Who’ll stay and who’ll go? and the Prem agree a £30 cap for away fans.

Reading the news, it seems that the speculation has moved on from “if the Villa go down” to “what’ll happen when they do?”
And it’s a fair question, seeing as the odds for us staying up are probably on a par with Leicester winning the league at the start of the season.
Which reminds me; did you hear about the Leicester fan who had a punt on his team winning the league and has cashed out for £72k, when he had an ultimate £200k to win? Tough one that, but fair play to him for having the balls to make the punt in the first place.

But I digress and transfers this summer is an interesting subject.
There’s already major speculation, with the likes of Gabby gone for a start.
But in his case, you have to ask who would match his £65-70k wages (if true), even if we gave him away for nothing?
I can’t even see the MLS or Chinese mugs falling for that one, given his goal-scoring record over the last few years.

Apparently, we’re going to sell all the French contingent too, but I’d suggest that they’ve been amongst our better players this season and we should be looking to keep them over certain others.
Not that we have many players who I think could stand up to the rigours of the Championship, but we need to retain some decent players, surely?

Richards will probably get a move, even at his stupid wages and we’ll probably give Lescott away to the MLS.

Grealish going at £5 mill to West Ham? I can’t see that one myself, as he isn’t going to be on mega, club-bankrupting bucks, but if he does want to leave, good riddance, in my opinion. He hasn’t proven to be as good as he thinks up to now, but that said, more might depend on if Garde stays or not. And you just know that letting him go might prove another mistake along Cahill lines or worse.

There is one certainty though and that is that N’Zogbia will be gone.
I’ve always liked the player, but he has to go down as probably the worst signing the club has ever made, even with Balaban and Djembas included. Just shocking and something which probably sums up what’s happened to us over the last few years.

Still, those are just my thoughts and I’m actually more interested in what you think, so let us know please.

As for the Prem’s £30 cap on away tickets, it doesn’t really matter to us, at least next season anyway, does it?
It’s a gesture though and fair play to those who have fought for it.
I can’t talk too much, as I don’t travel often (my last away was the 2-2 at Liverpool), but what happened to “Twenty’s plenty”?
From what I hear, the good news is that the FSF are going to keep applying the pressure and rightly so. Make the greedy bastards who rule the game give some back to their most loyal “customers”.


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  1. Hitchens 60
    Hitchens 60 March 10, 2016 at 8:50 pm . Reply

    Ahah – here’s the bit that we all suspected. According to the mirror Villa reduced its debt by over £70m in 14-15 and we all know where that went!

    1. Bum Bum
      Bum Bum March 10, 2016 at 10:27 pm . Reply

      Nice spot. So we haven’t in real terms made a loss, just made a whacking great payments back to Lerner. A sum greater than that he actually paid for the club!!!!!

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