Yes, Yes, Yes; We’re up

Poor game, I thought, but hey, it doesn’t matter.
We’re back in the big time.
Thoughts to follow.


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    Holte66 May 28, 2019 at 5:56 pm .

    Would Whelan accept a contract with reduced wages and limited game time? Perhaps he should consider following Terrys example and go for his coaching badges as a player coach role.
    Read an article saying Micah Richards isn’t going to be offered a new contract! And in other news St Andrews is being considered for a landfill site. Don’t know who writes these stories about stating the obvious.
    Disappointed to read Villa fans threw bottles, damaging windows on a Derby coach with kids and elderly people on board. Hope they find and ban them from VP. We don’t need ‘fans’ like those responsible.
    Also saw another obvious link to Joe Lolley for £10m which would be a good signing.
    Looks like we have reached the speculation time of the year to enjoy and Saturdays Champions league final of course. Pool or Spuds? Got a feeling it will be Spuds despite Pool being better this season.

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    Sidforever May 28, 2019 at 7:23 pm .

    Photo of Mings at Bournemouth Railway station still in Villa kit. Absolute legend.

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    Deferenz May 28, 2019 at 11:29 pm .

    Is it all a dream? I still can’t get my head around us getting promotion. Watching the game I was a nervous wreck. When we went 2-0 up I actually got even more nervous and was rocking myself back and forth on the sofa. Seeing the game getting 7 mins added time sent my blood pressure through the roof and I just held my head in my hands.

    I’ve read what a few others have posted and I think we do need to keep the nucleus of the team and build bit by bit. Mings is a must have for me as well as El Garzi. To be honest I’m not that fussed about Abraham either way.

    It was some big comments from Sawiris and Edens, saying that ‘the sky is the limit’ and they ‘want to build one of the best clubs in the world’. I really want to believe that, but I heard similar from both Lerner and Dr Tony Xia and so I’m trying to stay grounded. But our new owners do seem to have very deep pockets, and I recall that when they took over Villa we were sited as the third richest club in England after Man City and Chelsea. So who knows? Does anyone have any thoughts on our spending power?

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