Footy suspended, so now what?

I know some of you have already started discussing it, but I can’t miss writing this up as a post, because it’s so important.

Corona is making all the headlines and as we all know, it’s led to football in England being suspended for three weeks.
There was obviously no choice but to do this and it’s the right choice, although I don’t believe it goes anywhere near far enough and is mostly a panic reaction, to try and see how things pan out.
The only problem is that from what I’ve read, Corona virus in the UK is predicted to probably peak out in about fourteen weeks. Ie, the middle of June.
I’m not going to be quite as pessimistic as that, as my pure layman’s guess is that this will prove to be very flu-like and start to peter out come late April or early May.

Not that it matters much.
Either way, I don’t believe for one minute that we’ll be able to restart footy in three weeks time.

Which is where I’ve heard a few options.
The first is that the league is frozen as it is and the season is over, meaning the current positions stand.
That quite simply isn’t going to happen, as the bottom three clubs, us included, would just sue the Premier league for loss of revenue.

Then there’s the possibility that we drag the season into the summer and start next season later.
I can’t see that working, given the amount of moaning the managers do about too many games.

And then there’s the option of playing games behind closed doors, which has massive implications for revenue and sponsorship.
While this is probably the most unpopular of those options, it would seem to me that it’s the only way to go and I can’t see what the league were thinking in suspending the league.

Of course, you have the players and staff to consider, but I would have thought you could have had a situation where they would be tested for Corona on say Tuesday and Friday and if found to be negative, they’re ok to play.
But then, what if one of the outfit tests positive? They’re bound to pass it to the others?

Hmm, I’m flummoxed unless any of you have better suggestions.

The more I think about it, the more I think the season should just be abandoned.
I think Germany has considered this and the teams in the current promotion positions get promoted into an extended league above.
But there will surely be litigation all over the place here, with the likes of restriction of trade.

Abandonment would suit us beautifully, but we ain’t that lucky.

I can see football’s dilemma, but without trying to get political, I don’t think the government has helped.
The advice is that you stay two metres away from other people if possible.
Yet they haven’t banned crowds, which just makes the suggestion a joke.

Either the whole country should be in total lockdown and we let business rant and rave about it or we just leave things entirely, so the virus plays out at it’s own pace and we get it over and done with quicker.
But then, our NHS that can’t cope with a normal winter, goes into total meltdown.

Blimey, what a mess.
No wonder I’ve got the feeling that even the Government haven’t got a clue what to do and are absolutely terrified of what might happen.


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    Johnar March 14, 2020 at 12:13 am .

    The mass hysteria is completely illogical. Worldwide coronavirus deaths are 5000. Worldwide flu deaths are 656,000 EVERY year. And the symptoms are more severe. Yet nothing closes down, nothing stops. Everything continues as
    normal. Politicians and media need to stop spreading panic.

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      Hitchens60 March 14, 2020 at 4:15 pm .

      The swine flu pandemic killed 1.25 million world wide but I don’t remember this sort of mass hysteria.

      And why are we predicting something like 40 million being infected in the UK with deaths around 250,000 when in China the epidemic appears to have plateaued at about 900,000 infections with 3,000 deaths in a country of 1.2 billion give or take a few hundred thousand?

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      Bum Bum March 15, 2020 at 12:08 pm .

      Treating this more seriously is the right thing to do. It’s much more infectious than flu. It’s much more damaging to the lungs than regular flu. If the infection rate proves correct, then the NHS beds will be past breaking point. The plan in a nutshell is for us all to get it, to build up herd immunity so it doesn’t return, but over a longer period of time so the NHS can treat those who need it.
      Imagine you break you leg but can’t get an ambulance or treatment because staff are ill or busy? They’re fending off avoidable deaths. Best be safe than sorry!
      I don’t think closing down outside events is required, but the government are just bowing to pressure just in case.

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    nath March 14, 2020 at 6:06 am .

    season looks like it could be over, with loads of loose ends still to be resolved. villa if i am honest looked deep in the water against Leicester. and if the season had continued even with two mcginns. we looked all but gone officially . pool look all but champs officially . even norwich still had a chance and they were very much still fighting to the end.

    the conclusion to the season might never get resolved ? who knows when a virus runs its course. the date set to resume football might have to be delayed even further. so there is a good chance this season might end with so many unresolved issues.

    one thing is certain i have now more free time over the weekends 🙂 and less stress. see you all in a few weeks or next season

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    Bill Pearson March 14, 2020 at 8:43 am .

