Villa 0 – 2 Spurs : Poor again

Well, what do you say about that game?

While I thought we were actually ok for the first half hour, with our containment plan working pretty well, I look back on the game as a whole and think we were pretty poor.

We started off brightly. We were hunting in packs and generally running our nuts off, exactly as I like to see as to me, it’s our biggest strength.

But you just get the feeling that it isn’t enough.

El Ahmedi, for example, was closing down and stopping them playing, but showed little else.

Delph, who’s been very reliable over the last few weeks, worked hard, but how often did he give the ball away today?

Enough of naming specific players though and while I can’t fault the effort, I just have the over-riding feeling that we’re just poor overall.

The first goal was at least fortuitous, with a nice ball banged in by Andros Townsend, who can do no wrong of late, that seemed to catch Guzan out because he was expecting a header.

It actually didn’t touch anyone and it was just one of those things.

A shame, as I thought we’d actually held our own up till then.

Spurs, having got the goal seemed to step up a gear to me and my opinion says we just couldn’t live with them.

Benteke was brought on and I have to say I don’t recall a single player having such an impression on the team and the Villa fans.

The latter immediately sprang to life and the team looked totally re-energized.

Benteke had 3 chances in a few minutes.


Not in my opinion. Kozac has a very tough job in being Benteke’s stand-in, to say the least.

Are we a one man team?

From what I saw today, I’d say we definitely are.

His arrival wasn’t enough to save us though and Spurs got a very good second goal.

No doubt some will say it was just poor defending, but sometimes teams simply get good goals and this was one of them.

I really don’t know how to sum it up, but the game just petered out for me after that.

We never really looked like getting ourselves back into it and ultimately you just have to say that Spurs were better than us on the day.

We play too narrow and just lack any quality.

But we work hard.

As for the shooting, many more lessons needed, in my opinion.


Probably Guzan, who made a couple of very good saves.

Very worrying that he gets the accolade again, as you really shouldn’t be relying on the goalie to keep you in it.


Thoroughly disappointed, as I really don’t think Spurs are that good.

Ah well, that’s the Villa for you.

I think it was Mark who came up with “Aston Villa: Believe”

I like that.




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  1. Colonius81
    Colonius81 October 21, 2013 at 4:37 pm . Reply

    Another disappointing display at home again.
    I do see what some others have about our set up for the first 30 mins or so until the goal came about.
    Totenham looked completely toothless against that set up.
    It seemed to me that we sat back conceded their half and then aggressively pressed them once they came into our half.

    But like anything, give a team enough possession or chances and they will score if they have the players.
    Totenham have the players.
    We really offered nothing in attack for most of the game.
    did we have 2/3 shots on target all game?
    We need another tactic or plan for home games.
    it is probably mainly on Lambert for this loss.

    Context; the usual overreaction./ fan hurt
    It is totenham. i have read a few quotes along the lines of ..
    they are not that good,
    they are nowhere near close to title challengers etc.
    lol if a top 6 team of the last 3 seasons adds 110m worth of players in one summer and is still considered -not that good- or -no where near a title challenge –
    What is the basis for all the berating of Lambert or Lerner for not spending .. ?
    lamela, lennon, dembele, erikson and defoe on their bench
    townsend, soldado, paulinho, siguurdsson starting?
    If they are so average or we were so poor based on the analysis of totenham not being that great … then what is the point of sacking Lambert ?
    If totenham are so poor then what you are saying is that it really doesn’t matter what you spend?
    ok then lets sack lambert then.
    when the next manager inherits a bottom 6 club and doesn’t have 110m to spend?
    I bet he(the as yet unidentified foreign super coach) will be just jizzing himself for the chance to turn us around within the 6 months to a year we gave lambert.

    I seen nothing to justify anything as drastic as all the sacking talk.

    I do feel just as disappointed with a pretty toothless game plan though.
    and the continuing poor home form.

    1. OohAhPaulMcGrath
      OohAhPaulMcGrath October 21, 2013 at 7:32 pm . Reply

      Nobody said spurs are a poor team but that they played poorly yesterday there is a difference. There is no dispute that they are a comfortable top 6 side and just in fringes of CL. I would swap our team for their reserve team

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