Villa 3 -2 Wigan; A good win, even if it was a mixed bag.

Hands up, I’ve seen nothing of the game and am only going off what I’ve read on t’internet.
I managed to catch that we’d gone one up, conceded via a sloppy Jedinak backpass, then went 2-1 down, only for us to equalise.
That was the last I saw and I was cursing a draw at home.

Until I got back home, where I was delighted to see that we’d snatched a late winner!

I’m gutted that I missed this game, as by the sounds of it McGinn and Grealish dominated for us.
I was a bit concerned about how they might play together, but it seems my fears are unfounded and McGinn really puts himself about, while still showing good skill.

So McGinn edged MOTM, with some hard graft and guile, which pleased me immensely.
Anyone remember the last great player we had from Hibs?
It was a certain Des Bremner.
Which if omens mean anything, bodes well.

And I was delighted to see Grealish doing well too.
He got his head down and did his usual stuff, in drawing lots of fouls.
Steve Bruce went out of his way to praise how Jack and his family have behaved during the supposed Spurs move.
To quote Bruce, that is indeed “refreshing”.
All hail Jack and his Villa kin.

I thought it was a bit harsh dropping Elphick, but when I saw the starting line-up, I was very encouraged.
Although Wigan might be seen as one of the weaker sides in the league, I don’t think Bruce would have gone with quite the same sort of side if this was last season.
Indeed, you could possibly say that it’s about as adventurous as he gets, which leads me to think he’s been instructed to go with a younger side.
If so, that’s great.

Of course, things didn’t go all our way and it seems we gave the ball away far too much again.
And Kodjia is still being too greedy and not looking to bring others into play.
I’d give him a few more games, myself, as long as others are chipping in with goals, but I accept many don’t agree.
The trouble is what option do we have?
Bruce either has a loan lined up, or is frantically looking for one.

But at the end of the day, we’ve scratched another win after going behind, which shows resilence, even if we haven’t played that well.

And believe it or not, I’ve read elsewhere that if we beat Yeovil on Tuesday, it will be our best start since the 1962-3 season.

Surely that can’t be right and my tiredness has made me imagine it, hasn’t it?

Two games, six points.
It’s as simple as that.


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  1. Holte66
    Holte66 August 12, 2018 at 3:35 pm .

    The rumour mill have us linked with Bolasie, and although I would be delighted with this, I can’t see it happening. Also story that Bruce wants owners to cancel contracts of Richards and McCormack. I would assume that would mean paying off remainder of their contract which wouldn’t benefit us exactly. Especially if they join another championship club and do well. Snodgrass came on as sub for West Ham and part of me hopes he makes it in premier league because of his age, and the respect he deserves for his professionalism to us.

  2. Hitchens60
    Hitchens60 August 12, 2018 at 6:17 pm .

    If we really think that we should be playing them!

    I think Richards is in his final year so that’s a no brainer – no additional costs to the club. McCormack has two years to go (I think) so that would be an increase in our losses which we probably want to avoid – unless we can do a deal with him over compensation.

  3. Bill Pearson
    Bill Pearson August 12, 2018 at 8:29 pm .

    Sad sad news, this was my idol as manager.

    Aston Villa legend Ron Saunders is now in a care home near Solihull, unable to remember his glorious achievements at the club.

    Saunders, aged 85, is being looked after at a nursing home not far from his family home in Hampton in Arden.

    In a moving interview in the Portsmouth News, his son Ronnie told of how Villa’s 1981 First Division title-winning manager has deteriorated in the past five years because of dementia.

    Saunders is also a Pompey legend, as the third highest goalscorer in the south coast club’s history.

    Ron Saunders, then manager, shows off trophy after Aston Villa became champions in 1981.
    Ron Saunders, then manager, shows off trophy after Aston Villa became champions in 1981.
    The interview in the Portsmouth News was conducted by Villa fan and Portsmouth reporter Neil Allen – and is a very moving account of what the Saunders family are now having to contend with. You can read it here.

    Saunders moved into the care home in May after wife Breeda was no longer able to tend to him.

    Every word Steve Bruce said after Aston Villa beat Wigan
    The family have spoken to campaigner Dawn Astle, daughter of West Bromwich Albion legend Geoff, about the links between football and dementia.

