Sheff Utd 0 – 1 Villa: Brilliant win and I can see it now

Wow, what a win that was!

I have to be honest and say that in my opinion, Utd were the better side tonight, with them looking the more aggressive and creating more chances.
And after about 80 minutes, I was saying to myself that I’d take the 0-0 draw, with me thinking that it would be a very decent point to take after generally being out-played away.

And then Snodgrass scores from a sweet left footed curler in the 89th minute and I’m jumping up and down in pure joy, as it was so unexpected on my part.

But it was exactly that, that has given me really strong belief that we have a very good chance of going up this season.
To perform so sort of averagely, yet dig out the win with a piece of class in the dying minutes is exactly the sort of thing that you need to pull off if we’re going to stay at the very top end of the table.

Johnstone was my man of the match by a mile, after making a few good saves while looking extremely confident, but I can understand how it was given to Snodgrass.

If I was a Blades fan, I’d be gutted tonight.
That win takes us up to third and if I heard correctly it was the first time we’ve won five on the trot in 20 years.
That’s some statistic.

So while I wasn’t particularly enthralled by our performance, it was still a very good game with Utd coming at us full pelt.
In fairness to us, you could probably say that while Sheffield created a lot more than us, so they never majorly threatened, apart from hitting the crossbar early on.
And even when they did, our defence looked mostly rock-solid, another sign of a confident team that’s seriously challenging.
But I still think they gave us a very tough game.
Which is what makes it such a sweet victory.

As for the title, have a listen to this. If you’re impatient type, skip to about 2:50;

And B6 has kindly sent an end of match video;


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  1. Holte 66
    Holte 66 February 2, 2018 at 7:11 pm .

    Read that last time we won 6 in a row was 1990. Good fun winding up Man Ure and Liverpool fans I work with that we are the form team in 2018. Long may it continue.

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