Villa 5-5 Forest; Wow, what a game.

I’m actually a bit gutted that we didn’t win that, as the scoreline doesn’t matter, whereas the points do.
But good grief, that was the best game I can remember in a very long time.

Abraham got four goals and I really struggle to remember the last time a Villa player did that. I’d guess you have to be going back to the eighties, but no doubt someone will inform me.

If you were Dean Smith, you wouldn’t have been happy.
The way they strolled through our midfield and defence has to be highly disappointing, as a manager, but by the same token, we took Forest apart too.

And hey, if you give me a choice between an utter load of rubbish 0-0 or one goal in it either way A la Bruce, or this, I know what I want.
This was A grade footy entertainment at it’s finest, even if it made a mockery of what’s supposed to happen in theory.

This game had everything. A load of goals, yellow cards, a bit of argy bargy and a red card.
Exactly what it’s supposed to be about!

Our defence is an utter disgrace at the moment and even such a good player as Chester can’t seem to get it right lately.

But let’s concentrate on the good stuff.

Tuanzebe is beginning to look way more mature than his years.
Abraham is going to be world class, imo.
I’ll gloss over the fact that neither will be ours at the end of the season.

And Dean Smith will play to our strengths.

Expect more of us going on the front foot, because that’s what we’re best at.
Results will go either way, but whatever happens, the games won’t be boring.

I literally can’t wait to see what he thought.

Football at it’s finest and all hail to Dean Smith for playing it, in my opinion.


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    Big Fat Ron November 28, 2018 at 10:17 pm .

    Hate to put a dampener on things guys, but is there much difference here to the 3-3 at home to Preston, apart from conceding an extra two at home? There was even a man sent off again. In some ways it’s worse, because we were ahead and let it slip, whereas in the other game we fought to the death to salvage a point.

    Let’s look at it objectively: yes, it was entertaining, but to score 5 at home and not win, is the type of thing that resulted in a cabbage becoming famous a couple of months back. Smith and Terry should hammer them for 5 conceded at home and letting the 3 points slip.

    The coaches MUST do more work with the defence, because, as we’ve said many times, we need to be ‘there or there abouts’ when January comes. Smith has a massive January window approaching. I think we need 2 CBs, one left back, and a GK – MINIMUM!


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    Bill Pearson November 28, 2018 at 10:18 pm .

    There’s goals in our team now Badger, all we have to do is shore up that hole in our defence, today I was entertained it put me back into them days I followed Villa up and down the country. Getting better I can see it in every game. Well done the lads.

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    Big Fat Ron November 28, 2018 at 10:36 pm .

    P.s. get that muppet in goal out of the team ASAP! How many points has he cost us now? Beaten on the near post? Insert any expletive you like.

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    villaawayindiv3 November 28, 2018 at 10:41 pm .

    Its what we signed up for with Dean Smith….yes it was like the 3-3 but that was around other crap results…this time it was around 4-2 …3-0 and 2 nil.
    The defence is the same as the ones that a lot of teams have run through over the last few years…especially at VP.
    Goalie at fault for last one and just seamed to be asleep for the 4th.
    One thing that got me off my seat more than the goals was when we were 5-4 up….instead of going to get more which we could have we started the fancy dan stuff down by the touchline…and loosing the ball letting them run at us again. I think I saw an interview with Dean where he said he likes to get in command then go for it to pile on the goals so hope he too saw this messing about.

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    Holte66 November 28, 2018 at 11:20 pm .

    Would we have shown the spirit and tenacity to get back in the game after going 2-0 down under Bruce? I can understand the comparison between the Preston game and tonight but Preston were a struggling team and Forest came with confidence high. Defensively Smith has inherited a threadbare squad thanks to Bruce and his crazy decisions to loan out Elphick and Clark. Thankfully this can be improved in a months time and as long as we can stay in the mix we have a good chance of play offs minimum. I think there will be defeats before then but at least now we have strikers capable of scoring against anyone. Interesting to see highlights on Sky that if Abraham hadn’t gone for goal in injury time then there wouldn’t have been an offside, although would the ball have crossed the line? Hard to criticise after scoring 4 goals!

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    Badger123 November 28, 2018 at 11:28 pm .

    Oh dear, you’re looking at it all wrong lads, imo.

    Our defence is a shambles at the moment, but that’s how it is.
    Chester, who is a great defender normally, looks a shadow of himself and isn’t suited to playing out. He’s been caught nearly every time he moves forward.
    Tuanzebe and his sort are the future.
    Give Smith a chance in this area.
    He can’t even touch the bag of shite Bruce left behind until January.

    In the meantime, we attack and we’ve proved it works tonight, and got 5 against a side that hadn’t conceded in their last two games.

    We’re temporarily playing a different game.
    We’ll at least draw against Boro, if they try to sit back and counter/ hit us with set pieces, because as we’ve always known, we have loads of goals in us.

    BFR, Forest are a decent side.

    My point is, we keep attacking like we did and we’ll win more than we lose.
    Just don’t expect it to be steady going.
    And even if we don’t go up, I’d rather watch that type of footy as opposed to almost being sent to sleep and failing.

    I really think we’ve given all the other clubs something to seriously think about.

    But, in fairness, we are so susceptible to the ball down the middle, it’s unreal; almost pub level.
    My Derby mate says it’s all about our lack of pace at the back, fwiw.
    Which is why I wanted Whelan on, as someone who can read the game.

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    Big Fat Ron November 28, 2018 at 11:37 pm .

    Don’t get me wrong; I appreciate that things have changed for the better, totally. My most pertinent point, which I don’t think anyone can deny, is that no team should score 5 at home and not win. Yes the defence is a shambles, but they’ve had a few weeks with JT etc, yet it was ‘knife though butter’ stuff tonight. And Nyland is the scabby cherry on a shitty cake. I appreciate that Smith has inherited this defence, but by the same token, he inherited the attack. As I said before, much more work needed with the defence before Jan if we’re to be contenders, which we should be.

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    bill evans November 29, 2018 at 2:33 am .

    All fair points. What I see is that Smith is trying his best to make us a side that is always in control of the game We try to pass it around intelligently even in our penalty area, and rarely do we hump it up the pitch like we used to. This is all good and if it works it will win us honours.

    However, today, as on other days, this neat approach when breached is fatal: Even Grealish was at fault for one of their goals today as he tried to play out of defense and got dispossessed. Until the team is completely trained 100% to carry off this strategy with close to zero mistakes, we’re going to see goals let in. It makes for delight and frustration which as Badger points out is far better than boredom.

    And besides all that Forest are a good team and have Grabbon working well as poacher. Nyland was definitely at fault for their 5th but also you got to give it to the scorer – he nailed it.

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