Villa – Sheff Utd; Six goals and I missed all ours!

Bloody typical isn’t it?
The missus and myself left the game early, because we were frankly near frozen after being away for a couple of weeks.

We were just walking past the Holte when we heard the roar and someone said Mings had scored.
We’d just got past the Aston Social where someone said Abraham scored.
And then the daughter called me to say Green had scored for 3-3.
Cue me kicking myself for doing something I’ve hardly ever done, in leaving early.

Not that I’m overly bothered.

Okay, we’ve shown massive resilience in coming back from 3-0 down, but make no mistake about it, this team is utter, utter rubbish and I found myself wondering how people bother paying good money in the cold to watch this stuff.

Well, maybe I might have been willing to watch a three goal comeback, but it really shouldn’t be like this.

For as much of the game that I saw, I commented that when Alan Hutton looks our biggest threat, you just know there’s something majorly wrong.
I’m sure I’ve said that previously, a few times.
We’d offered absolutely nothing and I bet their goalie’s hands were as cold as mine.

Kodjia was awful, as was our whole midfield.
Even McGinn couldn’t show his usual effort.

What worries me is that we show no desire whatsoever and were second best to the ball nearly all the time.
I’m sure Abraham must wonder what he’s doing at the Villa at times, as he had no service whatsoever and looked disinterested to me.

The referee was abysmal too.
He must have given Sheffield fifteen frees compared to our one or two, yet it was never that sort of a game.

No doubt the talk will be about how we pulled a draw from the jaws of defeat.
But what I saw just simply isn’t good enough and our defence still looks poor, as much as I thought Mings did okay.

The worrying part is, I don’t really see what Smith can do about it.

You’re having a laugh.

I can’t see me rushing to watch another game down the Villa.
At least not until I get used to the weather again.


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    Holte66 February 8, 2019 at 10:36 pm .

    😂 Please stay away from VP Badger! Just saying 🤔

  2. Avatar
    Holte66 February 8, 2019 at 10:42 pm .

    Oh crap! We are on tv against Brentford. Don’t think my blood pressure will cope!

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    Muzzvill February 8, 2019 at 11:29 pm .

    And just on another note the Ref was a total ba….d tonight

  4. Avatar
    Muzzvill February 8, 2019 at 11:39 pm .

    McGinn was targeted tonight they knew well he was the only player with any grit truth is we’re f….d without Grealish in the team no creativity without him and Kodjia shouldn’t be let near that side what a gobshite no interest in playing for the Side Hutton to old we sadly won’t make the plays offs with that side sorry for negativity

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    OriginalLondonLion February 9, 2019 at 12:35 am .

    Badger, perhaps you can an announcement over the PA in the “Elvis has left the building” style – the players can take that as the cue to stage a revival.

    I can only recall being present at one bigger Villa comeback. A Tony Hateley inspired 5-5 after being 5-1 down at White Hart Lane.

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    bill evans February 9, 2019 at 3:05 am .

    We were crap, I’ll agree. However, the fact is that we score goals and i much prefer that to the goalless,negative efforts we’ve been so used to in previous seasons. And we were playing top opposition today who could go on for automatic promotion: So stay calm; we got a draw, unexpectedly, and we managed to entertain the fans. I watched from far away, courtesy of espn, and the final 10 minutes were well worth the wait.

    Let’s face it: We don’t have the perfect 11 and there are players out there who are not at their best or just simply don’t fit. Kodja is mentally at the exit door imo. Hourihane is the biggest enigma as it’s often his spot ball that leads to us netting. However, as a cog in midfield he’s weak, offers little offensively and gives away stupid fouls, like he did today for their first goal. My opinion is that there must be another player with equal dead ball skills who we can use instead.

    McGinn wins motm again, in my opinion. He would be more of a loss than JG if he went now, and he’s close to 10 yelllows and consequent suspensions. It’s his tenacity and ball capture skills that are most important to us now. We were flaccid today but without him we’d have been completely walked over. At 3 million he must be our best bargain in years.

    So, what does the future offer?

    I still believe that we are capable of scraping into the playoff zone, but winning it is a stretch and how we would fair after that? The squad still needs extreme surgery if it is going to meet the demands of Premiership.

    I am personally not concerned if we fail to make it up this season but I do worry about losing our best players as a result. It’s really Smith’s challenge, to figure out how not to let this happen.

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    Hitchens60 February 9, 2019 at 7:33 am .

    Positives – apart from the Lazarus effect – err…………

    Unfortunately, that comeback papers over the cracks for another few days but there were a couple of positives – Mings looked a decent defender who can actually pass the ball. When Chester is fit he should move to left back where he originally played for Ipswich – downside is, it leaves us with two right footed centre backs. The other is that perhaps Whelan will be given more credit for the role he performs in the team. I have posted before that imho he’s the best DM we have (fwiw).

    And Hutton once again stood out – he just never gives less than his all.

    Last word – Kodjia should never start again.

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