Spurs – Villa; A total write-off, this one and Collymore’s latest article

Spurs Villa

There’s not been a fat lot to talk about over the weekend has there?
Garde is still the favourite to get the Villa job, with much of the media thinking it’s pretty much a done deal and there are suggestions the Frenchman will be at tomorrow’s game.

Before I talk about the game though, Stan Collymore has come out with an interesting article in the Mirror, where he calls for Moyes to come in, comments on what the players thought about Sherwood leaving and gives his thoughts on Fox, Almstadt and Reilly.
On the latter point, he pulls no punches and slates all three in saying many at Arsenal couldn’t wait for Almstadt to leave, Reilly has added to the length of his job title every time he’s changed job and Fox is basically just a nice bloke.
Regardless of what you think about Collymore, he doesn’t beat about the bush, does he?

With Moyes, he says that the board should devolve all power to him.
Here, while Collymore may well be right, I actually think he’s off the mark on this one.
The board have decided on the road they want to go and for this reason, I don’t think there’s any chance of Moyes coming whatsoever.
Indeed, hasn’t Moyes actually said he wants to stay at Sociedad?
Not that we should take that as gospel, of course.

Regardless, it’s a fascinating read and I recommend you take a look.

So we have the game coming up tomorrow night and I’m afraid I’ve written it off and expect nothing whatsoever.
You’d be correct in pointing out that we actually beat Spurs in the corresponding fixture last season, but I just look at their attack and then compare it to our defence, who I have no faith in whatsoever.
I’ve suggested previously that our rearguard is our biggest problem and it’s why I fear any new manager is going to struggle, particularly until the winter window.
As much as I’ve always liked Guzan, he’s currently a liability and if I have little faith in him, it’s hard to see how our defence can have much either.
I’d be expecting a new goalie and possibly even a couple of defenders to come in, but that’s for the future.
My point is that although Richards, Lescott, Clark and Okore might seem fine on paper, hardly a game goes by where there isn’t a major defensive mistake and I don’t feel anything will change, particularly for this game.

So we’re going to concede then.

Which makes me think Kevin MacDonald will go for a defensive strategy ; one that will be wrong in my opinion.
Surely if you agree that we’re bound to concede, a better approach might be to try to outscore the opposition?
Yes, it might prove to be costly, but it strikes me we’re more likely to score than we are to keep a clean sheet.
Indeed, I think we’ve only kept one clean sheet in the Premier league (Bournemouth) this season.
Hence, if my assumption is correct, we need to score two goals.
And I don’t see that happening with a defensive setup against Spurs, even if they’re not that great at the back.

So I can’t see past a defeat, by at least two goals.
3-0 springs to mind, but I suspect we might get one in return, as we catch them on the break, with Gabby, who I feel is bound to start, getting a once in a blue moon goal.

3-1 is my guess then.

As for squad news, Richards and Lescott were both apparently carrying knocks for the Southampton game and Gary Gardner had a foot injury, but all are expected to be available.
Otherwise, I think we’re all good.

As for myself, I’m carrying an injury which will mean I won’t be doing a nightshift tomorrow, hence I’ll get to see the game.
I suppose every cloud has a silver lining, but that’ll depend on what happens tomorrow night.


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  1. marvin
    marvin November 2, 2015 at 7:23 pm . Reply

    Lescott starting… common!

    1. OohAhPaulMcGrath
      OohAhPaulMcGrath November 2, 2015 at 7:26 pm . Reply

      Can’t believe Lescott is starting my small chance we had has gone

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