    Saunders’ son Ronnie said: “I know him, if he had known this was going to happen to him it would be “You put a pillow over my head.”.

    “I saw it starting 20-odd years ago, there were certain things dad did which made us realise.

    “We knew his brain was quite damaged. We feel quite lucky he has lasted this long because we never thought he would.

    “Mum couldn’t cope with him any more, his brain has gone.

    “It crept up very slowly, now he struggles with every aspect of his life, everything he does.”

  4. Holte66
    Holte66 August 12, 2018 at 9:59 pm .

    I watched my dad deteriorate with dementia. First signs were repeating things he had already said and getting upset when he realised. Eventually the body gets frail and simple things like eating became difficult. Heading footballs probably doesn’t help but in a lot of cases it’s becoming more common as we live longer. It’s a horrible thing to happen to anyone because it takes away the person and leaves the shell of the body so they no longer recognise those closest to them. Sir Ron is the greatest manager we have had I think most would agree, and I feel for him and his family to have to suffer this condition.

    1. Hitchens60
      Hitchens60 August 13, 2018 at 6:36 am .

      I watched my Dad pass away with vascular dementia – it was a horrible time so I know what the immediate family are enduring. It’s also tremendously sad for the wider Villa family of which Sir Ron will always be a part and remembered for everything he did for our club.

      1. Bill Pearson
        Bill Pearson August 13, 2018 at 7:57 am .

        Also my mother Hitch, its a disease they can only slow up in some cases, yes my thoughts are with his family and hopefully they won’t suffer in grief. Ron Saunders was the best manager in our time if Deadly Doug hadn’t been so demanding on Ron who knows where we would be today, Just to let you know Villa are on the box Tuesday. (SKY).

        1. Hitchens60
          Hitchens60 August 13, 2018 at 10:15 am .

          Thanks for the ‘heads up’ Bill

  5. marvin
    marvin August 13, 2018 at 5:32 pm .

    For those interested in a new kit, the third kit is getting released tomorrow before the match. Based off the reveal advertising I’d assume a blue kit with white/claret trim?

    Rumors In: Bruce continues to be linked with attacking options up front and on the wings; Bolasie, Snodgrass, Odegaard.

    If the three of them are actual targets of the club it may come down to actual wages, which would fit in line with Bruce asking the owners to cut a deal with McCormack and Richards to free up wages. Rumor is Richards should will be off shortly.

    Strangely enough Snodgrass may be the cheapest option considering Bolasie I believe is on 80k a week, Odegaard 100k, and Snodgrass 60k.

    Rumors Out: Sheffield United apparently interested in Hogan.

  6. Bill Pearson
    Bill Pearson August 13, 2018 at 5:49 pm .

    Richards been terminated of his contract . at long last he’s gone 665 days of not playing football ended.

    1. Hitchens60
      Hitchens60 August 13, 2018 at 6:24 pm .

      No brainer Bill with only a year left on his contract – at worst we’d have to pay himself his years wages but probably negotiated a compromise deal which saved us a few bob and Richards is a free agent – that’s if anyone will have him. Probably go to Turkey and earn a few million lira!

    2. marvin
      marvin August 13, 2018 at 8:36 pm .

      I haven’t seen anything official yet, but it would be nice for everyone involved. He’s still young enough I’m sure some club, some where will take a chance on him.

      1. Bill Pearson
        Bill Pearson August 14, 2018 at 7:58 am .

        Hi Marvin, this is the article i readI

        The 30-year-old’s contract was due to expire at the end of the current season, but Bruce asked the new owners to talk to the defender so that they could try to come to some sort of agreement about ending his contract a year early.

        The talks were successful and Richards is now looking for a new club. However, due to his injury history, his poor attitude,and his high wage demands, there probably won’t be a long line of clubs looking for his services.

  7. Holte66
    Holte66 August 13, 2018 at 7:23 pm .

    I hope Hogan doesn’t go out on loan. I can’t help but think that he would do really well with a good run of games and staying injury free. Glad Richards has finally gone. That’s one out and hopefully one to follow soon, as long as the gates are working.

    1. Hitchens60
      Hitchens60 August 13, 2018 at 8:37 pm .

      I’m with you on Hogan – with McGinn and Grealish in midfield you would expect them to be able to feed Hogan’s intelligent runs off the ball.

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