    It’s a massive problematic situation this, a lot of companies are going to go bust over it, in fact its on the news now, I can only see that the FA calls for status Quo till its seen to be safe to carry on. But that won’t help little clubs. Footballers will still want their money , advertisement will not be paid to clubs , so sport will suffer. What’s the answer to it I haven’t a clue, but its serious matter,

    1. Avatar
      Hitchens60 March 14, 2020 at 4:03 pm .

      An interesting point raised is – what will happen in respect of TV revenue?

  4. Avatar
    Bill Pearson March 14, 2020 at 11:39 am .

    I like it Sid, what Villa fan wouldn’t, it’s plausible and no arguments from us, keeping Grealish? I’m at an opinion he’s gone ,unless the Fa says otherwise. News spreads fast already getting calls saying what you’ve intermated, I hope it comes that way.

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    Hitchens60 March 14, 2020 at 4:00 pm .

    I have a conspiracy theory which is that world governments have spied an opportunity to dry run their contingency plans should a really serious (like a 25% mortality rate across all ages) break out. Through this they can measure social, business and economic effects and the operational effectiveness of public services in a real time scenario!

    I’m not sure who is being protected by closing schools given that (unusually) it appears that children are not significantly affected by the virus. So schools close and parents look where for child minding – grandparents – many of whom are in the ‘high risk’ category! I’ll leave others to decide what the thinking is behind that!

    Sorry that has nothing to do with footy – apologies to Badger for sort of drifting tangentially to the subject! 🙂

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    Hitchens60 March 14, 2020 at 4:02 pm .

    Anyway getting back to football – given the possible impact on European competitions will all the main leagues (England / Spain / Italy etc.) agree on a single, coordinated strategy for this season?

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    Johnar March 14, 2020 at 6:17 pm .

    Hithchens60 Yes I saw those Sky figures too.
    I’ve got covid-flu stats coming out my ears and whichever way I compare them I come back to the same conclusion.
    We are being submitted to hysterical, unnecessary, panic measures. It is completely illogical to do this for Covid-19 but not for the much more serious, killer influenza.
    What happened to that great British standby, ‘Keep calm and carry on.’
    Seems its been changed to ‘Panic and stop everything.’
    Now they are saying that Covid-19 is going to return every year. Great !

    Here’s another thought.
    After WW2 Germany was made to pay £trillions in reparations for the carnage it had caused. Shouldn’t China be made to do the same ? A lot of small clubs and businesses will go out of existance without any revenue coming in.

    Anyway – football.
    What is going to happen to the season ? There is no solution that will make everyone happy. It may be a case of choosing the least worst option.

    1. Cancel everything and start again next season.
    (Tell that to the teams who are up for promotion.)

    2. Play the games in the summer.
    (They are saying Covid-19 will be at its peak about then.)

    3. Play behind closed doors.
    (Managers and players will still be mixing with each other and then with
    family and public.)

    4. Get the football pools panel to sit and decide results.
    (Would they have picked Watford 3 Liverpool 0 ?)

    5 Cancel the season. No relegation. Current top two teams in each division
    promoted then two extra relegations next season. Good for the Villa !

    6. Stop panicking and carry on as normal.
    (My favourite. But it aint gonna happen.)

    Whatever happens, it is going to create a gigantic mess and probably a huge payday for lawyers everywhere.

    We could playing catch up for years and we’ve got the World Cup in Qatar in two years, Is that being played in our Winter ?

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      Hitchens60 March 14, 2020 at 6:44 pm .

      Apparently – Covid-19 will just get absorbed into the range of Corona virus we already have – the common cold and the flu being the most common. I suspect we will move into vaccination territory for the vulnerable.

      I totally agree with you on the way the ‘world’ is reacting – it seems bizarre and as I’m in the ‘high risk’ group I’m not speaking from a position of relative safety.

      Anyway, as a pensioner, if I’m out of pocket I’m sending a bill to Boris as apparently ‘no one should be (financially) disadvantaged for doing the right thing’ 🙂 🙂

      {Edited by Badger, just to try and keep the thread simpler to read}

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    Holte66 March 14, 2020 at 6:48 pm .

    I don’t have any different ideas to those already stated. I’m trying to pretend that It’s the cricket season when I have no interest in sport till August. And my opinion FWIW is that it could be till at least then before football starts again.
    It’s really tough to take but I think the obvious reason is to keep the numbers down on Coronavirus whilst it’s the flu season and also in the rush to find a vaccine. 3-4% mortality rate is frightening and with an elderly mother with health issues, I think we should put their health as priority over our football fix.
    Greenpeace will be delighted that planes not flying will combat emissions anyway! I’m guessing my holiday abroad this year won’t be happening ☹️

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    Bum Bum March 15, 2020 at 12:12 pm .

    Guys, before lock down, get to Aldi. Cases of Corona beer on special offer! You can guess the rest!!! 😁

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