to take it seriously, as you can bet they’d be talking serious money.
Arsenal, on the other hand, well, yes, they’re still a big fish, but are they really the draw that would be big enough to entice Jack? I’m really not so sure.
And the club don’t exactly seem to be in the mood for spending much anyway, after having had their pants properly pulled down over the likes of Pepe, whose value has halved since he joined them according to transfermarkt.

There’s no doubting though that Grealish has been excellent of late and someone who’s been playing so well for England that he’s given a seeming reluctant England manager no choice but to play him, is quite simply going to attract offers. Offers so large that both the club and the player are going to find very hard to resist.
That’s not nice to contemplate, but we know it’s going to happen if Jack keeps playing as he has.

So I got to asking myself what would be a reasonable fee that the Villa would accept?
I say the Villa, but seeing as Grealish is one of our own, it complicates things somewhat in that you partly have to keep the fans happy too. No one wants to think we’ve let a player go to cheaply, but it does happen sometimes.

So what would be a realistic fee then?
Well, it isn’t going to be the much vaunted £80 million is it? Which reminds me. I don’t remember a sell on clause being mentioned when we quite recently gave Jack a new contract, but I’m sure the one previous contained a rumoured £45 million. You wouldn’t get Grealish for double that now and I’d love to know if his current contract contains one.
Talking of contracts, you have to wonder how long it’s going to be before we have to double his current measly £120k a week contract. It’s madness, I know, but his agent must surely be thinking that Jack is worth a quarter of a million a week.
As much as I like Jack, I’d baulk at the thought of paying him that, simple as.
That’s £12 million a year out of our turnover of what? £90ish million a year?

Grealish is currently the best performing England player and has been for three consecutive games.
Us Villa fans all know what he brings, but now football people worldwide do too.
That makes him massively valuable.

I’m going to be reasonable and suggest that we’d want £120 million for him.
I’ve picked that figure for three reasons.

1) It’s low enough to stop Grealish and his agent saying we’ve outpriced him.
2) It’s low enough to get offers in.
3) It’s high enough to keep us fans happy. I mean, let’s face it, that’s ten £12 million players. Or five £24 million players. That is, it’s not to be laughed at.

Yet, if we were to sell him for that, I think I’d feel short changed.
It’s a hell of a lot of money, that could go a long way to adding to our squad.
But at the same time, how nice is it to have a player that does something different and frankly terrifies the opposition at even the very highest levels.
Players like that don’t come round very often, do they?


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    steve November 20, 2020 at 7:58 am . Reply

    20 years ago Aston Villa were as big a club if not bigger than Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham. The influx of massive foreign money made Man City and Chelsea what they are today. The Premier league money and being well run made is what made Spurs and Arsenal.
    Man Utd and Liverpool are the 2 really big clubs.
    Villa now have multi billionaire and ambitious owners – Martinez, Watkins, Barclay keeping Grealish. From what I can see we are now being very well run. I am sure we are on a steep upward trajectory and that we will be competing with the top 4 in the next couple of seasons.
    Grealish is captain of his boyhood club, should now be an England regular and he can I believe achieve what he wants on the pitch at Villa. What would be a better achievement than to lead your home club back to the top.

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    Bum Bum November 21, 2020 at 7:48 am . Reply

    Aren’t we playing today?

  3. Avatar
    Sidforever November 21, 2020 at 8:18 am . Reply

    Badger an additional factor to consider in increasing Grealish’s pay and keeping him is the distribution of premier league funds. In 2019-20 we were expected to have received £106.1m for finishing 17th. Whereas, Wolves who finished 6th received £144m.

    I think we all believe we will finish higher than last year increasing the funds available to the club. I guess the question is will the funds be used to buy players or pay wages?

    I fully expect Grealish to stay as he is the stepping stone our owners need to move up a level.

    I also believe in future seasons we will obtain one marquee signing per season. The recent significant investment in U23 players will be the life line. These players will either add to the quality of the first team or be sold on like Brewster for massive profit.

    I trust our owners to continue to play a blinder, which much of the existing football order have not recognised yet.

    1. Avatar
      Originallondonlion November 21, 2020 at 11:26 am . Reply

      Yes we are. Brighton are just the sort of banana skin that would cause Villa to slip in recent seasons. Today we have much greater fire power, and it is important to turn that into goals. If we score 3, I cannot see Brighton taking anything from the game.

      Matt Targett is a gain going to have his work examined by Lamptey, an impressive young right-winger (in old money). So far this season, Brighton have been vulnerable to left-sided attackers running into the space behind Lamptey after he has gone upfield. Jack would be better suited to that move rather than trying to help Targett.

  4. Avatar
    nath November 21, 2020 at 9:14 am . Reply

    i wouldn’t sell grealish end off, even for figures above 500 million. look he is our future and without him we would struggle. he is unique and he loves villa. so i would do everything in my power to convince him, we are the club for him making his own personnel goals accessible by staying put. that is the key. we need to progress further into be competitive with the top dogs. JUST LIKE WE ARE THIS SEASON SO FAR.

    i am really proud to be a villa fan again, ppl are very nice to us now. great football great attacking play. its great. there is no reason why grealish would want to leave 5 year deal and we are progressing faster than anyone would have dreamt. players like barkley and mcginn are also key, our recruitment has to match grealish ambition bringing in players that excites grealish to new higher levels. barkley has push grealish on further.i can only see us getting better as the season progresses.

    today game is a dodgy one, we were on a high like beating pool and the damn internationals came,that result frizzled out while england tried to play. beat gunners i mean hammered them and again international came to spoil our high moral buzzing around. it will be like starting fresh today. brighton are a very impressive footballing team. they will be like leeds but not as good without the ball. but with it, they will keep long periods of possession, making us chase it around. but we are getting really good without the ball, so should be a great watch. if we can continue our game like against gunners then we will beat the seagulls. but if we are just off it a little and brighton start knocking the ball around we will be in for a tough game.

    i predict 3 2 villa

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    VillaAway in div3 November 21, 2020 at 10:48 am . Reply

    IF we were to sell Jack we would need to find a replacement…there isn’t one…or the teams that want him would have got them.Also who would come to us knowing we are a selling club.

  6. Avatar
    Bum Bum November 21, 2020 at 1:13 pm . Reply

    Don’t you think we may be putting all our eggs in one basket pinning all our hopes on one player? If he gets injured, then what?

    1. Avatar
      nath November 21, 2020 at 2:37 pm . Reply

      under smith we have built a decent team around jack, but it is still jack grealish pulling the most or main strings. but he is that good, you can see him in england team just in those three games. how important he is as individual player. who is very unselfish great for the overall team. he forever taking the pressure off the other players. he always offers himself and he creates loads. i guarantee theirs more premiership teams he would improve if he played for them than he wouldn’t. they would soon be reliant on him too.

      smith and villa are not gonna sit on their laurels they will be working hard producing more gems ramsey brothers etc. we just need to keep hold of jack for as long as we can. if we continue to progress as we have, who knows how far we can go this season. we were a proper team at arsenal last out. best i seen in years.

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