A bit of a round up and one of my shirts on tour.

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Whenever I go on holiday, I always take Villa shirts with me.
Because I like to publicise the name of Aston Villa whenever I go abroad.
It’s what I do and have done for years.
And even if some might slate me for having the audacity to actually buy Villa merchandise during these testing times, it’s something that isn’t going to change.
In fact I might make posting pics of my shirt abroad a regular thing. If you can call it regular, given that this is my first holiday in 18 months, due mostly to work commitments.

Whatever, I think my efforts have been wasted over here in Honolulu. The locals just aren’t interested in Soccerball.
I haven’t even seen a solitary Man U shirt. There’s just no helping some people, I suppose.
Ah well, you can only try.

Anyway, onto more important stuff and the sad fact is that there isn’t much.
But I can at least cast my opinions over a few things, which might cause a bit of debate;

First off, is young Grealish.
I really like the look of this kid. He reminds me of Ashley Young, before he started his diving malarkey; ie not scared to run at people and actually try something.
The something that has been so sorely lacking down the Villa for far too long.

So which country should he choose?
Easy. Although I’m fairly patriotic when it comes to footy (I’m English), he should choose Ireland.
They have a dearth of players to choose from, so he will have far more chance of actually playing.
And the expectation and disappointment that comes from playing for England, a supposedly top footy nation, won’t be there.

Then, keeping with the Irish theme, we have Shay Given, who has returned into the Irish fold.
Fair play mate, I don’t blame you.
Best of luck at getting a new contract at half of what you’re on now.
I’m still perplexed at how he was offered and accepted the assistant manager role temporarily, after being bombed out, but it’s the Villa, where anything can happen, isn’t it?

There’s Roy Keane too, who says being with us is making him a better coach.
I’m glad he said “coach”, because in my opinion he’s a rubbish manager, particularly in the man manager sense.
My dad used to give me rollickings, but I respected him, as he told me stuff without wanting to beat me up.
And he even had scary eyes, just like Keane.
Horses for courses and Keane will never make a good manager, I don’t think.
If I wanted someone threatened, I’d call on Keane, put it that way.

There’s a couple more, where I think we’re supposed to be interested in an Italian player?
And Juve are interested in Benteke?

Both I believe have come from Juve’s own paper.
So, yes, they are boring.

And Heskey apparantly missed a shot.
So what’s new there?

I’m sorry if you feel a bit short changed here, in that I’ve said nothing new, but what did you expect, when there’s no footy to be had and I can’t even get any banter from anywhere?

I can’t wait to get home, even if I have to debate with noses, in all honesty.


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    GIDDYVILLAN September 7, 2014 at 10:13 am . Reply

    Badger same here mate as you know I’m off to the Oktoberfest this month & my luggage will mainly consist off villa shirts,I’ll enjoy rubbing salt into the wounds of the crouts(bayern munchen fans)can’t wait mate.UTV VTID

      GIDDYVILLAN September 7, 2014 at 10:14 am . Reply

      Ps love the hairstyle mate. 😀

  2. OriginalLondonLion
    OriginalLondonLion September 7, 2014 at 4:46 pm . Reply

    Honolulu eh? I’m not surprised you had the only football shirt there, it’s a bit up market don’tcha know. I have never been to Honoulu – my suitcase spent a fortnight there, apparently, while I spent a frustrating week in Honduras.

    Grealish – if ever there was a good time not to play for England, this has to be it, I would go for Ireland for the reasons you give.

    1. Bill Pearson
      Bill Pearson September 8, 2014 at 12:43 pm . Reply

      Badger just because you have the same hair as thousands don’t worry about it, Frier Tuck never did 🙂 I have that same stile, Grealish will make his mark on the footballing world mark my words, I like the kid and his attitude in the game .takes it on the chin, Keane’s no hard man in my book Badger your all equal on the pitch,as for the dressing room if you allow eyes to worry you just poke them. No England not going far in this decade believe me all this came about with foreign imports into our clubs, and I do take my football shirts all over the globe with pride.

  3. Bill Pearson
    Bill Pearson September 8, 2014 at 12:51 pm . Reply

    🙂 did that to get notification of post.

  4. McGrathPaulOohah
    McGrathPaulOohah September 8, 2014 at 9:56 pm . Reply

    Delph was found out against switzaland. hes shit like the rest of the England team I see The pundits were having a wankfest over roony making a pass. Its a joke ffs

    1. BWS
      BWS September 9, 2014 at 12:50 pm . Reply

      Dunno about that, didn’t watch the match but according to yahoo he played well.

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