Villa – Bristol City; Nothing to be scared of

I meant to post before the Rotherham game, but just didn’t find time.
The basis of the post was that I was supremely confident, but was worried that anyone can become overly so.
There’s always a side that will catch you out and I really thought it was going to be Rotherham.
But we again proved our resolve and got the result, even though the odds were against us before half time.

Anyway, moving on to tomorrow, we face a very good side in Bristol City, who play decent football.
And from what I’m seeing, many fans are quite worried about this one.
I’m not.
Purely because, as I’ve previously stated, I think we can beat anyone in this league, no problem, the way things stand.
Of course, that’s a dangerous way of thinking, but I really do believe it’s true.

Squad news and the obvious one is that Mings is out after his sending-off.
Chester might be available, but I’m going to guess that Jedinak will start.

Bristol don’t seem to have any problems at all and it’s just a matter of which formation Lee Johnson wants to go with.

We have a very good record against Bristol and while I’m always worried about us being complacent, I really see us extending it.
Ok, on the face of it, we’ll have a weakened defence.
But I’m pretty sure that the confidence that is obviously running through the squad will see us through.
We have the ammo and the firepower, simple.

No doubt I’ll come unstuck with my prediction at some time, but my attitude says if you feel confident, go with it.

Villa to win 2-1.


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    nath April 13, 2019 at 4:00 pm .

    we did good first half with forced changes made to out team. adomah had a great chance from saved effort from el ghazi. adomah rebound shot hit the post with the goal open. tammy and mcginn got in each others way from another great chance inside the box.

    a few heated discussion in our team after i praised them for being a musketeer team lately.all for one, one for all ,el ghazi arguing with hourihane over a free kick.

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